WRONGLY ACCUSED of being unhealthy!

The "Wonder-Drug" hidden inside saturated fat

Finally this natural ingredient is being linked to breakthroughs in diabetes, brain health, weight loss, cholesterol, heart disease and even HIV...

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I want to show you an amazing ingredient which:

  • Burns fat, lower cholesterol and reduce your appetite
  • Relieves fibromyalgia, IBS, bladder, stomach and skin infections
  • Fights infections, rashes, itches, dermatitis and candida

But you'll be shocked when you discover what it is...

Because this ingredient is considered to be BAD for you.

All because of our fear of FAT.

A fear that's now been shown to be wrong.

This particular fat has long been used in many cultures as a medicine for fever, flu, rashes, stomach infections, coughs and colds, asthma, skin infections, ulcers, wounds and tiredness.

And finally western science is catching up.

We've realised that this works in completely different ways to the fat you get in cheese or meat.

It can lower bad cholesterol, reduce your appetite, speed up metabolism, feed damaged brain cells and fight infections that are resistant to antibiotics. This is why it's at the vanguard of research into diabetes, Alzheimer's and HIV.

If this was manufactured in a laboratory it would be sold as a profitable wonder drug by the big pharmaceuticals. But greedy corporations can't touch it... because it's a natural ingredient.

This is something you could make at home... if you have plenty of time... and don't mind what is sometimes described as a "disgusting" taste and smell.

Or instead I'll show you a brilliant alternative...

.... A capsule you can take anywhere - anytime - which delivers the same health benefits...

... and you don't have to taste a thing!

oil coconut

The saturated fat that's actually good for you

For a long time, the oil from coconuts was considered "bad" for you. This was because 94% of it is made of saturated fatty acids.

As we were told so often by "experts", saturated fats were evil substances that clogged up our arteries - to be avoided at all costs.

But the idea that eating fats clogs up your arteries is being debunked. And it turns out that not ALL saturated fats are bad for you either. In fact, it's the saturated fats in coconut oil that make it so wonderful for your health.

Order Coconut Oil Capsules Now

The Amazing Powers of Coconut Oil are Well Known in History

The word coconut was coined in the 16th Century by Spanish and Portuguese tropical explorers when they believed they saw a coco (monkey face) in the fruit of the tall trees.

The famous Mutiny on the Bounty was apparently sparked off by Captain Bligh's harsh treatment of Fletcher Christian's watch when he stole coconuts.

But coconuts have been used across the world by many cultures as a medicine, long before and long since then...

  • In Papua New Guinea they used it for hair, skin infections, bruises and wounds...
  • In India, coconut oil is a vital compontent part of Ayurvedic medicine
  • In Jamaica, coconut oil is a heart medicine
  • In Central America's coastal jungles it's given to the sick
  • In Indonesia, women apply the oil to their hair and skin
  • In the Philippines they apply it to aching joints and muscles, as well as bruises and other injuries

Today in the west, coconut oil is being seen as something that could help many illnesses that are becoming resistant to antibiotics, like pneumonia, urinary tract infection, candida, ringworm, and thrush.

Now you can experience the benefits of high quality extra virgin coconut oil for yourself. These easy-to-swallow capsules are packed with the vitamins, medium chain fatty acids and anti-oxidants that make coconut oil so powerful for your health.



They're what's known as "medium-chain fatty acids". They don't act like the saturated fats in cheese, vegetable oils or steak.

Instead, these are the same fatty acids found in mother's milk....

...they are metabolized VERY quickly in the liver and turned into energy, as well as other good things known as ketone bodies. It's these which may have benefits for sufferers of brain disorders, including Alzheimer's...

And here's where it gets exciting for the everyday consumer of coconut oil...

How to burn fat and un-clog your arteries

The fats in coconut oil improve the health of your thyroid - the gland that controls your metabolism.

A faster metabolism means you burn fat more quickly and lose weight more easily. Coconut oil also helps reduce the amount of fat which builds up around your abdominal cavity - in other words, tummy fat. This is the type of body fat that's linked for many health problems in the west, especially heart disease.

And the news gets better...

