Argan Oil:

The Secret of Morocco's Gold

Argan Oil

Organic Argan Oil - a versatile and healthy alternative to regular oils

Organic Argan Oil

Whether you're health conscious or simply passionate about food and cooking, you just have to try this delicious and versatile ingredient. Argan oil adds a unique nutty taste to your dishes. Perfect to dunk bread into as an appetiser, add to in salads, or drizzle some onto your pizza as a finishing touch.

Today you can try 100% pure, lightly-toasted, organic, cold pressed Argan Oil to add to foods like salads, sauces and pizzas.

Added to food, you can enjoy many health benefits, including improved circulation, better heart health and brain function. For all the details, click here

How this rare oil is extracted

The makers have paid close attention to the details and take pride in providing the freshest, ethically sourced Argan oil around.

It takes approximately 15 hours and 30kg of fruit to produce just 1 litre of Argan oil. This lengthy process involves skilled handwork that has been passed down from generations.

In late summer the argan fruit ripens and falls to the ground where it is gathered. It is then laid out to dry. To make the oil, the dried outer fruit is first removed, then, using traditional artisanal techniques involving stones, the seeds are extracted from the hard inner shell.

Next, the seeds are then cold pressed to extract the oil. Nothing is wasted in the process, the fruit pulp is fed to cattle and the leftover seed pulp is used as fuel. The makers of this Argan Oil have strict controls at every stage of production, meaning you can trace every bottle back to the tree it came from.

This makes it the finest quality Argan oil available on the market.

Organic Argan Oil

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