WARNING: These Revelations Might be Upsetting, But this is Urgent.

Unless You Act Now, Everything you Hold Dear is Under Threat...

Your HOME could be taken
Your SAVINGS seized
Your children and grandchildren
deprived of an INHERITANCE

At last discover the loopholes that will protect you from

The Great British Care Fee Robbery

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In the past five years over a MILLION hard-working tax-payers have been forced to sell their homes...give up their savings... give over their investments....

All to pay for their care home fees.

Now you could be next.

Care Home Fees

If you don't take action today, your HOME could be taken. Your SAVINGS seized. Your children deprived of an INHERITANCE.

"FORCED to sell my home!"

Could YOU Be Next?

Right now, millions of hard-working tax-payers are facing the threat of their homes being sold... their savings taken.... their children's inheritance stolen.

All to pay for their care home fees - or their parents' fees.

If you don't take the following action today, you could lose everything you've worked for...

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Dear Friend,

You might not realise it yet, but you're sitting on a timebomb.

It threatens to rip away everything you've worked hard for...while others who have taken lifelong handouts from the state will lose NOTHING.

The family home you created... the children you raised... the money you hoped to pass down after you die so you could help your loved ones buy their own homes or help them in their retirement....

Thanks to an unfair system loaded against YOU, these could be taken away from you, by force, to pay for your care in old age.... or the care of a partner or spouse you leave behind. Or they could be taken from your family after you've gone to pay extortionate care fees.

...It doesn't matter about the taxes you've paid in your life.
...It doesn't matter how hard you've worked.
...It doesn't matter how many wars, recessions, government spending cuts and banking crises you've survived.
...It doesn't matter that you've contributed to society, saved money or looked after a home, pouring money into its upkeep, fixing leaking roofs and tending the garden.

If your health fails or you're among the one in three expected to get dementia...... then you may to pay for your care with everything you've got....cash, savings bonds, shares or even premium bonds.... whatever you own is up for grabs. And that includes your beloved home.

What's more, the amount you pay is going to be much more than the going rate or the 'cost price' of the care. You'll be expected to prop up a creaking, unsustainable system, paying a premium so that others can get looked after for free.


Take Geoff Beckett, a retired RAF officer who served his country but was forced to sell his £160,000 property to pay for care. He died penniless. [Daily mail, 9 October 2012]

He is one of over a million to have experience this because the Government simply can't afford to look after the ageing populace. Especially when councils are being forced to HALVE their spending on residential car.

Make no mistake. The burden for care fees is about to fall on you. And if not you, your family, who might be forced to sell their assets to pay for your care fees AFTER you've gone.

So I'd urge you to take a minute of your time to read this...

If you have ANY significant savings and investments...or if your home's worth more than £100,000. it's essential to take action today to protect them from the clutches of your local authority.

It doesn't matter whether you're 30 or 60 or even 70 or 80. It's not too late...but time is of the essence. These loopholes might not stay open forever. As time goes by, the net is closing in...

This is why I've released a special report that you can download instantly, without any risk, which tells you everything you in layman's terms everything you know to know about the problem, What's at stake, what assets are in danger, what your rights are, and - most importantly, provides a set of steps you can take to protect your home, your surviving spouse or partner, and pass on something to your children and grandchildren.

Care Home Fees Why you need to read this report NOW

My name is Ray Collins. I've been writing professionally about health for 8 years, publishing advice in my Good Life Letter emails and books. My aim is to help people stay better protected against the threats of old age - heart disease, joint pain, cancer, dementia, osteoporosis and many more.


But with all these health problems you might have to deal with, it's a cruel twist that it could be money issues that ruin your golden years.

If you don't take action today, you could see £72,000 - £100,000 forcibly wiped from your assets in the space of a couple of years! You may have to panic sell your home with authorities breathing down your neck. You may even be forced to sell your home when you don't need to....

Like the family who had sell 82 year old Barbara Bullock's home after a stroke - even though she was entitled to help.

All this to pay for care that's going to be unfairly overpriced - penalising you, even though you've worked hard, looked after loved ones and paid your dues to society.

Meanwhile, people living off the state, taking handouts without paying taxes into the system.... they'll get all their care PAID for.

Who is Lewis Geary

Lewis Geary is an author, entrepreneur and self-confessed money freak.

Every week over 30,000 people 'tune' into his advice service The Rich Life Letter... where Lewis helps them solve their financial worries... clear their debts.... slash their cost of living (without scrimping)... and make enough extra cash to make life FUN again.

