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This biomedical breakthrough - developed entirely through evidence-based science
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In fact, this one simple device could help your body mend itself so effectively,
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PLUS...(and no one apart from you knows this yet)...this unique device now has 492% MORE therapeutic power than ever before

But, the truth is, I almost threw it in the bin. Let me explain…

Dear fellow pain sufferer,

I love golf!

I’m no good at it, mind you - but I love it just the same.

And when the annual company golf day gets near, I’m out there, practising shots at the weekends, hoping that this will be the year when I beat my best score

But, this year, just 2 months before the big day, I’d felt that unmistakable pain shoot up my arm as I mis-hit a shot while practising. Those of you who suffer ‘tennis elbow’ will know exactly what I mean!

I should have stopped there and then, but I carried on hitting shots, thinking it would wear off.

But it didn't - it just got worse.

You’ve probably been there before and you know only too well that it’s not just the pain that weighs on you – it’s the disappointment of knowing that you won’t be able to do the things you love doing. . .playing tennis, jogging, cycling, doing the gardening.

A friend of mine, who’d suffered something similar, summed it up perfectly when he confided: “It’s not so much the pain, it’s the look of disappointment on the kids’ faces when I tried to explain why I couldn’t swing them around like I do normally…”

I tried all sorts of things to alleviate the pain – painkillers, ointments, support bandages, physiotherapy, even acupuncture - but nothing seemed to work for long . . . .the pain always seemed to come back.

And then, on my friend’s recommendation, I tried a funny little device that he said ‘worked miracles.’ But when I first saw the ‘miracle’ pain relief treatment I’m about to reveal to you, I wasn’t that impressed

It looks a bit like a highlighter pen… only a bit longer and a bit duller. It’s quite lightweight (a bit like the plastics laptop computers are made from). And there’s not much to it.

Just a couple of buttons, four indicator lights and that's it.

But when I switched it on, and pressed the device against my arm, I was bowled over

Because the pain that was lodged there, the pain that I’d been carrying around with me ever since I’d hurt my elbow, started to melt away in next to no time.

And within 14 days, it had gone completely.

What I’m talking about is being able to move my arm completely freely - without wincing every time I unscrew the lid of a jar or pick up something that’s even remotely heavy.

No drugs were involved. No surgery. No expensive, inconvenient treatment. No appointments…and what's more, definitely NO nasty side effects like I had suffered with various pain killers I'd previously taken!

Just this one simple, safe device, called PainSolv®.

You simply hold PainSolv® against the source of your pain, and that’s it – you literally pulse your pain away! Within MINUTES you’ll feel the effects. And within fourteen days, the source of my pain had disappeared.

In fact, I found out later that 95.5% of PainSolv® users experience a reduction in their level of pain within the first 30 days of use. And that an astonishing 94% of users would recommend it to others!*

Now that’s what I call impressive . . . and that’s why, if you’re suffering any pain - especially joint pain - I’d like you to TRY it . . . risk-free – so you can see that I’m right.


I know this might sound like every other pain relief device you’ve read about. To be honest that’s what I thought when I was first told about this.

And like I said, when I first saw this device, my hopes didn’t get any higher. It doesn’t look much different to dozens of other pain relief devices on the market . . .

But it’s not what’s on the outside that’s important – it’s what’s on the inside that makes this one of the most important health breakthroughs of recent times, because for the first time ever, this captures one of the most powerful pain relief technologies ever invented which, for the past 60 years, has been virtually impossible for you to access.

But, keep reading because the good news doesn't end there . . .

In just a few minutes time I'm going to reveal how scientists have just recently made a 'eureka' breakthrough and developed a new version of the PainSolv® device which delivers a whopping 492 PER CENT increase in its therapeutic power. . . and puts PainSolv head and shoulders above any other pain relieving device on the market by delivering FOUR TIMES more healing power than its nearest rival. . .

At last! One of the world’s most powerful pain-relief treatments, ‘shrunk down’ to the size of a pocket torch…


Originally developed by scientists working behind the Iron Curtain 60 years ago, there’s been one, specific pain-relief treatment that’s recognised as one of the most powerful in the world - but there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of it.

