Bathe your way to pain-free joints!

Introducing the easiest, most relaxing way to absorb Glucosamine and MSM and banish joint and muscle pain!

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If you suffer from sore, aching joints, you've probably already heard about Glucosamine and MSM. Perhaps you've even taken them as supplements or as a cream.

But have you ever tried bathing in them? It's by far the easiest, most relaxing way to absorb these vital nutrients - so they can act instantly and help repair damaged joints and connective tissues.

JointBombs in the bath

The body is a constantly moving, evolving and changing organism with thousands of cells being renewed on a daily basis. It needs water, nutrition, and an environment that allows the body to operate without pressure or stress. This environment is especially needed when trying to recover from illness or repair damaged cells and tissue.

Try Vitality Bath's JointBombs - therapeutic Bath Bombs that contain a 100% natural megadose of Glucosamine and MSM.

Each Joint Bomb contains 5 grams of Glucosamine and 5 grams MSM - that's 10 times more than you'll get from using a standard cream!

Just add them to your bath or foot spa, then sit back and relax. Because the pores in your skin open whilst you relax in a nice warm bath, it allows the active compounds to pass into the bloodstream. From there they are carried around the body, and can begin their work in the joints.

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JointBombs really are the easiest way to help your body repair damaged tissue and ease the pain of arthritis.