Rather than clogging your arteries, the fats in coconut oil do the opposite. They actually raise your level of good cholesterol (high density lipoproteins) and lower the bad cholesterol (low density lipoproteins). They can help remove blockages and improve your heart health.

Amazing isn't it?

After years in the wilderness, here's a saturated fat that quickly turns into energy, speeds up your metabolism, lowers cholesterol and helps you lose weight.

Already that's the equivalent of a wonder drug right there!

But there's more that coconut oil can do for us...

  • Anti-microbial action! When you digest coconut oil, it creates monolaurin. This, combined with something known as a 'Lauric Acid' which is also in the oil, helps kill microbes, fungi and viruses. This is why coconut oil can be used against athlete's foot, rashes, itches, ringworm, dermatitis and candida.
  • Hair and Skin! The Vitamin-E which is packed into coconut oil keeps your hair and skin healthy. In India, coconut oil is regarded as a hair loss remedy.
  • Remedy for infection and inflammation. Coconut oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory which helps fight colitis, stomach ulcers, and renal infections.

Okay, so that's the GOOD news about coconut oil...

Now for the BAD.

The problem is getting this wonderful stuff into your system.

That's where it becomes a bit of a mine-field. And here's why...

Why not ALL coconut oils are the same

There are a few ways you get coconut oil...

If you have lots of time, patience and storage in the house, you can buy coconuts, hack them open and go through a series of processes to extract the oil. These involve activities like pulping, separating, draining, heating, refrigeration... not to mention storage of the big jars.

The trouble is, these processes kill most of the vitamin-E, anti-oxidants and minerals.

Alternatively, you could buy jars of coconut oil which you can spread on food, or use to cook. However many of these products are 'refined'.... boiled, churned, evaporated, refined, bleached and generally over-treated...

Even if you find a good source of oil, it's still a hassle. You have to find ways to eat it every day, spread it on food, put it into drinks and carry the jars about with you whenever you go anywhere.

What's more, many people HATE the taste of coconut, the smell of it, the oiliness...

....everything about it!

So the simplest and most effective way of getting the very best coconut oil into your system is this...

The ultimate convenient
way to get all the benefits
of coconut oil
(without the taste or smell)

The brilliant minds at Nature's Health have come up with a superbly convenient answer to the problem.

Their capsules are filled with high quality extra virgin coconut oil. Like the very best extra virgin olive oils, this is extracted directly by cold compression.

In other words, that beautiful white raw meat inside the coconut is pressed without heat, so that the oil comes out as pure as it can be.

Without lots of heat treatment, this form of coconut oil maintains its nutritional goodness. More importantly, it is far richer in those important medium chain fatty acids that do so much good.

If you hate the taste of coconut, or haven't the time to extract the oil and find ways to eat or drink it every day, this is the answer!

But why not see for yourself...

Order Your 12 Weeks Supply Now

To try Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules, it couldn't be easier. Click on the link below and you can order within minutes. Once they arrive, you have 28 days to try it out and see the benefits for yourself.

If you're not happy with the capsules for any reason in that time, let us know and we'll refund your money in full.

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the benefits of coconut oil without spending hours making it yourself and robbing it of nutrients. What's more, if you dislike the taste or smell of coconut then this is an odourless, tasteless solution.

No bad taste, no bad smell, just the purest coconut goodness.

Best of all, you can pop these capsules in your bag or pocket and take them anywhere, anytime. No lugging around heavy jars of oil wherever you go.


You could join the many people who swear by coconut oil for their health, like

  • I love coconut oil... so delicious & tasty. I take 1 tsp daily and I feel younger and more beautiful everyday... Deyanira Estevez
  • I have discovered coconut oil through a patient I had. I have not needed my ace inhibitor or beta blocker (my blood pressure is normal now) and I have a wealth of energy and strength. I cannot praise it enough... Chris Krawczuk

I hope you'll love these capsules just as much.



Jane Holton
Head of Product Development

PS: This is the amazing saturated fat that's GOOD for you... fighting infections, boosting metabolism and helping your heart and brain health. Find out for yourself, order a 28 day trial today.



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