He has been writing and publishing the Rich Life letter since 2007 and is author of several best-selling books including the Minimum Wage Millionaire

No wonder some of my readers are reporting stress, insomnia, fatigue and low immunity from worrying about this increasingly desperate situation. Some of them are just downright FURIOUS!

But there is a way to give yourself peace of mind thanks to this survival guide - freshly commissioned in 2014, packed with all the latest loopholes that will help you.

I've got together with my good friend and financial expert, Lewis Geary, to create a step by step 'survive and protect' guide.

It's called The Care Fee Trap, and it tells you what you need to know about protecting your home and your savings against confiscation and forced sales when you need care in old age.

I know it's not pleasant to think about going into care, and it may be that you stay healthy, strong and supported by family well into your 80s, 90s... or even as you sail into your 100s, as over 300,000 people will be by the year 2045.

But there's now a very high chance that you WILL need care...

The irreversible age timebomb you can't avoid

Care Home Fees

With increasing lifespan comes a rising epidemic of dementia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. It may turn out that you'll need care which your family simply can't provide. And if you don't take action today, the cost of this care could wreak havoc, not just on your life but the whole family's.

You could be forced to...

...sell your home to pay for long-term care at hotel prices that are almost a THIRD more expensive than local authorities pay for the same thing... Over a MILLION people have had this happen in the last 5 years.

... face escalating costs as the total rises and rises, until it's eating deep into your family's wealth. Not just yours, but your children and grandchildren.

... suffer the serious health consequences of the stress, worry and grief as you see your home taken away, and the financial pressure mounts.

And it's not just older people who should be worried...

If you're a younger person who thinks that there's some kind of legacy coming your way... perhaps you're relying on your parents home or the wealth tied up in it as part of your own retirement fund... think again. Not only could there be nothing left, but you could be digging into your own pockets to fund care, while you yourself hurtle towards an uncertain future.

If your parent or grandparent suffers dementia and is put into care, it'll be you who has to deal with the fall out, the rising costs and the loss of the family home.

Of course, I'd love to repeat that old mantra "Don't worry, it might never happen" but this is really, really serious. Look at this chart of mortality rates. They're going down steeply, meaning more people getting older and needing help.


We have a vast ageing population that's getting bigger every year.

From 2010 to 2030 there is expected to be a 50% increase in people aged 65 and, as a House of Lords report put it in March 2013 Britain is "woefully under-prepared" to cope.

As we live longer, problems like dementia increase. One in three people will get dementia, which means around a million people in the UK are expected to be affected by 2020. The World Health Organisation expects this number to nearly double every 20 years. The levels of care required from dementia are high, putting extreme pressure on social care and leaving many of us in danger of a frightening future at the mercy of a system that can't cope with us.

There's already a huge burden of pressure on the care industry - and it's mainly the "squeezed middle" who will bear the cost. There is now immense pressure on middle class nursing home residents to prop up a failing system. Costs have rocketed in the past two years, with care home bills up 9.3% in two years, more than £2,400 per person.

The average annual cost of room is now £28,367. That's more than double the average pensioner income of £13,799 - and this gap is increasing.

Why YOU will pay for the broken system - whether you like it or not

Care Home Fees

After a lifetime of you working hard, raising kids, contributing to society and paying your taxes.... after all that... you're not going to get all of your care paid for by the state. Instead, what's going to happen is that you'll be forced to sell your beloved home and use your remaining assets to fund your care.

Under the present rules, you must "self-fund" or pay your care home fees in full - with NO help from the local council - if your assets, including your home, are worth more than £118,000, that's INCLUDING the value of your home. There are an estimated 210,000 people right now, and their families, who have to paying all or most of their care home fees.

What's worse, you're paying MORE than the cost of the care...

In November 2013, figures compiled for the Telegraph show those who pay for their own care are paying 13% above the 'real cost' - ie. how much the costs are of the food, accommodation and staff help. When you pay for your own care, you pay much higher rates than the local authorities do when they fund care.


In other words, you're paying 13% more in order to prop up the system for everyone else. As the Telegraphy describes it, it's a "SCANDAL"

This isn't even including nursing care, which could add £700 onto the weekly bill or more for dementia sufferers.

The result of all this is that you're going to lose what you hold dear...

Forced to sell your home!

New figures released in September 2013 showed that in a five year period, more than one million families were forced to sell their home to pay for care. Two million people (a quarter of retired home owners) are planning to sell their home to cover these costs.

....and millions of younger people who might have inherited that home to pay for their retirement, or get them on the property ladder, will not get that money.

