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Banish prostatitis! How Bill eliminated 20 years of chronic prostatitis in just 8 short weeks. And how you can, too!

Beat urine problems…and pee like a JET-WASHER! Eliminates dribbling…speeds urine flow and bladder emptying…avoids annoying delays at the toilet!

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Dear Friend,

Do you suffer with prostate problems? If so, you’re not alone. Prostate problems affect more than 50% of men over 40…and more than 75% of men over 50. If you’re one of these men, you know all too well how prostate problems can have a dramatic impact on your life.

In the beginning, it’s hardly noticeable. It starts out with having to pee more often. But most men don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about. “Maybe I’ve been drinking more than usual,” they think.

But prostate problems can get progressively worse.

You find yourself standing at the toilet waiting to go. And when your waterworks do finally spring into action, you get poor urine flow…discomfort when passing water…and embarrassing dribbles at the end.

And for many men, things get still worse. Not only do they find themselves peeing more often during the day…but they find themselves waking up during the night two…three… even as many as four times per night because they’ve just “gotta go”.

If you’re one of the thousands of men who have experienced these kinds of problems, you know how frustrating – and tiring – they can be.

But this is still just the beginning of how prostate problems can begin to affect your life. That’s because left untreated, they can begin to affect other parts of your life, too.

More worryingly, your sex life! Indeed, many men begin to experience erection problems due to poor prostate function. Erections become less frequent. And when they do come, they don’t stick around for very long.

Even worse, thousands of men report that erection problems come around at the worst… and most embarrassing…times:

…Right In The Middle Of Lovemaking!

If you’ve ever had this happen to you, you know just how embarrassing it can be. As a red-blooded male, it can be a real shock to the system. Erection problems can make a previously virile, strong man feel like he’s lost his mojo.

And the more it happens, the more worrying it becomes. Which can destroy the enjoyment, pleasure and intimacy a healthy sex life can have in a relationship.

“Not Tonight Darling, I Have A Headache!”

Shockingly, and to avoid performance issues and embarrassment, erection problems are making thousands of men across the country say, “not tonight darling, I have a headache!”

But the truth is, these men would love nothing more than to make satisfying love to their wife or partner. But prostate problems have left many men fearful that they are unable to perform between the sheets like they used to – which often leaves the lady in their life feeling rejected, frustrated and unloved.

It can be a crushing blow to any man’s confidence and self-esteem.

You say to yourself, “what happened to the man I used to be? Where’s my sexual stamina and potency I used to have? Where’s my sex life gone?”

And perhaps most important of all, maintaining a healthy prostate can help keep other, more serious health problems at bay!

That’s why recognising – and most crucially– treating prostate problems can be vitally important for any man. And why doing everything you can to avoid prostate problems…or eliminate them now to keep your prostate – and your health – in tip-top condition.

Introducing: The ULTIMATE Prostate Protector…

And that’s why I’m writing to you today. My name is Rachael Linkie. I’m the Editor at Agora Health in London. And with your permission, I’d like to send you a brand new book we’ve just put the finishing touches to.

It's called "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH: 112 Cutting-Edge Natural Solutions For BPH, Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction."  And it contains 199 packed pages of essential advice for any man who wants to avoid prostate problems…maintain perfect prostate health for life…and keep prostate cancer and other prostate-related health threats at bay.

This special book is especially important for any man who wants to turn back the clock on your ageing, failing prostate – and make yourself a new man again!  More precisely, if you want to…

FEEL 18 AGAIN! And regain the sexual prowess, stamina and performance levels you had in your teens…

PEE LIKE A JET WASHER! Eliminate dribbling…speed-up urine flow…and avoid annoying delays at the toilet…

GET PICTURE-PERFECT PSA LEVELS! Keep PSA levels in the safety zone… without drugs…

SHRINK AN ENLARGED PROSTATE! Ballooned-up prostate’s shrink with stunning speed…

MAKE YOUR PROSTATE 92.6% BETTER! Symptoms vanish in a flash…

SLEEP LIKE A BABY EVERY NIGHT! Perfect prostate control can now be yours…

ELIMINATE IMPOTENCE! 80-minute impotence eliminator boosts erection strength…TRIPLES duration of erections…

KEEP YOUR WIFE UP TILL 4 A.M…and not because you’re hogging the bed! New breakthrough is turning washed-up old men into young studs again…