It’s called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and it's been used successfully in Eastern Europe for decades, treating a wide range of pain-causing conditions.

But it didn’t get on the radar of the US Food and Drug Administration until the late 1990s, when the FDA began carrying out a series of in-depth studies to determine its effectiveness for managing pain and encouraging bone fracture healing...which it passed with flying colours.

And since then, it’s been available here in the UK, too. But like I said, chances are you've never heard of it, because there was one major drawback that meant that 99% of the population couldn’t benefit from it…

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy was only available at a few specialist, private UK clinics, using expensive equipment that was also very complicated to use.

Basically, if you were lucky enough to find a private clinic that offered PEMF therapy, you’d have to hand over a hell of a lot of money to get anywhere near the treatment room.

Plus, the fact that these machines were so big, cumbersome and complicated (see pictures) that they took up half the treatment room on their own and you needed a science degree to use one – not exactly something you’d have in your own living room next to the TV or that you could carry around with you!

They cost the earth, too . . . anything from $3,000 for the 'starter' kit to $20,000 for the bigger versions! This meant that, until now, one of the world’s most efficient pain-relief treatments has been off limits to nearly all of us.

Enter a small UK company called PainSolv. . . with a passion for good old-fashioned service!

But recently, that’s changed…all thanks to PainSolv®, the pioneering company that has made this incredible technology available to the masses by condensing it’s powerful healing properties into nothing larger than a simple, portable, pocket-sized device.

In fact, the medical authorities have granted PainSolv® a Class 2a medical device licence– and that’s not something they ever do lightly!

From their small factory in Leicester, they battle to keep up with the growing worldwide demand as the word spreads about PainSolv®’s unique pain-relieving power.

That’s mainly because their adherence to strict quality control means that they never let any item leave the factory until it’s been precisely calibrated and rigorously tested – unlike most of the cheap devices imported from the Far East that claim to do the same thing.

They even offer a complete repair and overhaul service in case any of their precious devices are ever damaged – plus they’ll even re-check the calibration of each device inpidually before sending it back to the grateful owner.

Now that’s what I call good, old-fashioned service!

And in just a few moments, I'm also going to exclusively unveil the secret behind their latest quantum leap in pain relief technology, so make sure you keep reading . . .

The science behind the pain-relief,
pocket-sized device you can carry with you…

PEMF therapy is an extremely complex science, but in essence it’s very, very simple...

Because your cells are made up of atoms you literally run on atomic energy. It’s called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). And each one of your 100 trillion cells is packed with tiny atomic reactors to make it – called mitochondria.

But when you suffer a trauma or illness of any kind then your cell functions become compromised and your mitochondria stop producing the energy that your body craves to fuel its cells.

What’s more, mitochondria perform another essential task – they act as your body’s ‘refuse collectors’ by carrying away toxins.

But when your cells are damaged or are not functioning properly, they can’t get rid of toxins so easily and this waste is left to pile up . . .which in turn causes more cell damage.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy works by repairing this vital cell function.

Clinical research carried out for NASA proved that millisecond-duration Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) have the greatest beneficial effect on living tissues over any other energy form.

It restores normal cell functioning and energy levels, increases oxygen absorption and accelerates the removal of toxins and waste. This empowers the body to recover its self-healing capabilities.

As soon as PainSolv® is placed against the affected area, it releases short bursts of low-level pulsed electromagnetic energy, very similar to those used in clinical trials around the world.

These short bursts of energy act as a sort of alarm. The pulses themselves do nothing to the affected area, but because you are gently agitating the cellular membranes around the source of the pain, your body floods the area with nutrients and oxygen and naturally starts the process of treating the damaged tissue.

In short, your body gets fake signals that speed up the repair process and trick it into undoing the damage to your cells!

Now that's what I call clever!

And that’s why I’m desperate to send you a PainSolv® as soon as possible, so you can FEEL it working.

And I’m utterly confident it will clear up your pain within a matter of days. That’s how long it took Painsolv to sort out my pain.

