What To Do If You've Tried Everything To Fix Your Prostate Problems, But Still Can't Get Relief...

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Do you suffer with prostate problems? If so, you're not alone. Prostate problems affect more than 50% of men over 40... and more than 75% of men over 50. If you’re one of these men, you know all too well how prostate problems can have a dramatic impact on your life.

In the beginning, it's hardly noticeable. It starts out with having to pee more often. But most men don't think it's anything to be concerned about. "Maybe I’ve been drinking more than usual," they think.

But prostate problems can get progressively worse.

You find yourself standing at the toilet waiting to go. And when your waterworks do finally spring into action, you get poor urine flow... discomfort when passing water...and embarrassing dribbles at the end.

And for many men, things get still worse. Not only do they find themselves peeing more often during the day...but they find themselves waking up during the night two...three... even as many as four times per night because they've just "gotta go".

If you’re one of the thousands of men who have experienced these kinds of problems, you know how frustrating - and tiring -they can be.

But this is still just the beginning of how prostate problems can begin to affect your life. That's because left untreated, they can begin to affect other parts of your life, too.

More worryingly, your sex life! Indeed, many men begin to experience erection problems due to poor prostate function. Erections become less frequent. And when they do come, they don't stick around for very long.

Even worse, thousands of men report that erection problems come around at the worst… and most embarrassing...times:

...Right In The Middle Of Lovemaking!

If you've ever had this happen to you, you know just how embarrassing it can be. As a red-blooded male, it can be a real shock to the system. Erection problems can make a previously virile, strong man feel like he's lost his mojo.

And the more it happens, the more worrying it becomes. Which can destroy the enjoyment, pleasure and intimacy a healthy sex life can have in a relationship.

"Not Tonight Darling, I Have A Headache!"

Shockingly, and to avoid performance issues and embarrassment, erection problems are making thousands of men across the country say, "not tonight darling, I have a headache!"

But the truth is, these men would love nothing more than to make satisfying love to their wife or partner. But prostate problems have left many men fearful that they are unable to perform between the sheets like they used to - which often leaves the lady in their life feeling rejected, frustrated and unloved.

It can be a crushing blow to any man's confidence and self-esteem.

You say to yourself, "what happened to the man I used to be? Where’s my sexual stamina and potency I used to have? Where's my sex life gone?"

And perhaps most important of all, maintaining a healthy prostate can help keep other, more serious health problems at bay!

That's why recognising – and most crucially– treating prostate problems can be vitally important for any man. And why doing everything you can to avoid prostate problems...or eliminate them now to keep your prostate – and your health – in tip-top condition.

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Want to know what age is doing to your body chaps? Here’s a worrying thought...

Just look at what happens to your prostate gland...

Aged 20


The size of a walnut

Producing seminal fluid

Allowing free flow of urine from bladder

Facilitating a full and active sex life

Aged 50


The size of a grapefruit

Failing in fluid production

A damaging blockage to urine flow

A common cause of embarrassing impotence

But... It doesn't have to be this way

The help all men need, but are often too afraid to ask for

Discover why so many men have problems with their prostates in later life and the amazing natural remedy that can alleviate prostate problems, improve virility and re-ignite your masculinity

OK, so you have made it this far.

You have recognised that changes in the health of your prostate gland have begun to make a difference to your life and you know it is time to do something about it...

...or maybe you hadn’t realised that there was an issue and you just want to identify what the risk factors are.

In either case this amazing all natural formulation of essential oil, vitamins and plant sterols will deliver these amazing benefits...you can;

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Hello, my name's Ray Collins, editor of the Good Life Letter.

It's my job to scour medical research, sift through thousands of pages in medical journals and track down the little-known work of pioneering doctors around the world, who are achieving truly remarkable results for their patients... and then report my findings back to you.

Like many men who suffer with prostate problems, you may have tried one or more different natural remedies to help bring relief of your symptoms. You may have tried saw palmetto. Or pygeum africanum. Or even beta-sitosterol. Or maybe you’ve even purchased a supplement that contained one or more of these popular prostate remedies.

And you know what? Many of these supplements can give you terrific results. But as good as some of these supplements may be, I outright guarantee that you’ve never tried anything as powerful and as effective as ANDROLISTICA when it comes to finally ending – once and for all – the hellish symptoms of BPH or one of the other common prostate complaints men over 40 can suffer with.

