Natural Health Author Ray Collins Reveals the simple food facts that means you eat well and boost your health

Are you eating yourself ill?

These Natural 'Medicine Chest' Ingredients Could Prevent and Even REVERSE Problems in Your Heart, Brain, Kidney, Blood and Liver!

Read on and I'll show you...

Dear Friend,

There's nothing wrong with my GP.

He's polite, seems intelligent enough, and probably has a nice family back at home.

But I can tell you this...

I hate him.

Or rather, I hate having to go to see him.

It infuriates me.

I hate handing control over my health to a complete stranger in the medical establishment. Especially when they often get it so wrong...

For instance...

This shocking new health revelation puts decades of 'official' advice in doubt...

In January Dr. Dwight Lundell, a renowned heart surgeon, admitted that decades of doctors' advice about low fat diets and cholesterol lowering drugs is WRONG.

Fat is NOT the cause of heart disease...

But another commonly eaten food is the real culprit.

What's more, Dr. Lundell revealed a natural, drug-free way to REVERSE conditions like heart disease, if you know the secret....

Today I'd like to share with you what that commonly eaten food is, what the healing alternative is, and how to use it to prevent many of those health problems you go to your GP about.

In fact, it's my aim for you NEVER to darken your doctor's doors again!

I realise this might sound unrealistic.

But not necessarily...

Not if you understand what I've discovered after almost a decade researching and writing about the way the body defends itself against disease.

As you're about to see, so much of what you go to ask the doctor about is completely preventable.

And that's not all...

Much of what you go to see your doctor about is also treatable at home, naturally and on your own terms, if you know the secrets I want to reveal.

Your ultimate protection against infection, disease and chronic pain...

As a health writer and researcher, I've spent over 8 years looking at ways that I, and my many thousands of readers, can stay away from the GP's surgery using natural, inexpensive, drug-free methods.

What I'd like to share with you today is the ultimate way to keep your body protected from illness, infection and serious disease.

...and, no, it's not about crazy fitness regimes, severe dieting, rabbit food diners, or any of that stuff you get guilt-tripped into by hysterical media articles and TV 'experts'.

This much more fundamental....

I'd like to show you how what you put into your stomach is the key to:

...because they help prevent the onslaught of the free radicals that are linked to cancer....

...They keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control... even reversing the problem.

...and they feed the right levels of nutrients to your vital organs.

I really believe this is the most important health message you'll ever hear.

And what's more, it doesn't require you to do anything more than:-

If you're interested, I'd then like to send you a special package that could revolutionise your daily health, by turning your stomach into a powerful healing machine. Think of it like an inner furnace that will start pumping out the energy you need to feel at your peak again.

Don't worry, nothing you do today will commit you to anything. This is all about me demonstrating precisely how powerful this natural health secret is - by letting you try it at home for a month so you can see for yourself, risk-free.

And if it sounds complicated or scary, please understand, this quite the opposite....

This involves no artificial drugs (or side-effects), no running around on treadmills, and no strict dieting.

In fact, this doesn't require you to eat less food... but MORE food. Just more of a very specific kind of food, that I'll not only show you where to get, but how to prepare so that they:

These ingredients will fuel your internal protection against disease in way no modern medicines can...

...And keep you out of that darned doctor's surgery.

It doesn't matter how health you feel right now - this is your insurance against an uncertain future.

Don't end up like Phil, John and Mel...

This isn't to boast but I can't remember the last time I had to go to my GP. I'm 49 and my old mates are constantly complaining about their latest blood tests. John's got chronic prostate pain, Leslie's got IBS, Phil's got high blood pressure, Mel's constantly going into talk to the doctor about fatigue - they've still not worked out what that is.

What I find interesting is that their doctors are constantly prescribing painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics... they send them for all kinds of tests.

It's always about symptoms, rarely the cause.

But they never talk about what is going into their stomachs every day. They never talk about whether their body is getting the right amount of natural defences.

And this is the secret...

