Researchers show that a lack of sleep can lead to killer conditions

You need better sleep

Discover how a simple herbal remedy could put you in the land of nod and what damage lack of sleep could be doing to you

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Sleep is not a luxury, it is an absolute requirement for life.

Without good quality and restful sleep our bodies begin to fail, tissues do not heal, energy levels are not restored and vital organs begin to shut down - including our brains.

Having a good night's sleep though can be a challenge in modern busy lives, and becomes more common as we age.

It is estimated that only one in six people get the amount of sleep their bodies need in the UK, and worryingly new research from Finland has highlighted just how damaging this might be to our health.

The scientists discovered that disturbed sleep can make huge changes to the way our bodies make cholesterol, and when we are deprived more of the damaging low density lipoproteins (LDL) form is made.

This may explain why the risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks rise for those who are not getting their eight hours of good sleep a night.

One of the team, Vilma Aho said: "The study proved that just one week of insufficient sleep begins to change the body's immune response and metabolism." This fact alone shows how dependent we are on proper sleep, and why we should all aim to improve our duration and quality of shut eye.

But how can you improve the way you sleep?

Since I turned forty I began to notice that around two or three o'clock I would be awake, watching the hours tick by until I eventually fell asleep again - often waking feeling as though I hadn't slept at all.

I tried simple changes such as thicker curtains to block out light, having a cup of warm milk before bedtime and avoiding watching TV or reading thriller novels before getting into bed...

...but none of it made a difference.

Then I made an amazing discovery, one that I am going to share with you, in just a moment.

The joy of sleep

First, what is sleep?

It is something that we all do, to a greater or lesser extent , but why should it be so intrinsically linked with our state of health?

Scientists have gone to great lengths to fully understand sleep's benefits. In studies of humans and other animals, they have discovered that sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions.

While we may not often think about why we sleep, most of us acknowledge at some level that sleep makes us feel better. We feel more alert, more energetic, happier, and better able to function following a good night of sleep.

The Dangers of
Watching the Hours
Tick By...

Not getting enough sleep can be more than just annoying, it can be deadly.

Many years of research has shown that reduced amounts of quality, restful and undisturbed sleep can lead to increased risk of suffering from;

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Circulation problems
    leading to an
    increased stroke risk
  • Heart attacks
  • Obesity
  • Brain & memory problems including increased risk of Alzheimer's and dementia
  • Inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Skin complaints such as eczema
  • Bowel disorders
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney and bladder dysfunction
  • And many more

In addition low levels of sleep significantly affect mood and aggression levels.

Having a good sleep was never more important.

However, the fact that sleep makes us feel better and that going without sleep makes us feel worse only begins to explain why sleep might be necessary.

One way to think about the function of sleep is to compare it to another of our life-sustaining activities: eating.

Hunger is a protective mechanism that has evolved to ensure that we consume the nutrients our bodies require to grow, repair tissues, and function properly. And although it is relatively easy to grasp the role that eating serves-given that it involves physically consuming the substances our bodies need-eating and sleeping are not as different as they might seem.

Both eating and sleeping are regulated by powerful internal drives. Going without food produces the uncomfortable sensation of hunger, while going without sleep makes us feel overwhelmingly sleepy.

Despite decades of research and many discoveries about other aspects of sleep, the question of why we sleep has been difficult to answer. What is clear is that when we sleep our metabolic rates drop and we conserve energy, but not all of our functions slow down. For instance, the rate of tissue repair increases, as does the activity in our immune system.

Also our brains are really active in processing all of the previous days experiences and activities and filing them for our short and long term memories as well as running scenarios for what we could have done differently or what we could do as a result - these are some of the images we play out in our dreams.

So, sleep is a vital and necessary part of our recovery, healing and cognitive processes that much is clear... Now discover how you can improve the quality of your sleep, by using a natural herb based spray that you can keep by your bed. It is time to...

Rest Well®

Rest Well is a highly developed blend of natural herbs and supplements which have been shown to significantly improve the quality of sleep.

Formulated as a simple to take spray it can be kept by the bed and used when sleep just isn't coming naturally.

How These Herbs Can
Help You Sleep Like
A Baby

Using natural remedies to
aid restful sleep is as old as
time itself, however, much of
what our forebears knew has
been forgotten.

Discover why the main ingredients in Rest Well® work;

  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and s widely recognised as an effective treatment for insomnia.
  • 5-HTP is an amino acid that is needed to make melatonin which is the sleep hormone naturally produced by the body in the evening triggered by the onset of darkness.
  • Contains theanine, naturally occurring in green tea and widely used in Japan to help calm the body, soothe anxiety and improve sleep patterns and quality.

This formulation contains nature's most potent compounds that aid restful sleep, combining the effects of making you fall asleep, keeping you in a restful state and allowing you to enjoy a full nights slumber.

Waking after a good rest means that;

  • Your mood is much improved, making you less grouchy and more relaxed.
  • You will be clear headed and decisive in your thinking due to improved brain function.
  • You will be safe to operate machinery or drive cars without the risk of falling asleep.
  • Your overall health will be better as damaged tissues will have healed and your immune system will be stimulated.

These are in addition to the major improvements in your
cardiovascular, neural, excretory and respiratory systems which
will significantly reduce your risk of developing potentially
dangerous conditions such as diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

Achieving all of these benefits, and the joy of a really good night's sleep couldn't be easier.

A simple spray of Rest Well® on retiring to bed is all you need, and if you should wake repeat the spray and settle back down into an easy, dream filled slumber.

And unlike many prescription medications it won't leave you with drowsiness in the day, there is no risk of side effects or addiction.

Rest Well® even tastes fresh with a natural peppermint taste, sweetened with tooth friendly Xylitol.

Nothing beats a proper night's sleep to make you feel alive, refreshed and able to face another day, plus you enjoy a major boost to your health and wellbeing...

...and your friends and family might notice that you are a much more likeable person to be around too!

Best wishes

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