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The life-giving secret of the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and First World War medics

Discover one of the oldest health secrets in history

To give you an idea of how powerful honey, garlic and vinegar can be, look at their illustrious role in history.

Honey and garlic were found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. They were considered so vital for health and wellbeing that they were buried with their kings.

The Greeks took garlic before battle as an energy booster. And the ancient Chinese used it to perk up their love life. You'll even find these foods mentioned in the Bible.

In the 20th Century, they still had a crucial role to play...

On the battlefields of The US Civil War and the First World War all three were an essential part of the medic's kit. They were used as antibiotics and antiseptics to treat wounds, protect the injured against infection and restore energy.

During the Great Depression in America, public health officials would use honey to restore the health of undernourished infants.

Even now in the 21st Century, doctors are using honey in hospitals to treat wounds and fight MRSA and... garlic is used as an anti-bacterial agent... and millions of people use vinegar to control their blood sugar after a meal.

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On their own, honey, garlic and vinegar have powerful and proven health benefits.

VINEGAR is the natural way to alter the level of acidity in the body. Modern diets tend to create alkaline conditions which stop calcium being taken up by the blood. As a result it starts to crystallise within the joints and reduce movement, alter the joint mechanism and support painful conditions such as osteoarthritis.

In addition vinegar can put an end to hunger pangs. In a 2005 study, researchers from Sweden's Lund University found that vinegar reduces the body's insulin response to a carbohydrate meal, thereby inducing a feeling of 'fullness' early on. In other words, vinegar reduces the blood sugar 'spikes' you get after eating. This means you don't experience the blood sugar 'crash' which makes you so hungry... and you can stave off those food cravings for longer.

HONEY is packed with amino acids and essential minerals that help kick-start your body's metabolism. Honey also boosts your digestive system, helps reduce inflammation, and provides powerful antioxidants that can help prevent disease.

Honey as a medicine is even beginning to get the nod from scientists. "Honey heals wounds faster than any NHS supplement", reported The Daily Mail on the 8th October 2008. Now it's being touted as our most potent weapon against superbugs like MRSA.

GARLIC helps your body break down fat-soluble molecules. A report in The Lancet suggested that you can even neutralise the effects of high fat foods by adding garlic to your diet. Many claim that garlic can also boost your energy and libido, fight infection and control blood pressure.

It's even getting attention now in the mainstream press. "A daily dose of garlic can save your life by cutting blood pressure, say researchers", read the headline of an article in The Daily Mail on 2nd August 2008.

The article reported: "In some cases, the effects were similar to those achieved with common anti-blood pressure drugs, such as beta blockers and ACE inhibitors, said Dr Karin Ried, of Adelaide University in South Australia."

So already you can see the potential...

Vinegar protects your joints and helps control osteoarthritis... honey helps prevent inflammation... and garlic could control blood pressure and boost your metabolism...

But here's where it gets really interesting...

As you've seen, on their own, these three ingredients are powerful natural remedies for a whole host of common problems.

But mix the trio together as part of a sensible diet ... and many people claim they can put an end to food cravings, boost metabolism, and help you lose weight faster. I'm not talking about losing weight in the short term. But helping your body keep in balance for the rest of your life.

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As well as honey, garlic and vinegar, we've included a blend of potent ingredients. Our formula contains a special brown algae seaweed extract that helps metabolise unwanted fat... PLUS we've added a unique combination of herbs to boost your digestion, flush away toxins, and reduce inflammation in your kidney, stomach and bladder.

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