I'm not talking about rich people here, or great big inheritances of millions. This affects people who might have £10,000... £20,000.. or more tied up in a property they've worked hard to get and keep and care for.

After decades of saving hard, making sacrifices and paying taxes, you might not be able to pass a single penny to help your children and grandchildren. In tough economic times most people can't put a deposit down on a house without some help from the older generation. But this old lifeline is being taken away.

You might even before one of those UNFAILRY forced to sell property to pay for fees.


Could you be WRONGLY forced to pay fees?

Take 60 year old Jacqueline Atkin, who was led to believe by local officials that her parents had to pay £66,000 costs for a care home, simply because they owned a home and had some savings. [Daily Express, Jan 10, 2014]

She was forced to sell her home to cover the costs. But when her parents died she realised they had a right to help with those fees. She is believed to be one of almost 60,000 Britons who have been misinformed about care fees.

The big problem is that nobody knows what their rights are, whether they should REALLY pay or how to challenge the local authorities.

This is why I urge you to read The Care Fee Trap today. It's available for an instant download. You can read through all the essential information (this is the latest stuff - brand new in Spring 2014) and read the steps you need to take.

If you're unhappy with it for any reason, you're protected by a 14 day money back guarantee.

Care Home Fees

I'd really keen for you to read this. It's vital you do this now - not later. Don't join the many people who are being FOOLED into thinking the latest government plan to solve the problem is going to help.

They tell us that as of 2016, £72,000 will be the maximum cost you need to pay. After this "cap" is reached the government will step in to pick up the tab. The idea is that this will prevent the forced sale of homes.

So now you can breathe easy and relax. Right?

Well not so.

First, this is doesn't actually kick in until April 2017, so if anything happens to you between now and then, the old guidelines will apply.

Secondly, yes, the care cap might help some older people but you will still have to pay out a whopping £72,000 before you reach that cap.


After entering a care home, not many people live beyond two years, which means - in serious cases where they have, say, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's - they could pay as much as £72,000 for those two years.

Where will that money come from? A giant piggy bank? A suitcase under the bed? A treasure map?

LIFT QUOTE: "Why care home fees cap may not prevent the sale of your home"
- Daily Telegraph 18th Feb 2014

Few of us have made this kind of provision for care. So yet again it's going to need a quick sell of the family home to pay for it, causing emotional trauma, and wiping out your children's hope of a financial legacy to help in THEIR retirement.

Worst of all, the charges you pay could be several times higher than that £72,000. As you'll see in the report,. there's a series of costs that AREN'T included that you will have to pay for - as much as £230 a week. This is even if you're BELOW the so-called threshold.

It means that this report is urgent no matter what your financial; situation...

The Care Fee Trap is packed with up-to-date information on rules, loopholes and hidden traps in the system. All the advice is jargon-free and really easy to follow. What's more it gives you the practical advice you need to take action.

It includes...

It couldn't be easier - simply click on the link below, fill in your details and you can have the report sent instantly.

Just one of the tips inside could save you as much as £300 on essential fees right away. But the financial benefits of take the action in the report could save you countless thousands of pounds in the long run.

So how much is this worth?

Well, when Lewis acts as a consultant, he charges a minimum of £50 a hour, just four hours would be £200 alone. He's put in many more than four hours researching and putting this information together, and that's on top of his years of experience as a financial writer. But he and I wanted to make this information as accessible and as affordable to people as possible.

This is why you can have all his expertise in The Care Fee Trap for a one-off payment of £39.99. Remember that's completely refundable should you be unhappy for any reason at all. Download it, read it, see what you think first. You're not committed to anything at all.

On the upside, the benefits of taking a peek at this are huge....

Look, despite all the bluster from politicians, there's no way the money to look after a vastly ageing population is going to appear from thin air. And whether you consider yourself "elderly" or not, this is going to affect you or your relatives. Remember, one in three people is expected to get dementia and will need the high level of care found in a care home.

Who's going to pay for it? YOU. And the local authorities will force you to sell whatever assets you have to do it, too. That is, unless you take decisive action right now and download The Care Fee Trap.

I really hope you'll find the Care Fee Trap useful - it should save you a lot of stress and worry in the short term... and a lot of money in the long run.

Here's to peace of mind!



The Good Life Letter

PS: This is a brand new report, freshly commissioned in 2014, with all the latest developments, rules and loopholes - all designed to help you protect your home, assets and savings from the clutches of local authorities. To download it now, click below image:

Care Home Fees

Care Home Fees


You're only one step away from protecting yourself...

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