Are you struggling with stomach cramps, gas, constipation, diarrhoea or other embarrassing digestive problems?

Do you lie awake at night with gut-wrenching heartburn and indigestion?


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Unbearable heartburn evaporates after just one dose! Breakthrough therapy succeeds where drugs fail…

73 per cent reduction in gastric discomfort…6 week study shows common herb eases inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s disease.

Relieve the crippling pain of peptic ulcers in just 15 minutes?...Breakthrough formula works for 90 percent of patients...

Proven in 400 studies...The medicinal mushroom with astonishing anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties heals stomach problems

Constant bloating, headaches, fatigue, anxiety or joint pain? The culprit could be a hidden food intolerance. This plant enzyme formula defends your body against attack...

IBS Breakthrough! Natural compound prompts one doctor to declare:“80 per cent of my IBS patients get better when they take this ...”

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Nature’s answer to acid reflux and ulcers: Centuries-old natural and gentle gut remedy works better than antacid drugs ...with NO harmful side effects...

Deep sea supplement eases symptoms of Crohn’s Disease in just 3 days...

Dear mystified reader,

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer the rumblings and gurglings going on inside your stomach in silent embarrassment?

Are you a martyr to stomach cramps, bloating and gas? Constipation? Or diarrhoea?

Or do you lie awake at night with gut-wrenching indigestion or heartburn?

You’re not sure exactly WHAT has gone wrong... or WHEN it first started …

… but you’ve gone from having a cast-iron constitution… where you could eat almost anything you wanted, whenever you wanted… without any tummy troubles…

… to someone who suffers constant digestive discomfort and misery...

... even after eating the tiniest crumb!

It seems that everything you eat and drink ends up waging war on your digestive system.

And no matter how careful you are about what you eat and drink, you just can’t seem to restore your gut to the haven of calm and tranquillity it used to be.

Every cappuccino seems to herald a rush to the toilet …

Every meal out in a restaurant becomes a struggle to find something that WON’T disagree with you.

Even plain, boring buttered toast becomes a bout of indigestion waiting to happen. It’s got so that you no longer enjoy your favourite foods and treats for fear of what they’ll do to your insides…

It’s a problem that affects more than 15 million people in the UK alone. And in a recent US survey conducted in 2007, over 70 per cent of women admitted that digestive problems negatively impact their lives every single day.

The simple fact is that if your digestive system isn’t operating efficiently...

... it won’t matter how healthy your diet is....

... it won’t matter how many expensive supplements you take... just won’t be getting the proper nutrients.

And that means that all you’ll be doing is throwing good money after bad!

What many people don't realise, is that a failing digestive system means that you’re putting your health at risk, too.

That’s because your digestive tract is home to 80 per cent of your immune system function.

When it’s fully functioning, it protects you against nasty invaders by producing acids and by housing battalions of beneficial bacteria which form a defensive army to stop pathogens – such as harmful bacteria, viruses and toxic pollutants – from entering your body and attacking your cells.

In fact, your body is home to 100 trillion bacteria – a massive 10 times more than the entire number of cells that make up you as a person.

These bacteria exist in a complex balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria and this ratio between good and bad is a critical measure in determining your overall health.

So, it figures that when the ‘bad’ guys start to outnumber the ‘good’ guys, that’s when things start to go wrong in your gastrointestinal tract and your whole immune system becomes compromised …

… and that’s when you leave yourself wide open to gut-related problems, such as:

But, scientists are just beginning to understand how imbalances in gut bacteria can also have a knock on effect to other areas of your health.

Researchers from Oregon State University have discovered that various health issues such as autoimmune diseases... like arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus... clinical depression, anxiety, autism, allergies and even obesity can all stem from low levels of healthy gut bacteria which cause chronic inflammation and lead to immune system dysfunction.

Worse still, new research is beginning to make strong connections between chronic inflammation in the gut and many devastating and life-threatening diseases, such as:

So, what can you do... where can you turn when your gut feeling is telling you that all is not well in your gastrointestinal system?

Why your doctor’s approach may have been WRONG all along...

If you do pluck up enough courage to see your doctor, he’ll probably tell you that your stomach is producing TOO MUCH acid, and that you need to suppress it.

So he’ll most likely prescribe you an antacid drug...

… for example, a drug like Zantac or Prilosec to reduce your stomach acid.

He may even prescribe you antibiotics to kill off a bacterial infection...