And I’m not alone.

order your painSolv now

PainSolv® reduces pain from
"unbearable, distressing or excruciating" . . .
. . . to "tolerable or none" for 93.5% of users ! *

And now I’d like you to meet just a few of the people who’ve discovered the miraculous power of PainSolv®

"I have had to cope with the tiring effects of a joint condition I have suffered since early childhood. The effect on my life has been devastating, due to almost continuous pain and discomfort. I learned about PainSolv® through an Internet search one evening and duly purchased one.

I was slightly sceptical, but had tried everything else on the market, including similar products and thought that one more wouldn't do any harm. I could not have been more surprised and thrilled by the results!

I was particularly pleased to discover that using PainSolv® has helped me to manage the pain and reduce my reliance on the pain killing drugs that I take. I am so pleased I bought PainSolv® from you and thoroughly endorse everything your delightful customer service lady told me... words cannot describe what PainSolv® has done for my joint pain and my life!"

Ms S Brinded, Norfolk

"I am an ex-boat builder and have been very active in the RNLI for over 34 years. I also have an keen interest in Reiki, supported by an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (Credit).

Long periods of working on my knees laying decks (no knee pads in those days!) resulted in my suffering intense pain in both knees, presented as a stabbing pain behind the patella and a sensation of tightness around the joints.

This all meant I suffered badly going up and down stairs, even when I got up from a sitting position. I am really thrilled with the results of using PainSolv® and getting in and out of the car is now a doddle, completely free of pain. It is now a joy to walk to the shops instead of using the car.

I have now recommended PainSolv® to several friends. Something I would never do unless I was totally convinced, but yes, it really does work!"

Ian Taylor, Middlesex

". . . words cannot describe what PainSolv has done for my joint pain and my life!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my PainSolv® and I am delighted! I have had 3 previous bouts of what my GP thinks is cellulitis on my nose and had to have anti-biotics twice. It was starting again so I used it on my nose twice that day and by night time the redness and puffiness had gone.

My husband was amazed! He then woke one morning with a red, hot patch on his ankle (sore and itchy) and voila, after one application it had gone! Brilliant!"

Roberta MacMillan, Chief Administrator, The Complementary Medical Association

"About a year ago, my wonderful white German Shepherd crossbreed suffered a cruciate ligament whilst playing ball. The vet offered two choices - either an operation or Radar to have plenty of rest and virtually no exercise for about three months .

We elected for the second option and a friend recommended that I use PainSolv® on her. Radar had three sessions a day on the wound setting for about ten weeks and then we very gradually introduced short 'on the lead' walks. We were so concerned that after the injury, Radar's lifestyle would change dramatically but she is now back to her old self (but no ball playing).

Our vet and kennels are amazed with her recovery and I can honestly say I feel that so much of this was due to PainSolv®. Thank you PainSolv®."

Caroline Hammond, Northamptonshire

"I suffer from a frozen shoulder and when I injured myself moving barrels in my busy restaurant business four weeks ago, the pain gradually got so bad that I couldn't even brush my own hair. I was unable to lift my hand above waist level, the pain was so bad.

I remembered reading about the PainSolv® and decided to try it out. It was the best decision I could have made because within 6 days, I was able to move my arm so that I could even wrap my hand around the back of my head without any real discomfort. I am so impressed that I just had to write and tell you - I would definitely recommend anyone who suffers long-term pain to try this very impressive medical device."

Tony Reavey Northamptonshire

In a survey of PainSolv® users, 93.5% of respondents said that the level of pain they experienced REDUCED from “Unbearable, Distressing or Excruciating” to “Tolerable or None” by using PainSolv at least twice per day . . . and three quarters of these people experienced this reduction in pain within the first 14 days of use!*

All of these people faced the same decision you’re now facing, and many of them were sceptical…

“Do I REALLY want to try another ‘miracle’ pain-relief treatment? Is this really going to make any difference?”

The answer is a resounding YES, but only because they put their doubts to one side and GAVE THIS A GO!

And that’s all I’m asking you to do today. Just give this a go, because I don’t think you’re going to believe just how powerful this is until you TRY it and feel it working.

That’s why I’m offering you the chance to put PainSolv® to the test, and try it at your leisure for 60 days, without committing to anything.

It doesn’t matter what I say. You’re going to be the best judge of this. That’s why I want you to give this a go. Because if you suffer from ANY kind of muscular or joint pain, I believe that PainSolv® may help reduce that pain – at its source - quickly and safely.

