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We all know the effects of a bad night’s sleep.

You wake up tired and grumpy.

You struggle to concentrate throughout the day, making everyday life much harder to deal with.

You feel more stressed than you should, and that stress makes it even harder to get to sleep the next night…

Hours of staring at the ceiling…. tossing and turning… your brain racing with thoughts and worries… waking up every few hours

Over time, poor quality sleep can cause massive anxiety. Every part of your life suffers, from your work to your relationships.

But lack of sleep can cause serious physical problems too.

Inflammation, obesity, poor heart health and high blood pressure

In 2016, scientists at the University of Arizona revealed the findings of a 40-year study into insomnia.

They suggested that if you have insomnia for over six years (at least 3 nights of bad sleep per week) you’ve a 58% increased risk of death from heart and lung conditions…plus a higher risk of diabetes, obesity, dementia and depression.

In another study, the American Heart Association has found that sleeping fewer than six hours a night raises your blood pressure and heart rate.

Poor sleep is even linked to inflammation.

A 2013 experiment at the University of Surrey showed that a lack of sleep activated over 500 genes associated with inflammation, immune response and response to stress.

However, an extra hour of sleep had the reverse effect and switched off those genes.

In other words, losing even ONE hour’s sleep can raise inflammation levels, weaken your body’s defences and make you more susceptible to long term health problems.

But getting MORE sleep can reverse many of those health dangers and improve your mental health.

So you NEED to get a good quality sleep…

But sleeping pills are not the answer

As many as 1 in 10 Britons take a drug to help them sleep.

But tablets like zopiclone and temazepam can become a huge problem if you use them over the long-term.

Your body gets used to these drugs, forcing you to increase your dose, risking dependency and side effects.

And in one study published in JAMA Internal Medicine in January 2015 it was even revealed that some sleeping tablets could increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

However, there is an alternative.

Brand new to the UK, Calmophytum is a natural sedative that helps put you into a relaxed, peaceful, sleepy state at bedtime.

It harness the power of nature to sooth and calm you…

“Excellent produit, patients très satisfaits pour la gestion de l'anxiété” Dr Danielle C

Excellent product, patients very satisfied with their anxiety managment.

Calmophytum contains these 5 powerful active natural ingredients

LIME TREE – also known as Linden, the leaves and flowers are renowned for their relaxing quality. It is commonly taken to cure insomnia, relieve tension and reduce anxiety.

MELISSA - also known as Lemon Balm, a herb widely used in traditional medicine to calms the mind and body, ready for sleep to treat anxiety, migraines, hypertension and diabetes.

CHAMOMIILE – this natural anti-inflammatory is known to lower stress levels, help regulate sleep, and soothe menstrual cramps

LEMON VERBENA – it can reduce inflammation, calm the stomach, soothe nerves and boost the immune system

HIBISCUS – this helps to reduce the feeling of heaviness in your limbs, inducing sleep, as well as helping to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation

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Stephanie C and Carole D both said “Tres bon produit” (very good product) and Frank C says it has a “Bel effet” (great effect).

It’s EASY and SAFE to take this calming natural remedy

Take just 2 capsules with a glass of water half an hour before bedtime and, when you lie down you’ll find yourself gently nodding off… without stress, tension and racing thoughts… then slipping into a deep sleep.

No drugs

No risk of dependency

No nasty side-effects

You can safely use Calmophytum every night to get the deep rest your mind and body needs.

It’s even safe for children…

In the morning you’ll wake up with more energy, more positivity and ultra-clear focus. Over the long term, you should notice a lot of stresses and anxieties melt away as you get more sleep, and better quality sleep.

More importantly, you’ll help your body defend itself from disease, infection, inflammation and long-term health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.

But rather than take all of this on trust, we’d like to prove it to you.

Better sleep – GUARANTEED

Founded in Provence in 1986 by Ghislaine Gerber, Holistica’s laboratories specialise in a range of herbal products, developed for your mental and physical wellbeing.

They only use 100% natural compounds in their delicately formulated products, which is why they’re our number one choice of supplier.

“Apporte calme et détente avant la nuit. Idéal pour les personnes agées qui ne trouvent pas un sommeil réparateur.” Philiepe S

Brings calm and relaxation before the night. Ideal for elderly who can't get restorative sleep.

For the first time ever, we’re delighted to offer people in the UK the opportunity today to trial their wonderful Calmophytum formula for the next 30 days, risk-free.

Experience its soothing, calming effects for yourself before you make any financial commitment.

If you don’t enjoy a better sleep every night, or you’re unhappy with the results for any reason, we’ll give you a full and prompt refund, with no questions asked.

But we’re absolutely sure you’ll be delighted by the results…

To start your 30-day trial, protected by our ‘Better Sleep guarantee’, simply click on the link below.

We’ll send you a month’s supply so you can experience the soothing, relaxing benefits of this natural sedative.

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Yes, let me experience the benefits of Calmophytum for 30 days, RISK-FREE

You won't find Calmophytum anywhere else in the UK. This is an exclusive offer we have negotiated directly with the manufacturer, Holistica.

So don’t let sleep problems ruin your health and relationships – try Calmophytum today and discover a new you!


Jane Holton

Salus Trading Ltd

PS: Remember, you’re protected by our ‘Better Sleep guarantee’. If you don’t get a better night’s sleep thanks to its soothing all-natural blend of herbs, then we’ll refund you in full.

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