"For the first time in years I can walk up and down stairs pain free"

- Mr Jackson, Warwick

Rub away the cause of joint pain, right where it hurts, with this amazing all-natural gel

- Feed essential minerals to your muscles, ligaments, cartilage and bones!

- Boost your immune system for quicker healing and recovery!

- Help repair damaged cartilage within joints, the major source of pain

Dear Pain Sufferer,

There are few things in life more frustrating than sore joints...

That constant nagging pain affects everything...

...your ability to concentrate, sleep, enjoy time with your family, do the gardening - or even something as simple as walking up the stairs.

If you're a sufferer, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to trial something that could make all the difference... and without risking a single penny of your hard-earned money. This brilliant remedy is:

It's called Flexilica, a topical gel that you can rub directly onto painful joints for natural relief.

The secret is an ingredient called silica. This powerful natural substance can help your body reduce inflammation, repair damage and ease stiffness and pain.

Here's how it works...

The glue that holds your body together

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust. In our bodies it's known as 'silica'. This is an important ingredient in collagen, the glue that holds your body together.

Collagen keeps your joints and skin elastic. It also keeps you looking and feeling younger, with glowing skin, strong nails and glossy hair.

But as we age, the levels of natural silica in our bodies is reduced, leading to wrinkles, dry skin, brittle nails and bones.

More importantly, your joints and ligaments become prone to stiffness and pain.

In other words, your joints, skin and ligaments crave silica...

In 1997, a study from the University of Antwerp showed that a silicon supplement could increase the amount of silica in your blood and make the collagen in your body more effective.

But it's also possible to absorb silica through your skin...

This is thanks to the pioneering work of scientist Norbert Duffaut. He studied how traditional North African communities buried patients in sand, which contains silicon, to treat joint pain.

In the 1950s he developed of a form of silica that can be absorbed by your skin. Thanks to many years of trialling and testing, this has led to Flexilica , a natural arthritis remedy containing powerful active ingredients:

You get a powerful dose of all three of these natural ingredients in Flexilica. And it's so easy to use - simply rub the gel onto the most painful areas like any regular lotion.It is easily absorbed by the skin and hypoallergenic too, so it shouldn't cause any skin or body reaction.

Most people feel the benefits quickly but results vary. Some people report positive effects after less than two weeks of use!

Here's just one example of how effective Flexilica can be...

"I have suffered with arthritis in my knees foryears and tried all kinds of creams and pills. Mywife showed me the newspaper article for a free FX-SILICA sample, so I ordered one right away. After I finished the sample I placed an order. With the money-back guarantee I thought it was worth a go, after all I had nothing to lose. I've been using it for 4 weeks now and I can't believe what a difference it has made, for the first time in years I can walk up and down stairs pain free."

That's what can happen in just FOUR WEEKS applying Flexilica once a day. But the only way to know how it works for you is to try it and see the effects for yourself. Our money-back guarantee that means you don't risk a penny.

Today you're invited to take up special 30-Day trial of Flexilica. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

"I was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 42 and was forced to stop playing any kind of sport. From being very active to struggling getting down stairs was devastating. I must admit I was very sceptical about trying FX-SILICA, but my wife pointed out that there was a money-back guarantee, so I thought it was worth a go. After using it for just 5 weeks I am back playing squash again! I would never have thought it possible, truly amazing. "

- S. P., Loughton

"At one point my arthritis was so bad in my hands I couldn't even open a bottle. Now I use FX-SILICA every day, I would never be without it. Being independent again is priceless. "

- H. M., Bournemouth

"Thank you for giving me back my husband. For five years he suffered with chronic arthritis. He was in pain every day and struggled even getting out of the house. Since using FX-SILICA he is pain free and his flexibility in his joints has been remarkable. He is just like his old self again. Now we can enjoy going for walks again. Thank you".

- L. H., Bristol

"I have been suffering with arthritis for 12 years, this cruel condition turned my life upside down. Over the years the pain got worse and worse. In the first week FX-SILICA made little difference but I was not using enough. With regular use I am now in much less pain and my joints are becoming more and more flexible."