Safer Than Painkilling Drugs, Ultrasound,
TENS and EMS...

Can you imagine how it will feel to suddenly wake up one day and realise your pain has gone…!

For six weeks I was carrying a pain that just wouldn’t clear up. I tried oils and massage, I tried acupuncture, I tried natural compresses, I tried TENS and ultrasound… I even went to the doctor and resorted to prescription drugs – but nothing killed off the pain.

Some of the treatments worked for a while. Some of them blocked the pain for a few hours. But maddeningly the pain would always creep back… at work while I was trying to concentrate on my job, at home while I was trying to enjoy my favourite TV programme, at night, while I was trying to get to sleep…

Slowly but surely the pain would return, bit by bit, until it was all I could think of. And NOTHING seemed to beat it – not for long anyway.

Can you imagine how that feels… to be nagged by a pain that just won’t budge?

I know how I felt, and I’d only been suffering for six weeks. Some people carry pain with them their whole lives, because they’ve been led to believe that their condition is hopeless, and nothing can be done.

But after using PainSolv® for just a few minutes, I FELT it working. Really, as soon as I held it against my skin, the pain started receding.

And in 14 days it had disappeared!

And it’s all thanks to the first ever home-use device that captures the power of PEMF therapy, so you can use it safely and easily at home without having to book into expensive clinics.

Remember, it cleared up my pain in 14 days flat. But I’d like to send you a PainSolv® device – on approval – for 60 days, to see how well this works for you.

Just switch it on, and ‘pulse' your pain away. It really is that simple.

There's no messing around with conductor gels, or electrodes or wires. PLUS it's so versatile that you can use it on just about every part of your body in complete safety.

Just take a peek at the table below and see how PainSolv® compares to other similar pain relief technologies...

If other pain relief treatments have failed,
you MUST try this!

Inside this unassuming little device lies a technology that, until recently, was only available at expensive private health clinics. Put simply, it was only the rich that could afford this treatment, but now – thanks to the PainSolv® pen – you can fight your pain quickly and efficiently whenever you want, wherever you are, by using a treatment that’s already helped hundreds of people wipe out pain they thought they were stuck with for life.

And because you can TRY PainSolv® for 60 whole days without obligation, I’m 100% confident that your joint pain or muscle pain will disappear in this period.


In fact, you could use PainSolv® to beat your pain within your trial period, send it back, and get a full refund if you wanted to. (And I have no problem with you doing that. If you suffer from pain, I just want it to stop!).

However, once you’ve tried PainSolv®, I think you’ll want to keep one handy forever. Because it has three unique functions that you can use to help you and your family deal with a whole range of problems on an ongoing basis.

Let me explain…

Just take a look at the picture of Painsolv again . . .

You see the two buttons and the indicator lights running along its side…? Well, each button has a different function. By changing the frequency and strength of the pulses, you can use Painsolv to protect your health and wellbeing in three different ways…

1. Think chronic pain is a life sentence? Then you haven’t tried PainSolv®…

For the first time ever, scientists have made the breakthrough that allows the healing powers of PEMF therapy to be condensed into a simple, hand-held pen that you can use at home that MAY help you tackle dozens of different ailments like:

(Editor's note: . . . we have to say "MAY help you tackle" to conform with codes of advertising practice, but the beauty of this is that you can try it out at YOUR convenience and at OUR risk for 60 days and actually experience for yourself whether it tackles your pain.)

Joint problems, Sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, Elbow Pain, Knee Pain, Period Pain, Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Backache, Painful Jaw Joints, Shoulder Pain, Sports Injuries, Circulation Problems, Muscle Cramps, Headaches…

But that’s not all Painsolv tackles . . .

2. If you’re suffering from wounds, skin ulcers or unsightly ailments like varicose veins, PainSolv® can help you fix them!

Simply select the second setting on your PainSolv® pen, and the frequency on the pulses gets to work on Leg Ulcers, Pressure Sores, Heel Ulcers, Dermatalogical Problems,Varicose Veins and many more irritating and unsightly conditions that affect all of us at some point.

