Many people say it’s natural that your eyesight gets worse as you get older

But this isn’t always true…

Discover the Real Cause of BLURRYNESS

And how a SINGLE nutritional change today could turn back the clock for your vision

Dear Friend

They say that poor eyesight is INEVITABLE as you age.

It’s a frightening thought…

Imagine not being able to see your loved ones faces clearly…

…Struggling to drive, read, write, knit, use a computer or look through old photos.

…Or being one of the millions of visually impaired people who need help to get about.

Yet complain to your GP about ‘blurry vision’ and they’re likely to chuckle and ask if there’s anything really wrong with you!

This is a disgrace.

Every day, people are told their eyesight will get steadily worse and there's nothing that can be done about it.

But in many cases, it’s simply NOT TRUE.

A lot of vision problems associated with old age - such as macular degeneration, blurry vision and cataracts – are completely avoidable.

As you’re about to discover, there are simple steps you can take to stave off visual deterioration and see a marked improvement, no matter how old you are.

For instance, you can feed your eyes with a natural nutritional supplement that could reduce blurring and improve focus….

Almost like turning back the clock on your eyesight.

It’s called VisualEyes, and it’s available for a 35-day trial, where you can SEE the results – literally with your own eyes, or get your money back.

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Let me explain a little more about it…

The eyesight problem that CAN be avoided …if you act now

There’s a part of the retina in your eye called the ‘macula’.

It’s responsible for your central vision. You need it for everyday tasks such as reading, writing, recognising faces, watching television, driving and doing close work.

The macula has several layers, including a protective filter known as ‘macular pigment’. This acts as a shield against oxidative stress and blue light damage.

But if it’s attacked by free radicals, changes to this sensitive structure cause your vision to lose its sharpness and colour definition.

It begins gradually in one eye, so that you barely notice at first….

But soon it becomes hard to read, drive or see the computer screen. Sometimes dark blotches will appear.

This can happen any time after the age of 50… but because you still have peripheral vision you can usually see enough to be aware of objects and people.

However, when you get loss in your central vision it begins to affect your normal sight in frightening, life-changing ways.

This condition is known as Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). An estimated half a million people in the UK suffer from it.

There are two types of the condition, 'wet' and 'dry'. In the case of 'dry' AMD, cells in the retinal pigment epithelium of the macula become thin and atrophied.

This layer of cells is crucial for the function of the visual cells known as ‘rods and cones’ which also begin to degenerate.

It can take several years for your vision to become seriously affected, and many sufferers don’t entirely lose their reading vision.

'Wet' AMD is rarer but more aggressive. An early sign is visual distortion, where straight lines look wavy or distorted. It can cause severe visual loss within months.

However, both of these types of AMD can be treated by taking the right steps…

If you act NOW you can….

And you can do all of this by using VisualEyes every day.

Six vital ingredients that help protect your vision

This special blend of nutrients feeds your eyes the ingredients it needs to prevent problems in your macula.

It includes:

But why not see for yourself? Take VisualEyes every day for over a month and experience less blurring and clearer focus or your money back in full, no questions asked.

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And if you’re still unsure it’s for you, ask yourself…

Are you experiencing any of these FIVE eyesight risk factors?

Most people tell you that blurring is down to age.

And yes, your cells' ability to regenerate worsens as time goes by, which increases the risk of poor eyesight.

But there are other factors too…

Causes of age-related macular degeneration include...

These are all threats to the health of your eyes that you can reduce with a daily supplement like VISUALEYES.

Get the nutrients your eyes need

Supplements have long been shown to benefit eye health. One study from 2013+ showed that formulations containing antioxidants like Lutein, which is in VisualEyes, proves effective in both preventing AMD and helping control it.

Another large study from 2014++ showed similar results for supplements in the fight against cataracts.

So getting the right nutrients to your eyes could be the single most important thing you can do to prevent the damaging effects of free radicals and harsh modern environments.

VisualEyes is a complete daily nutritional tonic for your eyes, to keep them bright and pin sharp.

You can try it for 35 days to get all the proof you need.

If you don’t feel the effects or you’re unhappy for any reason, we’ll send your money back in full.

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That’s only the price of a tabloid newspaper!

Is that really too much to pay for good eyesight?

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