PREVENT PROSTATE CANCER…WHAT WOULD THIS BE WORTH TO HAVE THIS WEIGHT OFF YOUR MIND?  Well,scores of other men are doing it…and here's how you can too…and keep your prostate intact and fully functioning…


These are just a few of the benefits you will get from the 199-page "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH: 112 Cutting-Edge Natural Solutions For BPH, Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction.". If protecting your prostate…and gaining all the benefits that a healthy prostate can give you – including better, stronger erections…an active, passionate, white-hot sex life…keeping cancer at bay …having a normal, healthy urine flow instead of peeing all times of the day and night…reducing your risk of prostate problems and more – then you’ll absolutely want to get your hands on "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH."

And we’re going to make it easy for you to do just that, by giving you the chance to read and apply ALL of the incredible research-proven, patient-tested and doctor-recommended secrets available in "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH".  Here’s the deal…

All you have to do to get this eye-opening, revealing Special Report…and all of the incredible prostate-repairing, restoring benefits is say “MAYBE!” Then take ONE FULL YEAR to check out all of the amazing prostate health breakthroughs RISK-FREE.  Read it, from cover to cover. If what you discover isn’t everything I have mentioned here and much, much more…if you don’t experience a rapid, noticeable, positive change in your prostate health…if the benefits aren’t anything but spectacular…then simply change your “MAYBE” to an emphatic “NO,” and you won’t lose a single penny piece…AND you can keep the book FREE.

"PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" brings you – in one unique volume – the results of studies by famed research centre’s like Harvard University…Yale University…Tufts Medical Centre…and more than 22 other leading health research centres, recorded in prestigious journals such as the The New England Journal of Medicine…The British Medical Journal……and the Journal of the American Medical Association...

…and the results of hundreds of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies involving more than 13,000 men just like you with prostate problems – including reduced bladder function… erection problems (including impotence)…prostate cancer…and more – on how to use little-known, cutting-edge new natural remedies…common, everyday foods and drinks…and simple 60-second exercises to protect, renew, restore, improve…and boost the healthy function of your prostate…

…even if you’ve had prostate problems for 10 years or more. We unreservedly guarantee that the information and treatments you need to restore and renew your prostate…prevent cancer…and reduce an enlarged prostate... are revealed in "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH".

A bold and daring promise? Perhaps. But we know what we’ve got here. And if you’ll give me just a few short, exciting minutes to explain it all to you…you’ll see the PROOF of what I’m saying here.

And you’re also going to see just how easy it can be to say good-bye to prostate problems – forever. And it’s as easy as adding a few prostate-supporting foods to your diet…spending a few enjoyable minutes exercising each day…and taking a few natural remedies.

More specifically, here’s just a small sample of the information you’ll find in your RISK-FREE copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH"....

How To Make Your Prostate…

92.6% BETTER…

Secret Formula Smuggled Out Of Vietnam
Shrinks Enlarged Prostate’s With Stunning Speed ...
Urine Flow Boosted…And May Even Help In The Fight Against Prostate Cancer!

Enlarged prostate? Weak urine flow? Worried that prostate problems could lead to cancer? Well, what if I told you that a single, obscure herb from Vietnam could end all of these problems in one fell swoop?

As incredible as it may sound, there is such a herb! And until recently, this herb was reserved strictly for the Vietnamese Royal Family. Nicknamed the “Royal Female Herb,” it has now become available in the UK – as part of an exciting new six-herb formula that’s producing absolutely terrific results for men with prostate problems.

Sends PSA Levels Plunging…

This Vietnamese herb has been vigorously tested on scores of patients since 1984. One particular case involved a 58-year-old man. When he visited his doctor to get his PSA levels checked, his doctor's jaw almost hit the floor when the results came in.

His PSA reading was off the charts, with a reading of 93! Yes, that’s not a typo…his PSA score was a whopping 93! To help bring his PSA numbers down, his doctor placed him on an aggressive herbal treatment programme that included the “Royal Female Herb” combined with a number of other immune-boosting herbs.

And the results were nothing short of spectacular. In just 16 short weeks, his PSA levels plunged from 93 down to a miniscule 0.9! Previously, he had been suffering from all the classic prostate symptoms, including enlarged prostate…problems urinating…fatigue… and more.