Of course, you still need to be diagnosed by your GP when the ailment first appears, but PainSolv® provides a safe, effective, drug-free alternative to fighting the condition and speeding up the healing process. In fact, why not talk to your GP about it (he or she may not know that this PEFT technology is available in a home-use form).

When they see what it can do, and how well it works, they may well start using one themselves.

3. PainSolv® can help you relieve one of the biggest health problems in the UK…

In my opinion, this is the reason why EVERY household in Britain should use a PainSolv® device, because this is a problem that’s affecting more and more people week on week, and causing serious damage to our health...Stress!

In short, stress is killing more and more people every year. Busy lives, long hours, mortgage worries, job worries, fearing for our children and grandchildren… our bodies have to put up with stress levels that have become intolerable.

I’m not exaggerating when I say you need all the help you can get to keep stress at bay, because even low-level stress can cause damage if it’s repetitive.

That’s how PEMF therapy eases into your body and releases all the pent up frustrations and concerns that are bunched up in your muscle fibres.

Painsolv can help you fight Stress, Insomnia, Migraine, Sleep Disorders, the inability to relax. . . even Jet Lag… and all at the push of a button.

No drugs, no expensive treatments, no inconvenient journeys to a clinic… with PainSolv® you can fight the ailments that affect you most frequently and nag at you most frequently in the comfort of your own home.

And unlike other pain-relief treatments and pain medications, PainSolv® doesn’t mask the pain – it works at a cellular level on the source of the discomfort.

Here's your chance to
begin pulsing away your pain TODAY. . .
Click here for a 60-DAY, risk-free, HOME TRIAL!

The end of pain, the end of stress, an aid to healing wounds… PainSolv® is a mini treatment room you can hold in your hand!

I’m SO convinced that this will work for you like nothing else you’ve ever tried, I’d like to send you one of these for you to use, at home, for 60 DAYS without any obligation on your part.

Dr Gordon Atherley MB ChB, MD, LLD(hc) is a specialist in occupational medicine and public health, who has investigated and used PainSolv. Dr Atherley has also investigated Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave Field therapy, in an article published in The Pharmacist, entitled Harnessing electromagnetic energy for healing.

Dr Atherley says: "Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy has been used regularly in Eastern Europe for decades, based on research and clinical studies by clinicians and scientists alike. It is non-invasive, safe and painless and should be employed more in the UK healthcare market."

Dr Atherley has done much research into the problems of chronic pain in the elderly, where the problem of pain is becoming more prevalent due to ageing populations in Western culture.

Click here to put this exciting new therapy to the test - reserve your PainSolv® today!

If for any reason you don’t feel the benefits in that time, and don’t want to keep it, just send it back, and it won’t have cost you a penny.

But you know what…? I’m certain you won’t want to send it back. Once you’ve tried it (and I’m willing to bet you’ll make up your mind in under ten minutes), I’m convinced you’ll want to keep it.

And if that’s the case, then let’s ask the big question…

“So, if PEMF treatment costs hundreds in private clinics per visit, how much does Painsolv cost?”

Remember what I said earlier about PEMF machines starting from around $3,000?

Well, that was before our friends at PainSolv® found a way to condense all this healing power into one small pen that’s been given the seal of approval by the medical authorities.

I know of some people who have spent hundreds, even thousands of pounds on physiotherapy, acupuncture, analgesic creams, oral painkillers and the latest gadgets, that promise so much but never get to the root cause of the problem.

They may mask the pain for a short time, but they don’t allow the body to repair itself at the cellular level the way PainSolv® does . . .

So, let me ask you: If I told you that manufacturer's recommended price is just £192.00 - that's all! - to get your life back and enjoy your days pain free, then you’d think that's a fair price, wouldn't you . . .especially when you consider the cutting-edge technology that’s packed into one, small device?

But the good news is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE if you have a medical need of this amazing therapeutic device - this means if you have been suffering from pain for more than 3 months all you have to do is fill in a very simple form (you don’t even need a doctor’s note) and return it and we will be able to provide the PainSolv® VAT free...

...making the cost to you only - £153.60.