The Gateway to Good Health People Ignore

When it comes to health, there's nothing more important than your digestive system. It is your body's gateway, converting the food you eat into the nutrients your organs, nerve system and bloodstream need to function at their highest level.

Your body function is only as good as what your stomach receives from the outside world. In other words, what you put in, you get out in terms of energy, good health and vitality.

It's such a simple equation - and yet...

Amazingly, a survey in November 2013 found that 3.5 million adults had not eaten a single vegetable in the previous week!

This is madness. How is your body supposed to keep itself well if you don't consume the fundamental protective ingredients that nature has supplies since we first walked on two legs?

It just goes to show...

Often, people don't treat their stomach like the vital gateway it is. Instead they fill it with rubbish, starving their blood supply of the nutrients your organs crave. And as we get older, we need more of this stuff.

No wonder the surgeries and hospitals are so full of patients every day!

And here's what's so baffling...


What you eat can cut the misery of joint pain!

On the 14th November, 2014, The Daily Express reported that a shift in what you eat can "cut the misery of arthritis" in just FOUR MONTHS.

"Tens of thousands of sufferers could be spared from undergoing devastating knee replacements every year", said the newspaper.

The report added that experts believed "just four months" was needed to "transform" Britain's arthritis crisis.

To find out how to use natural, drug-free methods to control and reverse pain, inflammation and infection, click here and I'll send everything you need to know in Natural Food Wisdom.

Natural Food Wisdom

Why so many people have got it back to front

People run screaming in panic if a newspaper article suggests that there's even tiniest percentage chance that a particular foodstuff or additive might cause cancer....

But the same people happily ignore those natural fruit and vegetables that, when eaten daily in a way I want to show you, can help protect you from these dame problems.

This attitude is a mistake, they're people are missing out on natural medicines that PREVENT illness happening in the first place. Not only that, they can also reverse the symptoms of many problems the doctors can't help you with.

And to prove it to you, I'd like to send you something I've developed called Natural Food Wisdom. It's a way of tweaking what you already eat so that you get those powerful natural preventatives and medicines into your system...

...All without you paying for expensive superfoods, thinking up recipes or giving up delicious food.

In fact, I can promise you'll eat like a King or Queen!

But don't take my word for it - experience it for yourself and see how your life changes... less tiredness, more energy, fewer health niggles, lower amounts of pain, and better protection against disease.

The real medicines the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about...

My name is Ray Collins. I'm the author of The Good Life Letter, a weekly advice service that offers readers natural ways to ward off disease and stay healthy into old age.

I've been writing about natural health since 2005 in my twice-weekly newsletter, The Good Life Letter. In that time I've explored the health benefits of almost every fruit, vegetable and herb you can think of. I'm also author of The Lemon Book, The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle and The Spice Healer. Each of these books reveals how you can benefit from nature's own medicine chest.

Now I've developed what I believe is the ultimate way to help protect yourself from disease, reverse niggling health problems, and slow the symptoms of ageing.

You don't need to eat less, eat more, stuff yourself with dry, tasteless health foods or pay more to go 'organic'. It's not about losing weight quickly or yo-yo-dieting. And it's not about snapping up the latest overpriced superfood.

I want to show you a way to arm your body with the highest levels of vitamins and minerals possible - offering you potentially more protection against illness and disease... and be able to match specific foods to common health problems.

These Everyday Ingredients Act Like Medicine

I'll show you a combination of everyday ingredients that will do amazing things, if you use them in the right way, at the right time of year, including:

That might sound like a lot to take in....

But the beauty of this is that it's so simple to adapt this to YOUR health needs.


These 6 Tasty Foods Can Slash Bad Cholesterol!

On the 31th May, 2014, The Daily Mail reported that people mistakenly thought reducing levels of bad cholesterol was all about cutting out foods.

But, in fact, it's much more about what you DO eat as part of your regular meals. The Mail reported:

"A healthy heart needn't mean giving up the things you love. These meals show how to harness power of six foods that slash cholesterol."