But within a matter of days, he began to notice that his symptoms were rapidly declining. And at the end of his 16-week treatment, he was symptom-free!

You’ll not only discover what this amazing remedy is, you’ll also discover other prostate-boosting secrets like these…

Amazing “3-second secret” strengthens pelvic muscles… eliminates hesitancy and dribbling…speeds urine flow…and even makes you a better lover! Full details on page 29.

When getting a PSA test can leave you with a nasty infection! So why are doctors still using it as the first-line of defence against prostate problems? Urgent warning from the British Medical Journal on page 36. And what you can do instead to protect yourself

Enlarged prostate’s NORMAL AGAIN!  Common backyard weed gives you a brand new prostate. What it is…and where you can get it in its purest form. Page 107.

Better than Finasteride for prostate problems. Common herb works faster than drug…and even prevents impotence. Page 111.

Beat prostate problems with a fruit mentioned in the Book of Exodus? Yes! Researchers at UCLA discovered that drinking its juice retards the increase of PSA levels by more than three-and-a-half times. Page 26.

Backyard weed beats BPH! Shrinks enlarged prostates…boosts urine flow and bladder emptying. Works for 8 out of 10 patients who try it. Proven in double-blind studies. Page 107.

And fixing prostate problems isn’t the only thing this Vietnamese breakthrough can do for you. Because…

Ken Used This Amazing Herbal Breakthrough To…

Help Overcome Prostate Problems!

When Ken Malik, co-founder of the Prostate Awareness Foundation in San Francisco swore off drugs and surgery to treat his own prostate problems…

...The “Royal Female Herb” came rushing to his rescue. And after using it as a treatment against his own prostate condition, Ken’s now problem-free!

And it’s all down to its amazing ability to supercharge apoptosis – also known as programmed cell death – within the cells of your body. It literally seeks out abnormal cells, arrests them…and unceremoniously wipes them out!

Today, more than 500 documented human studies have proven the “Royal Female Herb’s” ability to help normalise prostate function in a matter of mere days or weeks…

Want to know more about this incredible herbal breakthrough…? Full details are on pages 89-92 of your RISK-FREE copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH".

Click here NOW to get your own copy of this ground-breaking book delivered in just a few short days

But don’t just flip to page 89…make sure you check out all of these other prostate problem-busters, too…

Prostate removal surgery CANCELLED! PSA numbers plunged from 19.7 to 4.2… in six short weeks! Amazing Chinese “Mushroom Of Immortals” stuns doctors! Page 85.

Prostate patient refuses surgery…cures himself! Ultrasound scans prove it. Three years later, he’s still problem-free. What did it? Plenty of cheese and the delicious soup revealed on page 87.

Family history of prostate problems? Here’s how to beat the odds and slash your risk by a whopping 90%! The secret can be found right in your own kitchen! Page 85.

Terrific new formula discovery proven to prevent a rise in PSA levels by 63%! Double-blind study stuns researchers. Full details, page 51.

Shrink enlarged prostate with OLIVE OIL?! Yes! And drop PSA scores 20% in three weeks! Absurdly simple secret revealed on page 51.

Switch off your body’s prostate cancer gene…with a 10p trace mineral! Cuts risk by a whopping 500%. Results of 10-year Journal of American Medical Association study.  Page 16.

WHAT?! Watching TV can be harmful to your prostste? Yes! Time of day when your risk is highest. Read page 31 for the startling evidence.

Avoid this everyday drink like the plague. Triggers cancer growth by boosting oestrogen levels. Urgent warning. Page 14.

5 everyday foods that cause cancer. One of them is coffee! The other four are on page 17.

Simple trick you can do at each meal to lower prostate cancer risk. Takes 10 seconds…and studies show it cuts your risk by 34%! Amazing. Page 17.

Why prostate problems in China are 4 times lower than those in the UK. And how you can use this secret to dramatically slash your risk. Page 108.

Lower your cancer risk by eating eggs and red meat? Yes! Look for the types detailed on page 26.

And much, much more!

Erection problems? Solve them fast and forever with this ALL NATURAL

7-Day Impotence Eraser!

96% Improvement In Male Erectile Function…Restores Erections In As Little As 20 Minutes…Stays Active In Your BodyFor 16 Hours…And Unlike The“Blue Pill”…It Has ZERO Side Effects!