- F. S., Preston

"I have been putting off my knee replacement operation for the last year. I am so glad I didn't go ahead with it. Since using your gel I feel like I have a new knee."

- M. B., London

"My husband and I have been using FX-SIILICA for 6 months now. We both suffer with arthritis, I use it on my hands and he uses it on his knees. Doing small jobs around the house became such a chore but now we are both pain free and life is so much easier. "

- T.M Dundee

Now you can find out how it can work for you...

Take up a RISK-FREE 30-day trial today

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Over 50,000 people in the UK and abroad now read our newsletters, written by author Ray Collins, and thanks to over two decades in the health publishing industry, we've built up a large number of trusted contacts and suppliers who help us deliver natural products at a consistently high quality.

We believe that Fexilica is one of the best Silica-based products you can try. Some users report an immediate difference, although this is unusual. In normal circumstances you should start feeling better within a couple of weeks.

But to make sure you're absolutely happy, we'd like to give you a 30-day trial. This will give you plenty of time to decide if Flexilica is for you. If you're not 100% over-the-moon, just return the unused gel (or empty packet) and we'll return your money in full.

CLICK HERE to order your 30 day trial supply - Feel the difference or your money back.

We're fully confident you're going to love Flexilica and you'll be eager for more. But if for any reason whatever you don't want to keep using FX silica, this trial will have cost you nothing.

But you could become one of the many thousands who use silica to get back some of that suppleness in their joints, and help tackle the cause of their pain. Here are some more happy customers.

"I have been using this product now for only a few weeks and am amazed how much improved my joints are, having been involved in working with horses, my joints, tendons and ligaments have suffered through continuous stress, this product is improving my life every day, it's easy to use, just 5 drops morning and evening in a glass of water, such an easy product to a administer, odourless and tasteless.

I would recommend this product to everyone that suffers with joint, ligament and tendon problems, brilliant!! I have also noticed my skin is smoother and my nails are becoming stronger too!" - Mrs Julie Anne Challinor

"This product was recommended to me after breaking my wrist while training. I could feel the strength in my wrist after using for only a week. I've now been using for a month and my wrist is healing very very well. I've ordered some for my mum too, she doesn't have an injury but she needs help with joint and bone strength." - NK "Nat"

If you'd like to find out why people are turning to Flexilica, order your trial supply today.

Finally, it's time to feel like your younger self again...

Best wishes

Product Development Manager

PS: You'll be amazed at the difference Flexilica makes. In normal circumstances you should start feeling better within a couple of weeks. Which means the 30-day money-back trial will give you plenty of time to decide if the gel is for you.

At last, discover the Secret of Africa's Healing Sands...

The sands of North Africa hold an extraordinary healing secret...

For centuries, the tribes around the oasis at Siwa in the El Dakrror mountains have buried themselves in hot sand. They believe it is a therapeutic treatment which can cure rheumatism, joint pain and impotence.

Today it'sspread out of Africa and is catching on around the world, with many expensive European health centres offering hot sand treatment.

The secret, say the advocates of 'sand therapy', is in the silica found on the surface of the sand granules.

Back in 1957 a researcher called Norbert Duffaut became interested in finding a way to benefitfrom silicon that was easy and convenient. His mission was to find a form of organic silicon that could be easily absorbed by the body.

Inspired by the North African traditions, Duffaut discovered that, on the surface of sand grains, micro-organisms dissolve silicon using special acids. This in turn creates a thin layer of amorphous silica. This is soluble in water, which means it can be absorbed by the human body. This was a real breakthrough. Over 30 years of testing, Duffaut developed an organic silica gel which can be easily absorbed through the skin...

Now at last, here's a way you can use that discovery in the comfort of your own home. No need to trips to Africa or expensive spa treatments. Just apply Flexilica every day directly to the painful joints. If it doesn't help that pain begin to ebb away, we'll refund you in full.