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Introducing an Organic Washing Detergent that Grows on Trees

Soap Nuts Soap Nuts

At last, save money, protect the environment and stay allergy-free every time you wash your clothes...

  • 100% ORGANIC!

I've used Soap Nuts since my children were little and that was 16 years ago, and these are the best I've come across...

they get my washing clean, are easy to use and I get the satisfaction of knowing that I'm not pumping harsh detergents into the water system... plus it stops my washing machine getting gummed up!"

- Ms Lines, Banbury

Right now, the detergent you use to wash your clothes could be damaging the environment and your skin...

Many products on the market contain chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate (SLS), parabens, phthalates, phosphates, formaldehyde, petroleum, perfume, chlorine and bleach. They leach into the water supply from your machine, causing damage to our lakes, rivers, streams and wildlife.

Commercial detergents coat your clothes with "whitening agents". These are optical bleaches and enzymes which affect the fibres and strip the colours away. So they can cause skin irritation and allergy problems, especially for sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.

But there is an alternative which is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, and is even CHEAPER than using regular detergents. In fact, it will make your washing machine more efficient, saving you lots of money in the long run. And your clothes will never be fresher or cleaner.

Introducing Soap Nuts...

Soap Nuts are known by names such as soapberry, Reetha (Hindi), Chinese soapberry and many more. Put simply, they're the dried shells from the soapberry tree. This tree grows up to 20m in height and begins bearing fruit after about 9 years.

The saponin in these nuts is a natural alternative to those chemicals that cause skin irritation, toxins and pollutants. The water that drains from your washing machine after using Soap Nuts is antimicrobial, so it actually helps clean drains and sewerage systems!

Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts are great for removing odours and they're a natural softener, so there's no need to buy fresheners or conditioners. And because they don't produce lots of suds (which don't actually make clothes cleaner!) your machine will be more efficient, wasting less energy and money.

But for all the proven advantages of using Soap Nuts, the hassle of have to put them in a separate bag, then sort and dry them after each wash, even just putting actual nuts into a washing machine meant that soap nuts never became as widely used as they deserved.

But now you can have all the benefits that go with using Soap Nuts without any of the hassle, because for the first-time Soap Nut detergent is available in a bottle, just pour it into your washing machine just like you would any other detergent, but now you won't be harming the environment and you'll be saving your skin and money.

Discover what a difference Soap Nuts can make...

Today I'm delighted to offer you the opportunity to try out Soap Nuts in a risk free trial. This offer won't be open indefinitely, so I do hope you snap up this opportunity today.

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and see the amazing results for yourself

I'm sure that once you try Soap Nuts you won't want to return to your old chemical detergents. Just look at the benefits...

Save money

This is the cheapest washing detergent on the market. And because Soap Nuts are 100% natural you can skip the rinse cycle and save even more money. They're also low in suds, meaning a more efficient wash!

Free from toxins

You don't get any of those environmentally damaging chemicals that are in other detergents, cleaners and body-care products.


Most allergic reactions to detergents are caused by the dyes, chemicals and fragrances in them. Soap Nuts are great for anyone who has allergies or suffers from skin problems like eczema or psoriasis because they are 100% natural.

100% natural and unprocessed

There are no pesticides, harsh chemicals, foaming agents or optical brighteners. This means they are much safer to use on our clothes, on our skin and in our waste water system.


Soap Nuts are so natural that you can use the water straight from the washing machine to water your garden!

100% organic, vegan & cruelty free

All of our products are ORGANIC, VEGAN and NEVER tested on animals.

100% sustainable! ...

We only use about 1% of the world's total amount of Soap Nuts. Since they come mainly from emerging nations, more demand helps their economies. They don't cause any environmental damage and they can be used to sow more trees!

Can be used at all temperatures from 30.c - 90.c

Soap Nuts are mild and gentle on fabric structure and colours so clothes last a lot longer.

Antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties

Soap Nuts remove microbes from laundry and even help clean drains and sewers.

If you've never tried Soap Nuts before, this is a great opportunity to test them out, risk-free.


And if you're still a little sceptical that they can improve on the commercial detergents you use, let me explain a bit more about them...