But he’ll do this WITHOUT fully understanding the root cause of your problems.

And that means that you could be taking a drug that makes your problem WORSE, because chances are...

Your Problem Isn’t TOO MUCH stomach acid... It’s TOO LITTLE!

Pharmaceutical companies have made billions of pounds convincing us all – your doctor included – that heartburn and acid reflux are caused by TOO MUCH stomach acid...

At first glance, antacid drugs may seem like a good idea: acid is burning your stomach lining, so you feel you should suppress the acid.

But in reality, antacids make the problem worse.

Gastric acid ISN’T the villain of the piece – just like cholesterol ISN’T the villain of the piece in heart disease.

But, the drug companies conveniently demonise gastric acid in order to sell more drugs.

Gastric acid – just like cholesterol – is essential to a healthy functioning body because it... kills harmful bacteria in food... helps release nutrients from foods... and contributes to the process of breaking down proteins.

So, by suppressing gastric acid, antacid drugs leave your gastrointestinal tract vulnerable to attack from harmful bacteria and other pathogens... reduce your ability to digest food properly... and therefore prevent the proper absorption of nutrients.

Antacid drugs also come with some pretty unpleasant and dangerous side effects, which is why the British Medical Association advises that antacids should ONLY BE TAKEN for three 14 day periods each year...

... side effects such as… severe abdominal pain… severe diarrhoea… liver damage… dizziness... swelling in the ankles feet and hands… depression…

… and this means that all you’re doing is swapping one set of symptoms for another, equally unpleasant set!

Mainstream medicine’s hit-and-miss approach to treating digestive disorders hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years.

It’s still stuck in the dark ages!

As British nutritional pioneer Dr Stephen Davies’ put it: “When all you’ve got is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail.”

As we all know, there’s nothing the pharmaceutical industry loves more than the chance to smash the living daylights out of a problem... especially when they can make a tidy profit at the same time!

And it’s precisely for this reason – because they can’t make money from patenting natural remedies – that mainstream medicine and the drug makers have completely overlooked a far, far superior solution that I’m going to reveal to you right now...

It’s just one of the 173 doctor-approved and patient-proven breakthroughs contained in my brand new 408-page book: The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis.

You'll discover scores upon scores of new, next generation breakthroughs that in decades to come you'll look back and wonder: "why weren't we ever told about these all those years ago?"

Written in no-nonsense, easy-to-understand, jargon-free language, it will show you the best drug-free ways to get rid of any ONE, or a COMBINATION of the gut-related problems that are causing you digestion mayhem...

Take, for example, this stunning new treatment that’s creating so much excitement amongst forward-thinking doctors...

This Next-Generation Breakthrough Makes Prescription Drugs Look Like A Backward Science...

Latest research carried out by pioneering scientists and doctors has begun to reveal that low enzyme levels are the primary cause of nearly all disease – and are also responsible for accelerating the ageing process.

Pioneering doctor’s cancer-busting discovery ignored by mainstream medicine for the last 40 years

The father of modern enzyme therapy is Dr. Max Wolf, whose study of enzymes – protein molecules that facilitate chemical reactions in the body – from the 1940s to the 1970s was to prove one of the greatest advances in natural medicine.

Dr. Wolf noticed how the blood serum (blood minus the red and white cells) of a healthy person was able to inhibit the growth of developing tumour cells under laboratory conditions.

When the blood serum of a patient with cancer was used instead, it had no effect on the tumour cells, leading the scientist to conclude that some ‘substance’ present in the blood of a healthy individual was missing in the blood of the cancer patient.

Dr. Wolf took up the challenge and over four decades established that the ‘substance’ was in fact a combination of enzymes. In addition to many other roles, they helped the immune system to break down potentially malignant cells identified as being detrimental to the body.

He succeeded in isolating the relevant enzymes from healthy serum and applied them to tumour cells growing in vitro with spectacular results. Dr. Wolf then mixed these enzymes with the serum from cancer patients and found that the ‘tumourlytic’ (ability to break down tumour cells) activity of the serum was restored.

In his book, Enzymetherapie published in 1970, Dr. Wolf detailed four main therapeutic properties of proteolytic enzymes:

Together with Dr. Helen Benitez from Columbia University, Dr. Wolf developed a formulation – a combination of the most effective proteolytic enzymes – so that everyone could benefit from this amazing discovery.

