Up in the hills of Provence, experts at a globally renowned Laboratory have created a breakthrough for digestive health....

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Dear Sufferer,

There's something strange about your stomach...

It's a cast-iron pot of burning acid that dissolves anything you throw into it... bread, cheese, meat, curries, chocolate, fish, beer and wine.... churning it all into something called chyme (which is as horrible as it sounds).

But despite this...

...your stomach HATES artificial drugs, pills and potions.

When it comes to synthetic compounds, your tummy just can't cope.

Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like ibuprofen and diclofenac are believed to irritate the stomach. Then there's Aspirin, which can sometimes cause gastrointestinal ulcers and stomach bleeding.

So if you're suffering from stomach problems like these...

Flatulence.... Constipation... Heartburn... Slow digestion... Bloating... Chronic intestinal infections.... Colitis

Then it's vital you seek out a NATURAL alternative to 'over the counter' remedies in the shops.

Introducing a 100% natural remedy from France...

That brings together THREE healing ingredients in ONE easy-to-take supplement



Propargile combines THREE extremely powerful active ingredients that have been used by human beings for millennia. Together, they can can combat stomach irritation, regulate your digestion and reduce bloating.


Eating clay has been a natural remedy for digestive upset going back centuries. Anthropologists have discovered that tribes from South America, Central Africa and Aborigines in Australia used mineral-rich clay to avoid stomach aches, dysentery and food infections.

In a 2011 study, 'The Scoop on Eating Dirt', a team from Tufts University in the USA ate a small amount of soil as part of their diet. They quickly began to feel healthier, with better energy and fewer stomach upsets.

They concluded: "Negatively charged clay molecules easily bind to positively charged toxins in the stomach and gut-preventing those toxins from entering the bloodstream by ferrying them through the intestines and out of the body in faeces."

In other words, clay acts as a magnet for all the waste products in your stomach, the colon and liver.



Propolis is a sticky substance used by bees to sterilise the hive before the queen lays her eggs. It protects them from the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi. But propolis also helps stimulate the human immune system too. During both World Wars propolis was used to prevent infection and speed up recovery from wounds.

Today, propolis is still used to treat infections caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses like swine flu. But it's really powerful for treating gastrointestinal problems. As well as disinfecting and protecting against disease, it's an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritation and easing pain in your gut.



Pollen is the fertilizing dust of flowers, actively sought out by bees to feed their young larvae. The pollen gathered by bees is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins like B-complex and folic acid, as well as enzymes that can aid your digestion.

Pollen also has an antibiotic action. This is why it can be used to treat coughs, colds and sore throats as well as boost your immune system and help tissue regeneration and healing.

When it comes to your stomach, pollen helps ease problems like indigestion, ulcers, inflammation, constipation and diarrhoea. It can also be used to treat chronic intestinal infection and fermenting colitis, in addition to any medical treatment.

Now YOU can benefit from these three powerful ingredients... take up a trial of Propargile today


Up in the beautiful hills of Provence, experts at globally renowned Holistica Laboratories have combined Bee Pollen, Clay (Argile) and Micronized Propolis to create a powerful remedy for many stomach problems, including:

Holistica ranks amongst the very finest laboratories in the world dedicated to developing 100% plant-based food supplements.... Aids to a healthier life that don't come with the side-effects that come with artificial drugs and synthetic supplements.


Propargile is their ultimate formula for good digestive health....

It contains absolutely NO artificial chemicals, NO preservatives, NO synthetic colours or flavourings. Nothing that will further harm or irritate your stomach the way many over-the-counter medicines do.

And there's another great benefit too...

Could you too enjoy a flatter stomach?

By helping improve the way your gut flushes out waste and reducing bloating, Propargile can also help give you a flatter stomach. Studies measuring the effects of using Propargile showed 86% of people quickly recovered the feeling of a flatter stomach and 75% reported a significant reduction in intestinal discomfort.

But the only way to find out is to try it.

Order today, and we'll deliver you a month's supply of Propargile to try yourself, with this cast-iron promise...

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But I'm convinced you're going to want to feel the difference.

In each dose of Propargile you'll get:

There are many great reasons to try Porpargile...

Maybe a Sunday lunch blowout has left you feeling a little overfull, with a touch of heartburn...

...You have embarrassing flatulence...

...Last year's figure-hugging swimsuit is revealing a little too much overhang at the waist...

...Or the lingering effects of one of the latest rounds of bugs that just won't go away.

Whatever kind of pain and discomfort you feel, a 28 day course of Propargile should set things straight, and put everything back in order - with no artificial medicines necessary. But if it doesn't achieve everything promised, you can have a full refund!

To order Propargile,


Best wishes


Jane Holton - Product Development


PS: When it comes to stomach health, it's important to seek out a natural solution that won't harm or irritate the gut. Propargile is a fast-acting ALL-NATURAL remedy for Flatulence, Constipation, Heartburn, Bloating and Colitis. Try it for the next 28 days and see for yourself.