Erection problems have thousands of men across the country reaching for Viagra. It works very well for men with impotence and occasional erection problems. Unfortunately, Viagra can have a number of worrying side effects. Most notably, many studies have shown that it can trigger sudden, and often fatal heart attacks in men!

Fortunately, reaching for the “Blue Pill” can now be a thing of the past, thanks to an amazing new remedy that’s been medically proven to erase impotence in as little as 7 days…minus the side effects of Viagra!

It’s a combination of 10 poerful, all-natural potency boosters combined into a single pill. And the results of studies done on men who have taken it are nothing short of astonishing…

In one study done in Beijing, 145 impotent men aged 21-65 were given this 10-herb combination for seven days. At the beginning of the study, all of the men were fitted with a device called a Dacomed Rigiscan – a device used to measure swelling of the penis over a 24-hour period.

Of the 109 men tested, a whopping 96 regained full sexual potency…and the other nine participants had an erection sufficient enough for intercourse on one occasion!

Stated differently…

More Than 90% Of IMPOTENT Men Regained FULL Sexual Potency…

Now think about that for just one moment. In 7 short days, it restored total sexual function in 90% of impotent men! If it can do that for men with impotence, imagine what it can do for you if you suffer with occasional erection problems. And if you’re one of the many men who do have impotence, there’s a 90% chance that it can completely restore your sexual potency in as little as 7 days!

And it doesn’t give you a quick fix for erection problems…a single dose of this potent erection restoring wonder stays active in your body for as long as 16 hours! That’s six times longer than Viagra!

Studies point to this as the single biggest breakthrough for impotence and erection problems since the discovery of Viagra. And you can find all the details – including what it’s called – on page 188 of your RISK-FREE copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH".

And you won’t just hear about this incredible erection-booster. You’ll hear about scores of amazing new breakthroughs that are restoring sexual function in men across the nation… turning previously tired, frustrated, washed-up old men into virile studs again with superior sexual stamina…increased desire…and stay-up-all-night energy! For example, you’ll hear about…

Then, once you get your copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" , be sure to flip to page 133 if you suffer with prostatitis and discover how...

20 Years Of Chronic Prostatitis Was…

Wiped-Out In 8 Weeks…

…5 Years Later, He’s Still Symptom-Free! See How Bill Beat His Agonising Prostatitis…Revived His Sex Life…And Feels Like A Teenager Again…

20-years of chronic prostatitis had Bill in agony every day. It hurt when he passed water. He had constant cramping. And having sex brought on even more pain. His doctor prescribed antibiotics to help soothe his prostate. But after years of taking them, he still couldn’t get any relief.

But not long ago, Bill heard about a special blend of five all-natural remedies that had been helping men across the country beat prostatitis – even after all else had failed. These men were getting unprecedented results…

Painful urination GONE!

Prostate discomfort GONE!

Cramping GONE!

Painful sex GONE!

Sex lives RESTORED!

So as you can imagine, Bill was eager to try this five-nutrient blend for his own prostatitis. And when he did, he could hardly believe the results. For the first time in years, Bill finally found a measure of relief

And the relief was almost instant! In the first few days of taking this nutrient blend, Bill’s pain began to recede. He was passing water without pain – for the first time in years. His daily cramps had virtually vanished. And pain during sex was a thing of the past

And just 8 short weeks later, his chronic prostatitis was a distant memory! And now, some 5 years later, he’s still symptom-free!


You’ll find all the details on page 133 of your RISK-FREE copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH".

But whatever you do, don’t stop there. Within the pages of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH".  you’re also going to discover…

Which vegetables are best for cutting your risk of praostate cancer? Find out on page 17.

Nature’s amazing prostate protector. Just 30mg a day is all you need to keep your prostate in perfect health. It helps prevent cancer, too. Page 13.

The hidden culprit in your body that kickstarts prostate problems. Triggers production of the hormone DHT that leads to prostate swelling and other nasty side effects. Here’s how to correct it and keep prostate problems at bay. Page 10.

How to flush cancer-causing toxins out of your body. Forget detox diets. This better, easier solution takes just 20 seconds a day…and is actually enjoyable! Page 24.

Pee like a jet washer…and sleep like a baby every night! Little-known breakthrough from the 1950s fixes prostate problems in mere days! What it is and where you can get it, page 74.

