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We all feel slightly more downbeat in winter. The trees are bare, the sky is grey, the shops are adorned with twinkling Christmas trees and we wonder how the year has slipped by so quickly.

There's a chill in the air as darker days move in bringing longer nights and often miserable weather.You wake up in the dark, pull back the curtains and long for those bright, hazy sunny days filled with laughter and happiness.

You're not alone. Around 1 in 8 people suffer from what's commonly known as the 'winter blues' or 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' (SAD).

Tragically, most sufferers go through life without help, without realising the full-blown impact their condition has on their life.

Without help, there can be no resolution so they often struggle on juggling their work and family commitments whilst constantly battling through a whirlwind of emotions including apathy, anxiety, guilt and anger. Don't let this happen to you!



Regain control of your emotions

Generally, if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, you start to experience symptoms towards mid autumn when we turn the clocks back and effectively 'lose' an hour.

You'll feel helpless and out of control, unable to see through the darkness of a bleak winter that lies ahead. Your emotions will dart all over the place leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed.

Make a life-changing decision, take action NOW and don't let the demons of SAD hold you back!

The cause of SAD may be unknown but the solution is so simple

Since the 1980s, researchers have gone to great lengths to investigate the causes of Seasonal Affective Disorder; however no one truly knows what the main trigger is.

Some theories include:

Anyone can get SAD but EVERYONE can solve it

SAD can begin at any age but most commonly occurs between 18 and 30 with more people developing it before the age of 21 than after. It's thought that twice as many women as men have SAD, but it's difficult to get an accurate picture as men can find it harder to admit to depressive symptoms.

SAD needn't leave you depressed

Depression is classed as a mental illness which can last anything from 3 months to 30 years. Unlike SAD which is mainly experienced during autumn and winter, depression is a constant battle 365 days a year.

People who experience SAD may be otherwise outgoing, optimistic and social individuals in the spring and summertime yet revert into sluggish, retiring types who avoid interaction and are unable to function normally when the colder, darker months arrive.

Depression can be treated in many ways - from taking medication to attending counselling sessions and support groups. SAD sufferers can also choose these options but the majority of people experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder have benefited most greatly from light therapy.

There are a few NHS clinics in the country which offer light therapy but they are extremely rare and waiting lists are extremely long. If you're serious about taking control of Seasonal Affective Disorder and want to break free of your winter blues, don't delay - rediscover happiness now!

Break free from the SAD cycle with light therapy

Light therapy or bright light therapy, otherwise known as phototherapy uses specialised light boxes to simulate natural light.

How it works is simple. The individual suffering from SAD sits in front of the light box for a few hours each day.

Choose from our two natural light boxes available. The Dawn Simulator Light Box, or Arabica Light Box (a sleek stand-alone flat screen light box).  You can freely use them as you're working or relaxing.  It's you own personal sunshine!

The light boxes' brightness is measured in lux as opposed to a standard light bulb which is measured in watts. Conventional light bulbs simply don't offer a strong or powerful enough illumination. Plus, light therapy boxes have been trialled and tested by opticians to ensure they're 100% safe on the eyes.

The benefits of light therapy continue as long as the light box is used daily. On average, SAD sufferers use their light boxes for no more than 4 hours a day and generally for one to two hours a day.

People who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder more in the morning when it's dark and cold outside may find a natural light alarm clock or Dawn Simulator Light Box more advantageous simply because they may find their symptoms are relieved when they're out and about in daylight.

Conversely, office workers stuck in dull, draining environments may find that they benefit from a Stand-Alone SAD Light Box so that they can stimulate serotonin levels when on the go and absorb natural light wherever, whenever to alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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Leading a Good Life means striking a healthy balance between body and mind. Only when we're truly happy, content and satisfied both emotionally and physically can we reap the benefits.

Seasonal Affective Disorder disrupts the harmony of that balance. That's why you need a SAD Light Therapy Box - a proven, safe and convenient way to absorb natural light, boost serotonin levels and stop dark clouds dragging you down when the nights draw in.

We're offering you the opportunity to break free from Seasonal Affective Disorder with 2 state-of-the-art SAD Light Boxes - the SAD Light Box Arabica and the SAD Light Box Dawn Simulator.

Each has been developed to specifically target the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and leave you feeling refreshed and back to your old self.


Simply select the light box which fits in with your lifestyle:

  • Early risers will benefit from the Sad Light Box Dawn Simulator which gently stirs you from sleep with a gradual illumination effect
  • Office workers or people who spend a lot of time inside in an environment drained of natural light will benefit from the Sad Light Box Arabica which is a stand-alone light box enabling you to work, read or relax whilst boosting serotonin levels

See the Light:

Aribica Light Box

SAD Light Box Arabica The sleek, standalone natural light box for your home or office

You may think the solution to Seasonal Affective Disorder is as simple as flicking a light switch. But did you know that your standard home or office lamps are not strong enough to alleviate the symptoms of SAD?

They could even make it worse lulling you into a false sense of natural light and causing headaches which disrupt your body/mind harmony.

Arabica SAD Light Box

The SAD Light Box Arabica is different. Like all of our SAD Light Boxes, it glows with a specialised light output (10,000 lux to be precise) and has been tested by opticians to ensure optimum safety.

The sleek aesthetics and subtle style means it blends into your environment seamlessly enabling you to work, study or relax around it whilst reaping the benefits of its serotonin-boosting powers.

A spare 30-60 minutes is all it takes to feel rejuvenated. Simply place the SAD Light Box Arabica 25cm away soak up the glowing goodness! If you're looking for a cost-effective way to banish the winter blues, invest in the SAD Light Box Arabica today.

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SAD Light Box Dawn Simulator

Sad Light Box Dawn Simulator Wake up naturally by the glow of your own personal sunshine

Many things can ruin your morning routine and set you out of kilter for the day ahead - no milk for you tea, a ladder in your tights, a road closure on your route.

Did you know though, that the single most disruptive element that could ruin your morning is something you have no control over?

It's something we all overlook - natural sunlight.

Have you ever wondered why you've a spring in your step in the summer but find yourself dragging your tired, lifeless body from beneath the covers in the winter?

It's because our bodies respond naturally to sunlight and so when the light breaks through the curtains, we're more alert and responsive to the day.

SAD Light Box Dawn Simulator

In the autumn and winter though, we rely on the abrupt, ear-shattering alarm and draw back the curtains to find nothing but darkness. It's no wonder we're stunted!

Imagine waking up to that warm, welcoming glow of natural light in the autumn and winter. Imagine a gradual, peaceful awake. With the SAD Light Box Dawn Simulator, that fantasy is a reality.

Rise in complete comfort as the 30 minute sunrise function gently stirs you at your chosen hour phasing through a light progression from dim to bright.

You'll start the day energised and raring to go! But just in case you're deep in the land of nod, a back-up beeper will ensure you don't snooze too long.

Once the day is done, slip back beneath the sheets and switch the SAD Dawn Simulator to sunset function and unwind as its light intensity fades with the night.

Invest in the SAD Light Box Dawn Simulator now and readapt your body clock to rise and fall naturally giving you complete control over Seasonal Affective Disorder and a new lease of life!

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