Why Not All Soap Nuts Are Created Equal

In America and in Germany the use of Soap Nuts is well established, but for many in the UK, Soap Nuts are unknown. However, in recent years they have been featured on the BBC show 'Not Easy Going Green' and BBC Radio 4, as well as well-known websites such as 'mumsnet'.

You can find Soap Nuts on the internet... but beware because not all Soap Nuts are created equal!

Many cheap varieties do not have enough saponin in their shells, so aren't as effective. But Living Naturally is a company you can trust to bring you the most powerful Soap Nuts.

They're a family run business, created when the founder was looking for a way to ease her son's eczema problem, which was worsened by commercial detergents. They tested 6 different varieties and suppliers before deciding on the very best Soap Nuts, known as sapindus mukurossi. These have the highest amount of saponin in their shells, which makes them powerful cleansers.

While they're highly effective, Living Naturally's Soap Nuts leave your laundry fresh and clean. They will keep colours bright and keep your clothes in better condition for longer than artificial detergent.

Soap Nuts an Ayurvedic Healer

Soap Nut powder is used in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of scalp issues such as hair loss, dandruff, and to alleviate parasites such as lice.

In modern India, Soap Nuts are an ingredient in hair care products to increase lustre and softness of hair.

When applied topically, Soap Nuts are used to eliminate freckles, fine lines, stains and cracks in the skin. They're also used to treat mild to moderate skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis.

This is why Soap Nuts could be the answer for you...

They're safe for people with sensitive skin and those who suffer allergic reactions to store-bought cleansers. Soap Nuts are so safe, a ten-minute soak in a solution of Soap Nuts removes 95% of the surface pesticides and chemical residues on fresh produce! They're also useful in the kitchen as a food-safe cleaner for countertops, appliances, and sinks.

So why not try this ethical, allergy-free natural wonder in your home? With 130 washes for just £7,99 and a 30 day trial to make sure you're totally happy, there's no reason not to give this a go!

Click here to try Living Naturally's Organic Soapnuts Now

They can be used on all fabrics and at all temperatures.

An Ethical Company With A Great Product

Living Naturally have an organically certified supplier who is also involved in contract farming. Which means they support their farmers and give them advice, then pay the Soap Nut collectors a wage on a per-kilo sold basis.

Soap Nuts

Next, they are shipped, rather than flown, to the UK for distribution, so your conscience can rest easy on the carbon footprint!

There are many reasons to try Soap Nuts, whether it's environmental, health or economic. They're even ideal for people who use cloth nappies for their babies.

You see, commercial detergents and soaps contain chemicals that build up in reusable nappies. Not only do these chemicals break down the fibres of the material, causing it to loose absorbency and colour, but they can also irritate your baby's skin.

But with Soap Nuts you can avoid this problem - what's more, they're very effective at removing odours!

"...I'm a cloth nappy advisor and I've just started using Soap Nuts on my own nappies. They're brilliant as you don't get the detergent build up you often get with regular washing powders ..."

Soap Nut Liquid detergent is so easy to use, and the results are remarkable...

And you only need two teaspoons, from your 500ml supply, for a normal load of washing.

Compare that to £10 for just 30 washes from Ariel 3 in 1... Or £5 for 18 Surf capsules (that's just 18 washes)... Or Bold 2 in 1 Gel, which is £4 for 16 washes.

That's before you factor in all the other benefits, like a more energy efficient wash, healthier skin and a cleaner environment.

What's more if Soap Nut Liquid Detergent doesn't live up to everything promised, you can send back the empty bottle for a full refund.

That's how confident I am that you're going to love this brilliant life-improving product from Living Naturally. And you can choose Camomile, Lavender or fragrant free soap.

The soap is so pure that you can also use it to clean your hands, without the damaging effect many soaps have on your skin, in fact, even though most people use it for their washing it has been designed to be used as an all-round household cleaner.

Fragrant Free
Soap Nuts

I can't wait for you to see the difference in your wash and feel the difference on your skin.

Best wishes


Jane Holton
Product Development Manager

PS: Soap Nuts are highly recommended for those with allergies or sensitive skin. They are 100% natural, free of synthetic chemicals and are hypoallergenic. Which makes them ideal for anyone who is sensitive to the dyes, perfumes and chemicals used in most commercial detergents and cleansers.

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