The secret is to build 6 ingredients into your daily diet to keep you cholesterol under control and lower stroke risk.

You'll find out all about it when you try Natural Food Wisdom.

Natural Food Wisdom

For instance, imagine that whenever you feel tired, stiff, or in pain, you could knock up the perfect tonic for it, using ingredients in your home...

.. and imagine that whenever you eat your regular breakfast, lunch or dinner, you 'plug in' natural defences against the illness that most worry you, like heart, lung, liver, prostate and kidney disease...

This is what I'd like to help you do today.

I've put together something that gives you a complete home healing and prevention plan - without you needing any special skills or a lot of time. In fact, this can easily be built into your daily routine.

...and I'd love for you to try it out for the next month and see how much better you feel BEFORE you decide whether to pay me for it.

In return, I'll show you how to:

For instance...

It's all in Natural Food Wisdom ....

Here's what you'll get:


Fat is NOT the cause of heart disease... but another commonly eaten type of food is.

A renowned heart surgeon has admitted that a lot of the advice about low fat diets and cholesterol lowering drugs is WRONG. [The Daily Mail, 29 January 2014]

It's another type of food that millions eat each week that's the real culprit.

What's more, he claims that another food combination could even REVERSE the condition.

To find out more, try Natural Food Wisdom today and I'll send you all of the details of how you could prevent and reverse this and many other common health problems..

Natural Food Wisdom

To help you put my diet secret into operation, I'm going to leave nothing to chance.

You'll have a daily eating plan (simple, tasty, with all your favourite foods), plus more recipes than you could ever need presented in a way that makes this so easy.

What's more, you'll also have a method of targeting the most troublesome ailments AND preventing the ones that worry you most; Natural Food Wisdom comes with a complete health directory of ingredients, so you can match the ailment to the remedy.

And this is entirely using nature's medicine chest - no more expensive gunky chemical-laden lotions and potions from the chemist.

I swear by this secret - and by no means do I live like a monk! I enjoy large, delicious meals and loads of snacks. I know that sounds contradictory, but I've love for you to try this, absolutely risk free, so you can see what this is all about.

If you're not absolutely convinced of the benefits of Natural Food Wisdom during those 30 days, let me know and I'll refund you the price you paid.

So how much will this cost?

Natural Food Wisdom

This is a complete daily health protection package that requires NO big life change, NO dieting and NO fitness training.

This will include my own eating bible - an eating plan with recipes in beautiful colour so you'd be proud to show this off to any visitor. You'll also get individual books to target PREVENTION and also QUICK EASY REMEDIES.

I am proud and passionate about this, and would like as many people to get involved as possible.

So I've priced this complete programme at £30, which I believe is competitive for all year round health protection.

And remember, it's yours for a 30 day review, risk free.

If you don't wish to keep it after 30 days, you can return it for a full refund. You don't need to give any reason - I want you to be 100%% satisfied that this can make a real difference to your health in the coming months.

However, I'm confident that once you try this, you'll never look back.

This has transformed my life, and that of my family - without becoming health nuts or depriving ourselves. Quite the opposite - we use the secret we know to eat more lavishly than most of our friends and neighbours.

With my help, not only could you find a way to ease the pain of common health niggles without spending money on medicines and superfoods, you'll find that what you put in your stomach is now powering your body like never before, delivering the right nutrients to the right place.

Best of all, you don't have to eat rabbit food, starve yourself or spend hours on a treadmill. You will have more energy, weight loss and fewer health niggles all by eating the right ingredients, at the right time, in the way I show you.

All you have to do is click below, and I'll send you Natural Food Wisdom for a 30 day trial.

I can't wait for you to wave goodbye to your doctor, too!



PS: Give me just 30 days (risk-free) for me to show you the natural 'Medicine Chest' that could prevent and even REVERSE problems in your heart, brain, kidney, blood and liver! This secret could change your life for very little effort. It's really worth a go. Click here now.