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In this life-changing box set, Ray Collins will show you:


Complete Guide
  • How an extraordinary discovery inside a CURRY could help protect you from Arthritis, Cancer and Dementia
  • How this amazing NATURAL food combination burns fat, fights infection, and keeps you looking younger
  • Why drinking a lemon 'through your nose' could help relieve asthma symptoms...
  • And how you can ease the symptoms of colds, fungal infections, fatigue, cellulite, constipation and more BETTER than prescription drugs

Dear Reader,


Your doctor will not tell you about the astonishingly effective cures you are about to discover.

The drugs companies would rather you carried on taking their toxic, expensive and often ineffective drugs.

Yet these inexpensive, breakthrough foods cures could help cure your symptoms and make you feel positively well in ways that no drug can achieve. 


The beginning of a revolution


Since he discovered a powerful food combination that helped him lose two stone in 2002, Ray Collins has been a champion of natural food cures and alternative medicine.


As you're about to read in the fascinating Honey Garlic Vinegar Miracle, not only did he help himself and many others lose weight they'd been unable to shift, but, in his own words: 


 “I've got more energy , I've slept better, my skin looks healthier, and I can play football with my two young boys until THEY get tired, not me!”


These three books reveal everything that Ray has learnt in eight years of investigation including:

And so much more...


76 of the most powerful natural lemon remedies you can try at home today!


The first book you'll discover in this brilliant trilogy is Ray's guide to the incredible powers of the lemon.
     The Lemon Book
I promise, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the ways something as simple as a lemon could help you clean your home without toxins... repel insects... beautify your skin... relieve stress and dozens of niggling health problems... and even treat the symptoms of ageing!


Best of all, it costs you only a few pennies at your local shop! And just think of how much you can save on expensive cold remedies, skin creams and first aid box essentials.


The Lemon Book includes gems like:

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But a lemon isn’t just a powerful health booster....


Dozens of brilliant uses for a lemon around the home as well!

To discover how lemons can help clean your digestive system and flush toxins from both your body and your cleaning cupboard... ...treat yourself to this 21st Century encyclopaedia of health cures today


How an extraordinary discovery inside a CURRY could help protect you from Arthritis, Cancer and Dementia


In an article published in October 2009, the BBC told the public that a chemical in curry is

 “already being tested as a treatment for arthritis and even dementia. Now tests by a team at the Cork Cancer Research Centre show it can destroy gullet cancer cells in the lab.”


Which was a great day for Ray. Finally, here was mainstream recognition of one of the most powerful food discoveries of recent times.... something he'd been writing about passionately for the past few years.

According to breakthrough research, this single spicy food ingredient could help:

In  Ray's latest book, The Spice Healer, you will discover exactly why this spice works, what the evidence reveals... as well as some easy recipes that will help you get this nutrient into your diet NOW.


You'll also discover why rates of colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer in India were 15 times LESS than in the USA during the 1950s. And why during that same decade, Americans were four times more likely than Indians to develop Alzheimer's.


And this super-healing spice is only the beginning....


This book also reveals many extraordinary health remedies that haven’t yet hit the news.

These foods could not only protect you from serious illness, they could help you stay off prescription drugs and avoid their sometimes terrible side-effects. For example...


A natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs?


When you suffer from inflammatory problems like arthritis, you’re usually prescribed drugs called COX-2 inhibitors. These can lead to stomach problems, diarrhoea, tiredness and sore throat.


In this life-changing book, Ray will show you a natural ingredient that could do the same job! It can inhibit the COX-2 enzyme without any of the horrible side-effects. In a trial carried out on people with rheumatoid arthritis, a chemical ingredient in food led to a significant improvement in morning stiffness, walking time, and levels of swelling.


Find out more about these amazing breakthroughs with our 30-day trial offer

Drugs can cause horrible side-effects.... vomiting, bleeding, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, among others.


Sure, they have an important role to play in modern medicine. But they can create as many problems as they solve. They can not only make us ill... they often cover up the symptom of the problem and don’t tackle the cause.


So why are you not being told about DRUG-FREE alternatives?


Because of a bias in the media and government towards these drugs, ordinary people are led to believe they are the only answer. They’re an easy and convenient way for the government to put a sticking plaster over the deeply serious health problems of our time: strokes, heart-attacks, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.


Pharmaceutical companies rely on people to keep taking these drugs. So you could say they’re not exactly motivated to find ways to eliminate illness for good. But Ray Collins is!

Discover in this book:

Try these delicious recipes to cure your ills and give a boost to your health, your immunity and your mind


Spice Healer

The Spice Healer not only reveals the most powerful natural food cures of today, it also contains dozens of delicious recipes to help you maximise the curative effects of these foods and incorporate them into your diet.