Low libido FIXED! Little-known herbal concoction saw a 96% success rate in patient studies. Details on page 187.


As you can see, "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" is absolutely chock-full of proven ways to help repair your failing prostate…fight problems like BPH…impotence and other erection problems…prevent prostate cancer and other prostate-related problems.

"PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH"  is the result of studies involving more than 11,000 men just like you. It tells you what they did to help solve their problems…it gives you all of the remedies used – and proven to work in literally hundreds of scientific studies…and the exact doses you need to take to get these same spectacular benefits.

There’s no theory here. Everything you read about has been proven to work. Not on lab animals. But on real, living patients just like you. Men who have reached the end of their tether with prostate problems – and how they finally fixed them for good.

It’s all here. And it’s all yours when you get your RISK-FREE copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH".

"PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" is over 190 pages long – which means you can read it fast…and begin putting the information to work for you in just a few short hours from now…and begin getting the very same benefits so many other men are enjoying right now.

I’m talking about…

In short, you’ll have a complete, proven plan for perfect prostate health…and all the incredible benefits that having a healthy prostate can bring. And I’m not talking about months from now...

These remedies and simple exercises begin working almost instantly…within a few short days. That means in as little as a week, you can begin experiencing blessed relief from prostate problems that hamper your life…and reduce the quality and enjoyment you experience every day.

Isn’t that what you want? To live your life without the pain, worry and frustration that prostate problems can have on a man’s life?

If you’re like most men, the answer is a resounding YES!

And the best part is…YOU’RE NEVER AT RISK HERE…because you’re covered by our…

Just Say “MAYBE” 365-Day Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee!

Here’s the deal: Claim your copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" by clicking on one of the links on this page.

The publishers price for this 199-page book is just £29.95 (plus shipping) – which is an absolute steal when you consider the amazing benefits it will give you.

We have a limited number of copies that we are offering to valued members at just £19.95 (including shipping) - so as I say, you need to make sure you don't delay and that you claim your copy today.

Because once they're gone, they're gone for good . . .

Want some even better news? Well, here it is . . .

You can test-drive "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" for 365 days without risk. Just say “MAYBE.” Check out all the healing secrets you’ll find inside…and begin putting them to work in your life. And take ONE FULL YEAR to decide whether you want to keep the book or not.

If you don’t get all of the benefits I’ve described on this page, then simply change your “MAYBE” to an emphatic “NO!” and receive every single penny piece of your money back – no hassles…no quibbling…and no questions. Your word is good enough.

You absolutely can’t lose here. If you don’t feel the benefits in your life, then don’t keep the book. For example, if you get your copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" to help eliminate BPH and you put what you discover in the book to work…and you get no relief from your symptoms…

Then change your “MAYBE” to an emphatic “NO.” If the information doesn’t fix your BPH fast and forever, why should you pay? You shouldn’t, right?

Of course not!

So you either benefit in a big way…or you don’t lose a single penny!

I’m betting that once you begin putting the information to work on your prostate problems, you’ll experience rapid and lasting results. And you’ll not only want to keep it…but you’ll recommend it to your male friends who may be experiencing prostate problems, too.

That’s how sure and how confident I am that "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" will change your life for the better.

But, like I have said, you’re never at risk. Even if you do request a refund, you still won’t lose out. We’ll cheerfully refund every penny you paid.

Now, how many other orgnisations would offer you such a clear-cut, risk-free generous guarantee such as this?  We don't hide behind small-print and try and wriggle out of our promise to you.

The next step is up to you: You can persist with your prostate problems…and all the lousy symptoms it may be giving you. Or…you can take the bull by the horns and be pro-active about fixing them once and for all.

All you need is the willingness to live a life free from prostate troubles. If you can provide that…we’ll provide you with the information you need to help solve them all fast and forever.

Click on one of the order links on this page to get started today. Within as little as a few short days, you can have the information you need to make your prostate miseries a long and distant memory.

Yours For Perfect Prostate Health,

Rachael Linkie


Journal of Natural Health Solutions

PS – Click on the order link above to get your RISK-FREE copy of "PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH" as soon as possible. And then you can discover all the amazing prostate-repairing remedies and little-known secrets. Remember, you’re never at risk when you order…because you’re always covered by our generous 365-day guarantee.

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