Remember this is a simple self declaration and the savings are available legally under the provisions of under group 12, schedule 2 of the value added tax act 1994

That's right - not only will you be amongst the first people on the planet to benefit from this latest cutting-edge technology, but you could also be eligible for a VAT free price.

PainSolv® is like having all the benefits of an expensive pain-relief clinic shrunk down into a portable tool that you can use when you want, where you want. Plus you can use it time and time again, because it comes complete with its own recharger.

Remember, at this stage you’re not risking a penny. All I’m asking you to do is TRY PainSolv®, and see how it works at first hand. Just give me the say so, and I’ll send you your own, brand new PainSolv® pen, complete with battery charger, so you can use PainSolv® wherever you want – for 60 whole days.

If you don’t like it, simply send it back within those 60 days, and I’ll send you a full refund – guaranteed. No questions. No quibbles.

What have you got to lose?

But, before you decide, there's one last thing that you really must know about

After 2 years of blood, sweat and tears the boffins at PainSolv® have just achieved the 'impossible' breakthrough…

I really hope you take this opportunity to try PainSolv®. I can only say so much here, but to be honest, nothing’s going to convince you as well as you trying it, just for a few minutes every day.

That’s all it will take. Just 2 or 3 sessions a day - while you're watching TV, chatting on the phone or relaxing with a cup of tea - and I guarantee you’ll feel your pain starting to break up and disintegrate.

Isn’t that worth a few minutes of your time?

I’m sure it is, and I’m sure you’re not going to let this opportunity for a pain-free life pass you by.

But before I send you your Painsolv device, I need to let you in on one very exciting development that's just happened very recently...

After 2 years of painstaking testing, tweaking, and those 'back-to-the-drawing-board' disappointments the technicians at PainSolv® have achieved what most people in the industry thought was impossible....

They've found a way to make the best, most effective and safest drug-free alternative to pain relief much, much better...

That's right the new mark 5 version of PainSolv® is now SIX times better than ever before.

You see, there had always been a slight drawback with the old version of PainSolv®.

Now, don't get me wrong - as a class 2a medical device, PainSolv® has always been the safest, most effective and most reliable drug-free way to relieve pain.

But what had eluded scientists for years was that some of the healing energy pulses were 'escaping' out the sides without pulsing directly to the point of pain.

Their 'eureka' moment came when they made the breakthrough that increased the output of the new Mk 5 version and channelled ALL the energy pulses directly through its tip.

I won't trouble you with all the technical details, but to give you some idea, by re-designing the inductor head in partnership with the Faculty of Physics at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria (where PEMF research was first pioneered over 50 years ago), engineers managed to increase the peak therapeutic output by a staggering 492% (from 135 gauss to 800 gauss).... which is an astonishing achievement!

Remember how I showed you earlier how PainSolv® 's unique PEMF technology is safer, more effective and more versatile than any similar pain-relieving technologies such as TENS, Ultrasound and EMS.

Well, the graph above shows you how PainSolv compares to other PEMF devices in its peer group....some of which cost well over a thousand pounds each.

At skin surface level, PAINSOLV® Mk 5 delivers a huge 300% MORE therapeutic output than its nearest competitor. So just imagine the increased healing power that this will deliver to surface bruising, abrasions and other 'non-deep' pain causing problems.

At a depth of 5mm penetration into the skin, PainSolv®'s PEMF pulses retain more than 9 TIMES the therapeutic power of its nearest competitor...

And even at a depth of 10mm, 15mm and 20mm PainSolv®'s healing pulses are consistently between 300% and 400% stronger compared to its competitors.

This is particularly significant because it means that PainSolv®'s pulses deliver MORE therapeutic power DEEPER into the root cause of the pain.

So, for problems such as joint pain and deep muscle pain, PAINSOLV® Mk 5 works STRONGER, DEEPER and FASTER to pulse pain away.

Compared to the old version, the brand new patented PAINSOLV® Mk 5 version has...

Believe me, there are literally hundreds of people who want to be the first to get their hands on this souped-up new healing technology right away, but I'm afraid they're going to be disappointed...at least for the time being.

That's because I've already struck an exclusive deal so that the only people on the planet who can get hold of this new version straight away are you, our members! And don't forget - you also get the benefit of VAT free pricing if you qualify and fill out our simple claim form.

