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Dear Friend

None of will ever have the perfect vision we had in our younger days, but we also don't have to accept second best when it comes to our eyesight.

I want to show you an ingenious, simple and safe way to improve your vision without the need for expensive prescription glasses, long sessions at the opticians or risky corrective surgery.

By putting your eyes through a proven and effective training programme you will discover just how good your eyes can be naturally.

Reading the small print on medicine packs will be easy, clearer night vision will amaze you and seeing detail you had forgotten existed will become second nature - all from a short daily workout using these unique sight training glasses.

Discover the amazing benefits by using visual impairment therapy...

  • Reduce blurred vision at a normal reading distance.
  • Reduce visual fatigue, headaches, eye strain from reading, sewing and other close work.
  • Improve night vision making driving safer.
  • Alleviate many complaints associated with computer vision syndrome.
  • Improve the visual skills that will make everyday life richer in detail.

Yours, in close up detail

Ray Collins

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85% of the population aged 40 or above suffer from age-related visual impairment.

This problem remains unnoticeable for years because it develops slowly.

It all begins with a slight loss of vision. After a long tiring day you notice that the page you are reading is blur. You need to hold your reading further away to be able to focus.

You often have headaches and eye strain when your eyes need to focus on close objects.

At first it affects one of the eyes only. The brain automatically compensates the vision loss of the affected eye, but only for a while. Later on the brain gives it up and one of the eyes remains weaker.

As we get older these problems and our vision get worse, eyesight deteriorates, and the eyes are not able to focus perfectly at the objects in the visual field.

This often means that one of the eyes becomes weaker than the other.

When this happens the eyes cannot effectively focus and so cannot achieve clear vision and as a result within a short period of time, it gives up trying and a blurred vision remains constant.

So, what can you do to prevent this?

One option is to spend large amounts of money on opticians and glasses', often requiring many pairs for different situations; the other alternative is risky and painful surgery - often under local anaesthetic which means you see everything that is being done to your eyes.

But, thankfully there is now another safer, simpler and more effective way to clearer vision - visual impairment therapy.

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It has long been known that improving eyesight is just a matter of engaging the muscles which control the focusing mechanism within the eye - the lens.

These small ciliary muscles are like any other muscle in your body - they benefit from an easy workout and this helps them function more efficiently.

But there are no dumbbells for the eyes, so a much more specialised way is needed to give them the exercise they need.

ActiveShadeTM visual impairment therapy forces the weaker eye to try again and again to form a sharp focused image of the objects in the visual field.

While in front of the weaker eye the glass is transparent during the whole treatment, in front of the better eye it is dark for 2 seconds and then becomes transparent for 2 seconds.

When both glasses are transparent the vision is clear. When the glass is dark in front of the weaker eye, the vision becomes blurred. 2 seconds later it becomes sharp again.

The weaker eye gets regular impulses and is forced to learn to focus again without the help from the better eye.

5 to 10 minutes of easy visual training two to three times weekly will preserve the quality of your vision;

  • Improve spatial vision
  • Improve near vision
  • Decrease the subjective difference in visual acuity of the eyes

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First decide which eye your weaker eye is by using the "test mode".

Then switch the glasses to the "training mode". Now the weaker eye is forced to focus without the help from the better eye.

The weaker eye is trained to get back in shape! ActiveShadeTM forces the weaker eye to try again and again to form a sharp focused image of the objects in the visual field.

Use the ActiveShadeTM therapy glasses training mode regularly on a daily basis, more than once a day, only for a couple of minutes per occasion!

You will experience the improvements in reading performance as well as certain visual enhancements immediately after the first training.

Watch this video to discover more about how ActiveShadeTM glasses work

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