Discover full details of this breakthrough formulation on page 120 of ‘The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis’

It’s not difficult to see why this might be the case when you consider that we are made up of a staggering 32 trillion cells and that our bodies perform 200 million chemical processes daily – from the production of energy to the removal of harmful toxins and cancer-causing free radicals from your body.

Every single one of these 200 million processes, which also include helping your immune system fight infections, is controlled and regulated by an enzyme produced by the body specifically for that individual process.

Think of enzymes like a finely tuned orchestra...

Each enzyme plays its own individual role...

... but together they ensure your body functions in full flowing harmony...

Although largely ignored by mainstream medicine, digestive enzymes aren’t just good for aiding digestion.

They are also being successfully used in the treatment of many diseases and conditions, including:

But, as important as digestive enzymes are to your entire body, many of us have a problem ensuring that our body has ENOUGH enzymes to do their job properly...

Let me explain why this is the case...

The double whammy ‘hit’ to your health

Most of us have become used to eating a poor quality diet of refined, highly processed foods, which is more difficult for your body’s enzymes to break down.

So, in order to compensate for this, your body tries to produce MORE digestive enzymes, therefore causing additional stress and inflammation within your gastrointestinal tract.

Eventually, over time, this vicious circle means your body begins to see EVERYTHING you eat as an infectious invader.... to the point where your immune system function kicks in and starts attacking your food!

As you can imagine, if your immune system is called into action to deal with every meal you eat, more important functions – such as patrolling your body for viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells – gets left unattended.

But, there’s another problem...

As we get older, our body’s supply of enzymes begins to rapidly decline, so that by the time you reach your 50s, your body only has HALF the amount of enzymes you had when you were much younger...

This means that it becomes a lot more difficult for your body to breakdown and absorb vital nutrients...thus weakening your body’s immune system, causing greater stress on your organs and accelerating the ageing process...

But thanks to a stunning breakthrough, all that is about to change...

TWELVE times MORE effective!
Stunning new breakthrough in oral enzyme therapy...

And now the development of certain plant-based enzymes has resulted in formulations that are many times more effective than the old style animal-based enzymes that have long been standard.

Plant-based enzymes remain stable and active through a wide range of acidic and alkaline environments. The enzymes can be taken either in capsule form or with no encapsulation whatsoever – for example, dissolved in juice or water.

And because they’re unaffected by high acidity, these enzymes can begin digesting proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the stomach, and continue their work in the small intestine…

… which means your body is more able to absorb and use the nutrients in your food and more able to eliminate non-nutritive waste matter.

What’s more, these new plant-based enzymes are TWELVE times more effective than old-style, animal-based enzymes.

In addition, plant-based enzymes have been shown to be effective in treating other digestive disorders, including

Taking enzyme supplements with meals can greatly increase digestive efficiency, breaking down potentially irritating food compounds and eliminating bloating, wind and heartburn, as one long-suffering patient was only too grateful to discover…

Case File #1:

“Everything I ate, ate me!”

Breakthrough enzyme therapy succeeds where drugs fail… Unbearable discomfort of heartburn evaporates after just one dose

As a former sufferer of heartburn and indigestion, Bill Beck is all too familiar with the pain they cause: “During my time in the military, I prided myself on being able to eat just about anything.

After 24 years and retirement, I found that just about everything ate me. Eating a piece of bread was a battle I normally lost – the heartburn was extraordinary.”

Fortunately, Bill found relief from his symptoms after being introduced to a remarkable new enzyme formulation for heartburn and indigestion, well before its launch in the UK.

“At first I was sceptical because I was taking two Zantac 75 tablets [an anti-ulcer drug that reduces stomach acid production] and even these would not help.

So to put the enzymes to the test I ate tacos with hot sauce, one of my favourites. I was waiting for a real fight, but to my amazement I slept through the night.

I thought it was just a coincidence, so I tried it again with the same result – a good night’s sleep without any discomfort. I’ve been taking the enzymes now for about one year and rarely have had heartburn”.

You can read Bill’s full story – and discover the precise formulation that helped him enjoy food once more – on page 102 of the 408-page volume: The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis.

Bill’s story is just one example of how a breakthrough, natural product means that you don’t have to suffer in silence any longer...

But there are literally dozens and dozens more doctor-approved, patient proven natural remedies you can use right now to say goodbye to gut misery for good.

Getting a clear picture of what may be the underlying cause of your digestive problems and putting into practice some simple daily routines could be the FIRST and ONLY thing you need to do to clear the way ahead for a life free from disease.

