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Rid yourself of hang-ups and anxieties. Boost your confidence and super-charge your abilities for life and success with these simple 'eureka solutions to life's biggest problems'

Use the 47 one-minute psychological games and activities to transform your life, your health, your personality, your happiness and your wealth...

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Many of your biggest problems, regrets or limiting habits of behaviour could actually be solved by just one tiny switch...

Dear Reader,

What makes one person highly successful – another 'a loser' or a middle-of-the-road guy? What makes one person attract wealth – another 'hopeless with money'? What makes one person susceptible to depression – another naturally happier and easier with life?

In many cases, factors like these can actually come down to very small details in our past, in our make-up, in the decisions we have made and in the habits that we've slowly acquired. Just one tiny factor can set you on a positive or negative trajectory through life, set you up for certain problems... or niggle at you constantly.

And the same is true of solutions.

In this life-changing book you are likely to go through a whole number of eureka moments that could solve problems that have been plaguing you for years... spot life-diminishing thought-patterns you never even knew you had... and offer you brilliant ideas on how to help your children better, manage staff more effectively or improve your relationships with friends and family members.

Change your 'life script' and realise your full potential

However successful we are, each and every one of us has certain habits of thought or behaviour that may lead us to suffer more anxiety than we need to, put ourselves down, sabotage our best chances, or let life pass us by without getting what we really want from it.

Often all it takes is realising what these limitations or solutions are in order to change everything almost instantly. It can sometimes even feel like you've been carrying around a heavy load all your life and are suddenly relieved of it.

Most of us just stumble through life and get through it as best we can. There's no surprise, in fact, that the word 'career' that we use for our job path also means to move forward wildly from place to place!

But you CAN take more control of your destiny and your life. You can CHOOSE to be wealthier, more contented, more successful or anything you might wish for.

And this book can show you how.

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Get the benefits of a course of psychotherapy in Just One Minute?!

Many of the 'eurekas' you will read in this book are either shortcut versions of some of the most effective ideas in psychotherapy - or have been based on some of the most exciting recent discoveries of psychology. Others have been adapted from Eastern religions or self-help theories from the last few decades.

More than just a book, the simple activities accompanying each of the 'eurekas' will enable you to make life-changing discoveries about the way you currently think and exciting plans for how you can rewrite your future or find solutions to your problems.

While the author has in no way intended that this book should replace a course of psychotherapy or counselling where that is what is needed, their aim was to bring great flashes of insight and psychological change to people who might otherwise never have access to it.

It is often only when you understand what is going on in your psychology that you are able to take control of it and change it. In many cases, clearer vision or a grasp of the true situation can happen instantly.

"If only somebody had told me this before, my whole life would have been different!"

Or, as the authors put it in the book, living a human life is like being given a car without either a manual or driving lessons. Some of the 'eurekas' in this book are like the equivalent to suddenly discovering that you can open the sun roof - or even that you can change gear.

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Your whole life (children, relationships, success at work, wealth and health) could be INSTANTLY transformed by each of these Eurekas

Probably the most famous story of all time of a 'eureka' is that of Isaac Newton discovering the universal law of gravity when an apple fell on his head while sitting under an apple tree.

The other famous story, of course, is of the Greek mathematician Archimedes who ran naked into the street shouting 'Eureka! Eureka!' (the Greek word for 'I have found it) when he discovered why some objects float and others sink as he stepped into the bath.

While the 47 Eurekas in this book will hopefully not cause you to run naked into the streets or suffer a bump on the head, many of them will probably cause you to have an equal sensation of having made a truly amazing and life-transforming discovery.

And let's face it, learning how to free yourself from negative thought patterns, finding a solution to your biggest problem or finding yourself in an amazing new job will personally be a lot more significant to you than the discovery of the law of gravity!

For example:

Change the wealth and success script you've been written and become a happier person tomorrow!

Think that some people are just born to be wealthy? That luck has decided your fate?

What you're about to discover in this book may surprise and amaze you. It may also change the rest of your life. Whatever you want to be...

Whatever you want to achieve... This book will help you achieve it. It can even help you out of the rut of having no ambition at all!

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Why your weight, fitness, health or tiredness problems could even be solved INSTANTLY

When it comes to your health, fitness and beauty, you wouldn't have thought that the word 'eureka' would be relevant. Surely any advice about improving your looks or health will mean hours and hours of hard work and sacrifice?

Not necessarily. In fact, many people who have been suffering from conditions could get instant relief from their symptoms by getting to the bottom of the cause, as you'll read in Eureka No. 43.

Or take losing weight, as another example. While a calorie controlled diet may work for some, it won't work for those who have gained weight for some of the medical or lifestyle reasons listed in Eureka No. 47.

You'll also discover:

Your life could be about to go through an enormous and magnificent joyous change!

It is one of the frustrating traits of human nature that while many of us suffer from boredom or a desire for change or escape, we are also generally very bad at bringing about that change ourselves.

While we are very good at moaning about our lot, we also show great reluctance to take steps towards changing our 'lot' for something else.

Whether it's a love of the status quo, a fear of the unknown or just plain sticking to the easy route, we often avoid taking those tiny steps towards something new that could have brought such great things into our lives.

But not anymore! One of the most brilliant things about this book, Change Your Life in Just One Minute (47 Eureka Solutions to Life's Biggest Problems), is how it can actually make things start happening to you. Sure, there will be things you'll have to do yourself, but the eureka nature of the discoveries will literally jolt you in another and often irreversible direction

"How a £16.95 book changed the rest of my life..."

It's not often in life these days that you feel you're actually getting more than you're paying for - or that you're pleasantly surprised by how cheap something is. £250 to get the plumber in. £200 to get your back put back in place by a chiropractor. £40 to get a haircut you don't like. (See Eureka No. 8, by the way, for how to get a haircut that will actually change your life!)4/9/2015

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It's not very often that you get offered the chance of returning a book for a refund if it doesn't do exactly what it promised on the cover.

Best wishes

Katie Witherall

Katie Witherall
Oxfordshire Press

P.S. Here are yet a few more of the amazing secrets and Eurekas you will discover in this incredible new book: