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One of the most natural & pure ways to top up your magnesium - straight from the glistening waters of the Mediterranean!

Together's vegan Magnesium is made from cold water extracted from the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

This high quality, vegan Magnesium supplement is made from cold water extracted from the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

It contains all the different natural forms of Magnesium including oxide, hydroxide, sulfate, carbonate and chloride, assuring better assimilation in the body.

Nothing else is added and Together simply enclose the gently powdered Magnesium into 100% vegetable capsules.

The capsules are packed into a handy re-sealable pouch offering minimal packaging to save you money and for convenience when on the go.

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Try Together's Magnesium Capsules for the 60 days with no commitment. If you don't feel the difference, let us know and we'll give you a full refund.

"This stuff is special. You can forget the rest as they cannot compare with quality. I just love how quickly they make you feel good. I have tried loads of Magnesium by other brands, and I mean loads!! - hand on heart, I can honestly say that not one of them can come anywhere near this stuff." - Mrs D Surrey - July 2014

"I suffer from cramp. A lot. I have tried every remedy under the sun without success, but have felt a lot better after taking these for a month. I used to get cramp every night, but not anymore" - Suzy - March 2014

"A good natural product. Do they work? Yes, for me they did" - Alison Killick - Jan 2014

"I love this brand of naturally sourced minerals and vitamins, have bought lots and continue to buy as I have noticed a big improvement in my health and recommend them to my friends." - Simon - Feb 2014

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