And when I say 'put into practice', this won't require hours of dedication each day...

It won't require that you devote your life to it, or become a slave to a dietary regime, or that you spend a fortune on private medical fees.

These solutions are simple. They usually cost mere pennies per day... and require very little of your time...

And, if that's a commitment you think you can make, then the results will more than speak for themselves...

Because successfully overcoming digestion problems can make significant improvements to ALL areas of your health... not just your gut.

In your very own copy of The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis you’ll find pretty much everything you need to overcome digestive disorders and conditions, helping you not only to understand the root cause of your problem, but also giving you clear, actionable steps you can take right now to say goodbye to what’s ailing you…

What happens if you let indigestion wreak long term havoc on your body?

Over the years, regular bouts of indigestion can do a lot more than just make you feel uncomfortable.

When the stomach lining is repeatedly exposed to gastric acid, peptic ulcers can develop.

When excess acid leaks up out of the stomach and into the oesophagus, the tissues of the oesophagus can ulcerate as well – which can ultimately lead to oesophageal cancer.

Overall, poor digestion takes a heavy toll on your body: incomplete breakdown of proteins puts a burden on your liver and kidneys, the healthful effects of unabsorbed nutrients are wasted, and unchallenged bacteria can wreak havoc.

In this heavyweight, 408-page volume, you’ll find clearly defined sections for...

If you’re at risk from or currently suffer from any of these conditions, then you could already be on the WRONG track to a life of medicine dependency and a downward spiral of failing health...

So, now is the time to take decisive action and stop being held back by prescription medicines that have only ever failed you.

It's no use leaving it, hoping that it will just go away...

It’s what you do about it that counts.

That’s why I want to give you every opportunity to get hold of the 408-page The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis.

And to make this decision even easier for you, all I want you do at this point is…

JUST SAY ‘MAYBE’, and I’ll rush you a copy with my cast-iron, 365-day money-back guarantee, which ensures that you don’t risk even a single penny piece in your quest to free yourself from the misery and discomfort of digestive problems...

I’m confident that somewhere in these 408 pages lies the secret that will unlock what must at this very moment seem like a living torment...

In fact, I‘m so convinced it will prove its weight in solid gold…

… because it gives you page after page of actionable, scientifically verified, doctor-approved ways to get your gastric health and digestive comfort back on track... without having to run the gauntlet of damaging drug side effects, or the consequences of risky surgery...

…that I want you to take up to 1 whole year to review it… share it’s secrets with your friends and family...try as many of the patient-proven remedies as you want until you find the precise one that works for you...

But before you make what I’m sure is going to be one of the easiest decisions you make this year, I'm going to get VERY specific about the types of breakthroughs you'll find in this book, so please keep reading...

Doctor declares: “80 per cent of my patients get better when they take this natural cure...”

You’re unlikely to be told about these by your doctor – he's only interested in treating your symptoms with drugs, not getting to the root cause of the problems.

For example, you'll discover...

US physician reveals revolutionary protocol you can carry out at home to permanently solve chronic heartburn and acid reflux. Full information on page 83

Find out what prompted one doctor to declare: “80 per cent of my IBS patients get better when they take this natural cure...” What is it? Find out on page 203

Powerhouse FOURTEEN herb formula contained in ONE delicious drink! A glass a day helps relieve bloating, gas and constipation, improves poor appetite and promotes a healthy balance of stomach acid, digestive enzymes and gut bacteria. Full details page 66

Cutting-edge new supplement combines this common weed with SIX other herbs to gently ease constipation and overcome digestive distress…. Acts as a liver tonic and aids the elimination of toxins from the body, too! Find out more on page 239

Polish mother’s indigestion remedy: Sounds unlikely, but this radish and cheese combination offers fast and effective relief from acid reflux, constipation and more… Full amazing details on page 79

Naturally relieves the crippling pain of peptic ulcers in just 15 minutes!... Page 131

These tell-tale signs help you spot when your stomach acid is too low. Find out what it is and what you can do to restore a healthy balance on page 82

Delicious digestive formulation of seeds and herbs calm bloating, gas and indigestion in no time. Discover the full ingredients on page 57

The secret of the ‘super bees’! Special herbal diet fed to bees produces unique healing honey with antibiotic properties… wipes out ‘bad’ bacteria and provides relief from IBS, indigestion and reflux in just minutes! Read the full incredible story on page 59

Up to 73 per cent reduction in gastric discomfort… 6 week study shows this common Ayurvedic herb eases inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s disease. Acts as an antibacterial, too! Find out details on page 53

Results from 122,000 strong study: Upping your intake of this essential vitamin reduces your risk of pancreatic cancer by 43%! Wards off colon cancer, too.... Begins on page 394...

