“The most important book you'll ever read about weight loss and weight gain – and probably the last”

Give your body
a second chance to be
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Discover how the TRUE Secrets of Weightloss can help ANYONE drop several sizes – and stay there naturally

(And why diets, hunger and will power all work in the opposite direction)

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Weightloss As If By Magic is not a diet book. There are no foods you can't eat. And no difficult regimes to follow.

In fact, you will not find a single instruction in this breakthrough programme. But you WILL Weight Loss As If By Magiclose weight.

All you have to do is sit down and read it.

A few simple yet life-changing pages later and your own body will begin to make you naturally thinner. Without giving up your favourite foods. Without it feeling like there's any hardship. And possibly without even noticing how you're doing it.

In fact, I guarantee you are going to LOVE the process. And I GUARANTEE you are going to lose weight. In fact, if you don't start automatically enjoying a leaner, trimmer body within weeks of starting the programme then you won't pay a penny

Why some people never lose weight – no matter how hard they're trying  

Go into a party full of people eating and you can be pretty sure that the slimmest among the guests will be eating heartily. Sure, there will be the ones who almost starve themselves to stay slim. And the few overweight people who are overeating.

But generally speaking, the reason that slim people are slim is because their weight is 'set' at naturally slim. They don't overeat but then they don't forgo pleasures either. Their body then alters their metabolism to keep them at their naturally slim weight.

Simply by reading the real secrets of weightloss in this programme you can very quickly start re-setting your body's weight dial so that the arrow is pointed to 'Slim'.

In fact, ONLY by finding out what you need to do to set your body's natural weight to 'slim' will you ever attain and maintain that firm, slim body that CAN be yours. No other attempts will work unless you work this out first.

If your attempts to lose weight in the past have failed it is because most diets and weight loss regimes try to force your body to weight – dragging it in the opposite direction to how the true secrets of weight loss work.

  • If you're doing everything right but still can't lose weight, this programme will help you discover exactly what's stopping you from losing weight.
  • If you feel that overeating is your problem then it'll show you exactly what you need to do to bring your appetite down naturally, painlessly and help you enjoy what you eat more.
  • And if it's just that last half a stone that alludes you then prepare to see it vanish!

Try it now. Your money back if it doesn't work!

Reset your body to slim and start really enjoying your food again   

If you're the kind of person who has tried so hard to lose weight but still can't shift it, then  something is preventing your body from setting your weight dial to 'slim'.

There are many, many different reasons for this – including medicines and medical conditions that can lead to weight gain... intolerances to different foods... out of kilter appetites... and carbohydrate cravings that sabotage any attempts to eat moderately.

In this fascinating programme, you will discover, for example:

  • Why there is a high chance you may be suffering from a mild medical condition or nutritional imbalance that can cause serious weight gain and an inability to lose weight
  • Why many men suffer from an intolerance to this food group that makes weight accumulate around the middle.
  • How to re-balance your body so that it naturally craves what's good for it – and has no desire for what makes it fat
  • Why no attempts to eat less will ever work until you've found the answer to this simple question
  • If you're one of the many people where the cause of weight is medical or nutritional, getting the pounds to start falling off may even be as easy as flicking a switch!

ONLY by finding out what's holding you back can you ever hope to reach the weight you feel is right for you. Once you've discovered what your own keys are, you'll find weight really can start dropping off you as if by magic.

You'll also be able to ditch all those crazy diets and start really ENJOYING food again.

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Imagine how great it will feel when your clothes begin to feel too big for you!  

One of the craziest things about diet books and the weight loss industry in general is how most of your chances of success with these programmes is almost entirely dependent on the lasting persistence of your WILL POWER.

When you discover the power of the true secrets of weight loss, however, you'll realise just how crazy that is. In fact, a reliance on will power is exactly why most diets fail – and why this new programme will be such an easy and wonderful revelation to you.

Many people will find they can actually eat more and lose weight quicker.

Those who know that overeating is a problem will find that they very easily start eating less when they start working with the secrets.

If these secrets are so good why don't more people know about them or use them?

Well actually they do. You probably know yourself people who eat what they like and never seem to diet – yet still remain thin. Whether they know it or not, these people are probably using at least one of these secrets.

Your own body may also have been happily following these rules of slenderness when you were younger – but then gradually fallen off the tracks as you began to age.

For some it starts happening at 20. For others at 30 or 40, 50 or 60.

Whatever age you are today... whether you have always been overweight or only recently started fighting the fat... it's never too late to give your body a second chance to be naturally thin.

My mother taught me the true secrets of weight loss when I was 18

Within 4 months I had slimmed down by a stone and a half and have never looked back

I was 18 years old when my mother politely pointed out to me that I had put on weight. It was also at this age that she thankfully passed onto me one of the greatest gifts you could ever be given.

I still do not know how my mother came by the secrets of weight loss. Had she read about them in some obscure scientific journal or article that has since been lost in time? Was my mother herself perhaps to weightloss what Newton was to gravity? Or was it just another part of my eccentric German ancestry?!