I guarantee that the PainSolv® device that you receive will be the brand new Mk 5 version that delivers all the increased healing power that I've told you about . . .


PAINSOLV® Mk 5 is not a gadget - it is a very, very powerful, class 2a medical device. A few minutes per day is all that's needed to beat the pain, but please don’t use PainSolv® for hours on end to try and speed up the process.

For best results, stick to the time limits set out in your PainSolv® guide. So make sure you read it BEFORE you switch on PAINSOLV® Mk 5.

So, are you ready to take the plunge like these people did, and try PainSolv® without risking a penny…?

"I have suffered the results of life as a Prima Ballerina and the physical toll the profession takes on the feet. My problems are severe pain under and over the arch of the foot in addition to calcification on top of my left foot, which has got progressively worse since I retired from performance. I must express my unbridled delight, for after using the PainSolv® for just a few treatments my pain has most certainly decreased already which is most gratifying…"

Bryony Brind, Prima Ballerina, Hertfordshire

"My wife had lower back pain and I persuaded her to let me use the device on her. She had polio when she was a baby and, as a result, has a walking impairment. She is registered disabled and has a blue badge.

To my surprise, when I applied the device to her back, she couldn't feel any pulse at all, neither long nor short. (I think this must be something to do with the polio.) Interestingly, though, she was more or less free of pain after the session.

I would add that she is a very sceptical person. She was able to feel the pulse from the device when I applied it to her hand afterwards."

David Quint, London

"I am 73 years old and have suffered with arthritis in my knees for the past 4 years. I bought a PainSolv® unit and after using it for less than a week I was amazed that I can now, for the first time in 4 years, walk down the 9 steps at my golf club without pain in my knees and without holding onto the hand rail. I am overjoyed with this product and I would thoroughly recommend it."

Mr Eden, Birmingham

"Over a year ago, I was struck down with sciatica and was unable to play golf for many months. As well as being made worse by doctors prescribing me painkillers which had so many side-effects it wasn't worth the trouble, I had to wait for over 20 weeks for physiotherapy, which only made matters worse.

I was quite depressed about the whole episode when I discovered PainSolv® through the recommendation of my cousin, who swears by it. I have tried several other devices to help relieve my pain but PainSolv® is far and away better than all of them put together in my view."

Mr Alan Baylis, Leicestershire

"I have suffered with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for many years and have had an operation on my right hand. The problem has now become worse on my left hand and a friend suggested I should try PainSolv®, which I did. Within a few days the pain had eased considerably and I am very hopeful now that I will not require further surgery as the difference PainSolv® has made is dramatic."

Carol Talbot, Northamptonshire

All of these people suffered from pain they thought was impossible to shift. And, like you, I’m sure they were sceptical about just how much use PainSolv® could be.

But luckily for them, they took a chance and TRIED it for 60 days. After all, there’s a full money-back guarantee, so they had nothing to lose.

Read these testimonials again and you tell me… do you think they’re pleased they tried PainSolv®?

Of course they are, because PainSolv® has helped ease their pain and given them their lives back! And if you suffer from any kind of muscular or joint pain, then there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for you.

Really – don't pass up this opportunity to reduce your pain and begin repairing the source of your pain. Just TRY this!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Jane Holton
Product Development Manager

PS. Remember, this is an offer just for you to try this. You are not committing a penny at this stage. If you don’t like PainSolv® for any reason, just send it back and we’ll give you a full refund – guaranteed. And you have 60 days to make your mind up!

PPS. "I'm 47 now, and some years ago I was the victim of an accident which left me with four badly damaged vertebrae, two in the neck, one between my shoulders and another at the base of my spine; plus years of crippling pain and immobility...

Well here is my first impression of using this device for only a relatively short time. Good gracious me it actually works!!! Yes, there was doubt; simply because I think I've tried every confounded gizmo or pill currently out there.

And since the hospital has recently highlighted the damage done to my heart, liver and stomach through long-term medication using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain control, I should in all sense and fairness to myself, start using alternatives which work.

As I said, it's early days, but so far I'm thrilled to bits. Thanks again."

Mr B Blackfawd-Wootton, Warwickshire

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