Shocking news for joint pain sufferers and anyone who takes this popular supplement for their heart and brain health....

The Great Cod Liver Oil Scandal

Discover why many common fish oils are less beneficial for your heart, joint and brain health than you're led to believe...

Krill Oils

Dear Friend

I've taken cod liver oil pills for years...

As a child I remember trying to escape from my mum as approached me with a teaspoon of the vile-tasting fluid!

But as a grown-up there are so many benefits to consuming fish oil... reduced stiffness and joint pain, improved brain health and protection from many heart problems... it's a natural health essential.

...Or so I thought.

Like many people, I believed that the brown oil in those nice see-through capsules was entirely from fish, and as natural as can be...

But in most cases, this simply isn't the truth.

You might be shocked to know that the cod liver oil you've been taking could be:

Krill Oil

If you can spare a few minutes, I'll explain why - and give you an alternative that's far better for your joint, brain and heart health. You'll even get the opportunity to try out the alternative, risk-free, so you can feel the difference yourself.

Because make no mistake, fish oils are absolutely fantastic - and we all need them.

They contain omega-3 oils made up of two fats: DHA and EPA.These are essential for your health, boosting your heart health and supporting your immune system.

Consuming regular doses can bring benefits such as:

These are amazing benefits. So by no means should you avoid fish oils.

But there is a big problem.

And it's all down to the manufacturing of most fish oil products on the shop shelves.

Boiled & deodorised! The horror of the 5-stage fish oil process

In the old days they'd take raw oil from fish livers and ferment it in barrels for a year. This made it a 'whole food'.

But modern fish oils aren't whole foods.

Not even close...

Nowadays the manufacturers get the oil by removing the expensive meat and boiling up what is left of the fish carcass. The oils and fluids are strained away, while the solids go to make fish meal for animal feed.

These blended 'fish juices' then undergo a series of processes that, frankly, should make them unsuitable for human consumption.

But guess what?

...they actually end up in bottles on the shelves of health food stores, supermarkets and chemists - and we buy them, being none the wiser.

Look, this is how the oil gets from the fish to your capsule...

It doesn't seem like a natural whole food now, does it? As you can see, it's processed, treated and then artificially enhanced with the nutrients that are stripped out in the first place!

And here's the truly worrying bit...

Many of the fish species used to make commercial oils are high up in the food chain. They eat lots of smaller species. This means they accumulate higher concentrations of toxins.

Okay, yes, the processing attempts to cleanse the oil, but it's by no means 100% effective. And the attempt to rid the oil of heavy metal contamination weakens its healing nutritional value.

....And in many cases, the product you get isn't even a complete fish oil. Instead it's bulked out with other, lesser oils...

Food scientist Peter Berry Ottaway is a consultant at the UK Institute of Food Science and Technology. Back in 2007 he was concerned to discover that the amount of cod liver oil leaving factories was higher than the amount of cod liver going into the factories.

He travelled to the Arctic Circle to test the fish and match it to the capsules. He claims that the oil turned out to be about 12%-13% rapeseed oil.

And this is the key problem... there's no official standard of what cod liver oil should be, in terms of purity, processing and content.

So how do you know you're getting your money's worth - and that your health problems are being properly helped by the product?

In many cases, you don't.

But there is an alternative...

Krill Oil

A tiny creature with big benefits over regular fish oils

Krill are tiny shrimp, famously eaten in vast quantities by blue whales. But they're a food of choice for many animals - penguins, squid and fish. And because they're so low in the food chain, they're not packed full of heavy metal toxins. This means they don't need to undergo the same destructive processing.

Like other fish oils, krill is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids. These come in the form of 'phospholipids'. The American health guru Dr Mercola explains these as "the building blocks for your cell membranes, regulating cellular transport by functioning as 'gate-keepers.'"

In other words, they guard the walls of your cells and protect them from the onslaught of free radicals, which can lead to disease.

Because of these phospholipids, your body finds it easier to pass the crucial omega-3 fatty acids from your intestines to the cells that need them the most.

One of the main phospholipids in krill oil is called 'phosphatidyl choline'.

Choline has been shown as an important substance for brain development learning and memory.

So these tiny sea creatures punch above their weights when it comes to their health benefits.

Good news if you suffer from cataracts, joint pain, depression or high cholesterol

Here are some of the ailments you can target with krill oil....

Of course, like cod liver oil, not all krill oils are the same, and there are inferior version on the market. As more and more people realise how more effective krill is compared to cod liver oil, companies are moving into the market.

This means there are inferior oils out there - and it's never easy to tell from packaging or even the price which are the best to try.

This is why at The Good Life Letter we've sought out the very highest quality krill oil we could find. We don't take this task lightly. With over 70,000 regular readers of our newsletters and website, we're relied upon to deliver natural health products that people can trust.

When it comes to fish oil, this one wins hands-down...

Krill Oil

Why you should Think Krill

ThinkKrill has been developed in line with the new legislation issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

This high quality supplement has been formulated to provide you with your required daily intake in just one capsule dose. Its phospholipid format is proven to be more bioavailable and more easily absorbed by the body when compared with regular fish oil.

We're delighted to be able to offer a pure and natural krill oil to you at a price lower than you get in the shops - but only if you take up a trial offer through this invitation.

Order today and you can pay just £9.50 for 4 weeks' worth of extra joint protection and improved health.

But I'll go one better...

Try it out and feel the difference RISK-FREE

I'd love to show you how great krill oil can make you feel. So I'd like to send you a supply to try out-risk free for the next 30 days.

There's no commitment at all. If you're not 100% delighted with krill oil and feel it actually benefiting your health, then you can send back the packaging within your trial period for a full refund.

There are many reasons to try krill...

More powerful antioxidants than other fish oils... stronger levels of naturally occurring omega 3 fatty acids... lower chance of mercury contamination... AND it's a plentiful and renewable food source.

But most of all, it does so much good for you overall health: less joint pain, improved brain health and better blood flow.

To find out for yourself, all you need to do it click here and I'll rush you a trial supply.

Best wishes


Product Manager

Krill Oil

Krill Oil

PS: Fish oils are so essential for good joint, heart and brain health - but modern manufacturing means they're over-treated, deodorised, stripped of omega 3s, until they're nutritionally useless. Then vitamins are ADDED! It's shocking, but there is an alternative: Try Krill Oil Risk-Free Today

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