How can I be so sure? Well, first off, let me introduce you to the medical maestro who's bringing renewed hope to men around the globe... 

I would like to introduce you to a very charismatic and incredibly clever scientist, and her name is Ghislaine Gerber the founder of Holistica Laboratories.

Founded in 1986, Holistica Laboratories have implemented an on-going policy of high quality health food supplements, exclusively based on plants and constituents of natural origin. Their special formulas respond to a search for a more global approach to the needs of the human being. The necessary balance between the micronutriments has always been achieved along with energetic balance and compatibility between the constituents themselves.

They offer efficient scientific formulas with scientific evidence and all products are manufactured under the Good Manufacturing Process rules, made in France with high quality selected ingredients either from wild origin or organic growth.

After a long period of research they discovered that the key to overcoming the 'male menopause' was to provide the body with a carefully balanced formulation of essential oils, fatty acids and vitamins which ensure the optimised flow of blood around the major small vessels of the body.

During their research they discovered that one of the most common causes of embarrassing impotence for men over the age of fifty was the restriction of blood flow to the penis via the penile arteries, and this was often due to enlargement of the prostate gland.

By carefully balancing the ingredients in Androlistica they were able to prevent the enlargement of the gland and enhance blood flow through the vessels supplying the penis.

By daily use of Androlistica from Holistica Laboratories you can avoid many of the problems associated with age.

You Won't Just Heal Your Prostate - You'll Feel The Incredible Benefits In Every Part Of Your Life!

You'll get a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night without being at the mercy of your failing prostate. You’ll bounce out of bed feeling fully refreshed, totally re-energised... and ready to take on anything your day can throw at you.

You'll regain the sexual prowess you had in your youth. Greater stamina... increased desire... stronger erections... more powerful, more pleasurable orgasms... and have the unwavering confidence in your ability to perform like you did in your 20s and 30s.

You'll never be at the mercy of your bladder again. You'll only go to the toilet when you really have to. You'll eliminate that "fullness" feeling in your bladder. You'll pee like a jet washer... feel totally relieved and empty... and you'll never worry about another trip to the toilet again for hours at a time.


Nestled in the Aix country in the heart of Provence, near the Montagne Sainte Victoire much loved by the painter Paul Cézanne, the Holistica Laboratories are surrounded by a natural vista which houses their development and production facilities.

Over many years developing a range of herbal products, Holistica has been recognised as the principle vector for a comprehensive concept of health, following the holistic approach to life and wellbeing as their maxim.

The Holistica team has consistently developed products which recognise that health is a state of complete physical wellbeing, mental, social and spiritual, and that it is not just the absence of disease, but which respects the laws and the balance of nature.

Founded in 1986 by Ghislaine Gerber, the Holistica laboratories have continued to develop quality products which are exclusively herbal and natural in specific formulations that meet this global approach to research.

The careful formulation of these products has always given the necessary balance of micronutrients, but also ensures the energy-balance and compatibility of components.

Holistica is not a chemicals company or even a laboratory it is the passion to distill the essence of nature for the good of human health.

You'll reduce the need to take prostate drugs that can cause shocking side effects or undergo invasive procedures that can cause infections. And you'll avoid the possibility of ever going under a surgeon's knife for prostate surgery - which leaves as many as 60% of men with incontinence and unable to get and sustain an erection!

And ultimately, you'll begin living your life again, totally free of prostate problems. You can do all the things you enjoy - everything from sports and other hobbies, taking long trips in your car, exercising, hiking and more without having to worry if a toilet is close by!

How much better would your life be if you could eliminate prostate problems and get all of the benefits mentioned? Well, you can get all of these terrific benefits and more with Androlistica.

I could talk for pages more about how Androlistica can help your prostate stave off disease, eliminate the nasty symptoms that a poorly-functioning prostate throws on your body and your life... and how to keep it in pristine condition well into your 40s... 50s... 60s... and beyond!

But what I'd like to do instead is send you a month's supply of Androlisitca at our risk. That's why I'm offering to send you your first month's supply on an irresistible try-before-you-commit-to-buy basis, backed by a no quibble money back 30 day guarantee.

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