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The official publisher's price for A Complete Guide to the Good Life: Unlocking the Health Secrets of Your Kitchen Cupboard is £35.90 plus P&P. This is what you'll pay in bookshops or on Amazon


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Box Set


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How this amazing NATURAL food combination burns fat, fights infection, and keeps you looking younger


At the beginning of this letter I told you how Ray lost an incredible two stone using nothing more than the powerful mixture of honey, garlic and vinegar.


Ray calls it The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle – and with good reason


Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle

In this intriguing book you'll discover how three everyday ingredients could....

The magical fat-burning powers of honey, garlic and vinegar 


On their own, all these three ingredients are already known to work wonders.... They can be used to clean wounds, boost your energy, fight infection, help you sleep, moisturise your skin and hair, clean and disinfect your home, soothe rashes and stings.


But TOGETHER they can be an electric combination – helping you lose weight, REDUCE hunger pangs, stop food cravings.


In a Russian experiment, a group of slimmers took honey, garlic and vinegar daily. They lost an average of 40 pounds. Dieters who didn't take honey, garlic and vinegar lost only 22 pounds.


That's almost DOUBLE the weight loss


A similar thing happened in at least four other studies, in countries including China, England, France, and South Africa.

But it's not just the science. All the time, Ray is constantly getting emails from readers saying how well this cure has worked.  Like this:

"I have gone back to my original size in clothes, I feel very well and it's been a huge boost to my confidence. Furthermore the weight has stayed off... I eat differently now and often include honey, garlic and cider vinegar in a meal."


And these powerful ingredients can not only be used to help you lose weight and feel better...

129 more healing properties of honey, garlic and vinegar

Either used on their own or in combination, these three superfoods can also:

These are just a few of the 129 tips in this book. Each comes with specific, step by step directions and recipes... so you can easily try them out at home.


Saving lives - from ancient Roman times to the First World War


Honey, garlic and vinegar have been used as health remedies throughout the history of civilisation. They were known in ancient Babylonian times, discovered in the tombs of the Pharaohs, and even worshipped as gods.

And just wait until you read about their effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, stomach pain, headaches, burns and fungal infections.


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  • The Spice Healer: £15.96
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  • The Lemon Book: £9.95
Box Set

This attractive box set edition of all three volumes will retail for just £35.90


Today, as a special introductory offer and for a limited period only, you can get your hands on this amazing encyclopedia of breakthrough food cures for just £29.95 – and free P & P on all UK orders


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Get ready to discover and benefit from hundreds of natural tips like these...

Natural food remedies really can be as, if not MORE POWERFUL than prescription drugs. Why suffer a catalogue of side effects and toxic accumulation when you could be enjoying a far healthier life?

I look forward to sending you your terrific box set in the post today.

Yours faithfully


Emmanuelle Connelly


Emmanuelle Connelly

The Good Life Letter


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It is just amazing to realize that somewhere in the world exists such a wonderful person who wishes to help so many people with his good advice.  Thank you
J. Bar-El (Israel)


Good on ya, Ray lad.  Keep up the good work! Big Pharma needs being brought into the public view much more…Don’t let up.  Us meek types need the likes of you to push for us.  Thank you for your efforts on all our behalfs.  It’s appreciated
R. Quintrell (UK)


I really look forward to getting your emails each week!  All your ideas are just so fantastic, and many have been tried I can tell you.  Thanks so much” 
M. Baines (NZ)


Just wanted to say thank you for your newsletters, they’ve proved very helpful and have helped me enormously.”
M. Blank (UK)


Thank you for bringing such regular doses of sunshine and common sense to our lives
F. Wiggett (Ontario, Canada)


Thank you Ray for the most comprehensive list of treatments for back ache I’ve ever read.”
J. Brannigan (UK)


Thank you again and keep up the good job, we humans need more people like you to fight the toxicity of this planet” 
G.. Carra (Italy)


From the depth of my heart, I say thank you for all your free healthy living information which you present is a unique hilarious way
C. Chinelo (Lagos)


“I’ve just purchased your wonderful Lemon Book and I’m truly impressed with it.  Its got loads of great recipes in it and loads of great tips for the home and health, in fact you’ve got the lot really!!  A super purchase indeed”
D. Henderson (UK)


“Dear Ray.  I’ve never brought a thing from you and I don’t know if I ever will.  However, I wanted to tell you that I think your newsletter is the best health newsletter I’ve ever received.  Your sense of humour and good solid info is a breath of fresh air.  I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to many similar newsletters, including some of the biggies like Mercola and Weill, but I keep reading yours.  I’ve been drinking vinegar and honey for years and wouldn’t go without it….I (also) agree with your non-extremist attitude towards food and life in general – you have to indulge yourself and have fun once in a while or you’ll go off the rails.  Kudos!”
Lill (USA)


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