Safe, natural alternatives to gall bladder surgery...revealed on page 386

Relief from “the worst pain you could possibly imagine!” Amazon herb destroys kidney stones, prevents repeat attacks.... Full details page 354

These 9 warning signs can spell the onset of liver problems. What are they? All explained on page 368

But it’s only when you hear real-life experiences that it really brings home how important it is to be fully informed about all these latest cutting-edge solutions, and not just those run-of-the-mill, last-century drugs that have failed you so many times before…

Case File #2:

“This Saved My Life!”

Doctor-Approved, Natural Formula Gets Right To The Root Of The Problem To Bring FAST Relief From Heartburn And Indigestion

Imogene Bowen suffered from heartburn and acid reflux for years and lived in dread of the bloating, belching and pain in her chest that would often strike following a meal.

As she described: “I all but lost my ability to enjoy eating any food. Every day was just a big struggle for me, I would get so hungry, but no matter what I would eat it seemed to sit there and later come back up into my throat and that caused me to be miserable”.

Imogene had tried numerous over-the-counter remedies with little or no success.

Standard treatments include antacids, which are alkali medicines that neutralise acid, or acid-suppressing drugs that reduce the amount of acid that is produced in your stomach.

However, this can have a detrimental effect, as your stomach produces acid (consisting mainly of hydrochloric acid) for a purpose. It provides the right medium for gastric enzymes to function optimally and also kills harmful bacteria. In addition, these over-the-counter medicines can also cause unpleasant side effects and rarely address the root cause of the problem.

Relief finally came in the form of a new doctor-approved, natural formula containing a combination of calcium carbonate, liquorice extract and an amino acid called glycine which work together to help alleviate heartburn, acid reflux and Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD).

As she puts it: “Now my food seems to know where to go and when to leave, just like clockwork... It has saved my life.”

And in your risk-free copy of ‘The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis,’ you’ll discover the exact formulation that helped Imogene enjoy her favourite foods again on page 51...

I hope you’re beginning to see just how these new natural approaches can be so successful in bringing relief to so many sufferers ...without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs...

But hold on, because I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the incredible remedies contained in ‘The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis’...

Ladies! Make sure you supplement with this vitamin to slow gallstone formation by a massive 350%.... but it doesn’t work for men! Page 384

This ‘miracle’ gum from the pistachio tree can eradicate ulcers for good... page 127

These common prescription drugs could be the hidden cause of your stomach ulcer… Find out if the drugs you’re taking are causing you digestive problems on page 126

The lowdown on grains... some are good, some not so good – and some should be avoided at all costs, especially if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Find out which are the best for you on page 16

Ulcer-causing bug busted by this potent Japanese hangover good it also neutralises fatigue, stimulates the digestion, and promotes the elimination of toxins... Page 22

Eat up your greens! US researchers discover natural compound found in broccoli kills antibiotic resistant stomach superbugs. Full story on page 26

Could a food intolerance be the secret cause of your digestion misery? Here’s what you need to know... page 29

75,680 patient study published in the British Journal of Cancer shows that you can slash your risk of pancreatic cancer by 35% just by eating this superfood twice per week… Find full details revealed on page 21

Omega 3s To The Rescue….American Journal of Epidemiology study reveals EPA and DHA fatty acids lower colorectal cancer risk 41 per cent and 37 per cent respectively. Find out why and which foods deliver the highest amounts on page 25

Stock up on these ‘gut-friendly’ foods to ward off distressing symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome. What are they and what’s the best way to consume them? Make sure you read page 30

Prevent an allergy attack by putting the kettle on…. Green tea blocks histamine and immunoglobulin E – two of the most powerful allergic response triggers. Discover how 5 other teas can also soothe digestion on page 37

Natural five herb combination ends digestive woes and keeps you regular… Relieves gas and bloating, eases inflammation and stimulates digestive enzymes. Here’s what you need to know on page 208

Avoid gastritis by making these NINE simple dietary changes: They’re all explained on page 48

Nature’s answer to acid reflux and ulcers: Avoid antacid drugs and their harmful effects with this centuries-old natural and gentle gut remedy. Page 43


The Little Green Pill With A BIG Secret...