In fact, it was not until twenty years later - when I did the research and discovered the science behind the secrets -  that I realised how amazing the secrets were. And how lucky I had been to know them all my life.

Within 4 months of my little 'chat' with my mother I had lost a stone and a half and I have never looked back since. I eat what I want. I never need to starve myself. Yet my weight always seems to ping back to 'naturally thin'.

  • Over the past 3 decades I have watched my mother remain between a size 10 and a size 12 and look younger than all her friends.
  • My sister uses these secrets to stay as thin as being a professional dancer requires – yet still eating like a horse.
  • And they don't just work for women. My father uses these secrets to stay looking so good that people often think he is twenty years younger than he is!

Isn't it time you taught your body these secrets too?

Put it to the test now

Why everything you read about in diet books is so WRONG

Think of ways in which people normally try and lose weight. They follow a diet regime from a book. They half starve themselves for a few weeks – or force themselves to give up the foods they really love.

Although these methods may work temporarily, it's rare that they can help you reach your ideal weight and stay there. The reason they don't work is exactly because they work AGAINST the true 'secrets' of weightloss

Until you know these secrets it is unlikely that any attempt you make to lose weight will be permanently successful. Once you know these secrets, however, you will hold a gift that can be more valuable than almost anything that money can buy.

After all, weighing more than you'd like to can be a major source of misery. Out of control, it can also be a major cause of ill health.

On the other hand, just imagine how happy you'll be when you find your clothes are too big for you and your body feels really strong and lean for the first time in ages!

You'll feel fantastic being back inside a thin body again!  

Many people who are overweight feel that they are no longer in control of their body. This once young and lean body becomes something you may feel ashamed of. Something that you'd rather not be part of.

By following the Weightloss As if By Magic programme, you will soon start discovering how you can be in control of your body again. How you can reprogramme it to be thinner. And be proud of how you look when you walk into a room. 

The only downside is that you'll wish you'd known these secrets a long time before...

  • Discover the RIGHT ways to kick-start your own weight loss and it will actually feel like a joy instead of a sacrifice or punishment
  • Discover revelations, secrets, tips and medical facts that will completely change the way you think about weight and food and even your habits.
  • Tired of trying to eat less but always failing? Read this and discover why your body was never really that hungry in the first place.
  • If your appetite has become larger than it should be, we'll show you how you can bring it easily back down to size and start enjoying your food more.
  • Think your eating might be emotional? Prepare to face your demons and come out laughing!

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You may even SHOCK yourself by how lean you can get!

When you apply these secrets to your life, your body becomes so well attuned that it keeps itself thin. And it's always happy to let you drop even that little bit thinner!

In fact, I have often felt that knowing these secrets has also been at the core of my overall sanity, my high levels of energy, my optimistic outlook and the success that I have enjoyed in life.

When I lost that stone and a half at the age of 18, I also gained the secret to being in control of my own life, in tune with my own body and able to conquer anything.

Why this programme will work even if everything else has failed 

The Weightloss As If By Magic programme is a weight loss programme that works WITH your current habits, cravings, lifestyle and tastes – not against them.

If you have tried to lose weight by dieting, by will power or by denying yourselves the foods that you love then you know already that these methods will NEVER work.

Only by making small changes that you are very happy to embrace into your life will you ever have a chance of losing weight properly and keeping it off for good.

The science, the research and the work behind the programme  

The Weightloss As If By Magic programme is something I have wanted to write for a very long time. (Ever since I saw people around me at college getting fatter but that's another story...) 

Since the age of 18 I knew that the secrets of weightloss that my mother taught me worked. The next stage was to find the scientific reasons behind their success. And the research to understand how I could make the secrets work for others.

For the past 14 years I have worked as a researcher and writer in the field of health publishing and have slowly been gathering scientific data and information to make this project possible. I have also trained in counselling and studied the psychology of human behaviour extensively.

As you read through this programme you will discover how the human body really works when it comes to the control of weight - and the role of nutrition and positive health. You will also read the stories and comments from some of the thousands of people I questioned about their weightloss attempts before putting this programme together.

Lose weight – or your money back!

I sincerely believe that the weightloss programme you're about to discover will be different from anything you have read before. I also believe that it can help you effectively, positively and permanently lose weight.

Nothing, however, is right for everybody. Which is why we would like to offer you the chance to try this programme with absolutely no risk. 

I do not want this to be like another book you pick off a shelf in a book shop because it's the new craze. I want it to WORK. 

Buy a diet book from a bookshop – or subscribe to one of these new programmes online - and you won't be able to get your money back if the diet doesn't succeed in helping you permanently lose weight. But with this one you can!

Order Weightloss as if By Magic today and try it out yourself to see how the magic works. If you're not completely happy with what it does for you and your body then we will send you a full refund at any time during a full 12 months!

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In a few weeks from now I hope that you too will be experiencing how good it feels to realise that all your clothes are becoming loose on you!

Best wishes

Wendy Churchill

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