Relieves IBS in as little as 60 days... banishes indigestion, cuts cholesterol levels and fights cancer, too

Barry is a man who has always enjoyed his food – curries with all the trimmings, chilli con carne and rich pasta dishes are his favourite meals. But, nearing 60, Barry found more and more that these culinary delights left him with acid indigestion, bloating and a feeling of nausea.

Things gradually got worse until eating even a piece of buttered toast was a lost battle and all he could manage was plain steamed fish, vegetables or boiled rice. Needless to say, he lost a lot of weight and started to worry about his health.

Luckily, he had a chat with the owner of his local health food shop, who suggested to him that his digestive system could do with some herbal support and sold him a pot of little green tablets.

Within weeks, Barry was starting to feel better and eat better.

Six weeks later, he is almost back to his old self, and rarely suffers from indigestion, although he still needs to be careful not to overdo it with rich, oily foods.

Barry’s amazing green tablets are a supplement that contains a familiar and powerful herb. It’s one of the world’s oldest cultivated vegetables and was well known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. In recent years, it has become important as a medicinal herb, too, following the discovery of its main active ingredient, cynarin. This bitter-tasting compound, which is found in the leaves, improves liver and gall bladder function and stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, especially the bile (Planta Med 2002 Sep; 68(9): 776-779).

To find out the name of this wonder herb, read full details on page 63 of ‘The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis.’

Nourish Your Body And Watch Your Entire Health Explode...

Using all the remedies, preventions and protocols contained in ‘The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis’ you’ll be fully equipped with everything you need to protect yourself and restore the cast-iron constitution you had in your youth.

And, to complete the turnaround, you’re going to see your entire health blossom right before your very eyes. That’s right; when your body is thoroughly nourished, not only does your mind become sharper and more alert... not only do you have bags more energy... not only does it help you arrest inflammation and the ageing process... gives your body all the essential building blocks it needs to improve your overall health...and keep it in tip-top condition. After searching through all the studies...after witnessing the amazing turnarounds reported in patient case histories... one thing has become crystal clear...

When you fix your digestive system, your body is more able to absorb the precious nutrients it needs ...

... and Your Entire Health Explodes!

You’ll no longer have to suffer in embarrassed silence the stomach cramps, wind, bloating, and heartburn, with prescription medicine as your only friend...

You’ll find that you’ll be able to eat your favourite foods again... no matter how spicy...

Your body will be flooded with whole reservoirs of nutrients that will bring you renewed levels of energy...

No more waking up at night with raging indigestion... unable to sleep... you’ll snooze like a baby and wake refreshed and raring to go...

You’ll slash your risk of more serious chronic diseases... such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer

And much, much more!

New answers and groundbreaking new approaches that will help you say ‘goodbye’ to gut misery for good

Are you taking heartburn drugs which can cripple your digestive system?

A recent study by Northwestern University in the US found that patients with chronic heartburn are being prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) in extremely high doses and for far too long.

PPIs are only supposed to be prescribed at the lowest possible dose for the first four to eight weeks, with very careful monitoring thereafter. That’s because the list of side effects associated with these drugs is long and unpleasant and includes diarrhoea, skin reactions, and headaches.

Taken over long periods of time, these drugs may also trigger a rise in skin ageing, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal upset, infection and more.

However, the Northwestern researchers found that patients were being given ENORMOUS doses over EXTENDED periods of time. Two years after their initial prescriptions, most study participants were still taking PPIs.

The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis’ is the culmination of more than two decades worth of studies and research involving more than 100,000 patients conducted by more than 50 of the world’s leading medical research institutes. That means there is not one ounce of theory here.

It gives you the remedies used and the exact dosages you need...

It’s all proven to work in the real world, on real patients...with spectacular results. And they can give you equally spectacular results, too.

Finally, there’s one more added benefit this 408-page book has in store for you...

It’s the confidence and peace of mind that can only come from knowing that you’re now fully equipped to protect your digestive system AND your immune system from what life has to throw at them.

In short, you’ll have a complete blueprint to protect your body for a lifetime. And as you go through your day, things will just keep getting better and better for you...

... You become better nourished...

... You achieve better overall health.

... In short, a better life awaits you!

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Rachael Linkie


Journal of Natural Health Solutions

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