The amazing Japanese wash day revolution that will save you £££s

A whole year’s detergent-free washing with this revolutionary NEW clothes-washing system

The magnesium-rich laundry system that is green, organic and will change the way you think about your daily chore

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How many people can honestly say that they enjoy the hassle and expense of doing the daily clothes wash?

In our house the mess made with spilled liquid detergent as we try to get it into the plastic ball in a rush is just the start of the frustration, using powder just makes things worse.

Today I want to offer you a chance to end this misery with a simple and revolutionary laundry device from Japan, the amazing Terra Wash system.

This device is a specially designed and formulated pad that you simply put in the machine with the dirty clothes and... that’s it! No detergents needed, no softeners, and no bleaches.

Your clothes will never be cleaner or smell sweeter than they do after using Terra Wash – and looking after the pad is simple too, just hang it out to dry with the washing and it is ready to reuse as soon as you need it – UP TO 365 TIMES.

Yes that means that this pad can be used every day for a year! Imagine how much money that is going to save you – over 30% on conventional detergents, softeners and liquids.

The technology used in Terra Wash is purely natural; in fact, the active ingredient is based around magnesium, a completely naturally occurring mineral, one of the most abundant on earth.

How magnesium gets your whites whiter

It's amazing!  My laundry smells so fresh now! I also love that the product keeps my washing machine clean just by doing my laundry!

Tokyo User

Terra Wash + Mg is filled with magnesium which is highly purified (99.95% purity) and specially processed with Japanese innovative technology. When this special magnesium comes in contact with water it generates bubbles of hydrogen and forms ionized alkaline water with increased pH levels (approximately 10.5), which makes it easier for water to remove dirt from fabrics. This special water has a high ability to remove/eliminate dirt, sebum, mould, germs, bacteria and odour, resulting in fresh, safe and clean laundry!

Another feature of Terra Wash + Mg is its ability to reduce the size of water molecules. Water molecules are said to come in clusters rather than single molecules. Although it is difficult to measure the size of water molecules due to their unstable characteristics, it is very easy to imagine water clusters reforming into a much smaller size by encountering the smallest molecule on earth, hydrogen, in water. Smaller cluster size enables and strengthens the water’s ability to pass through fabric pores, resulting in better cleaning properties.

The tests that prove how good Terra Wash really is

Before this revolutionary product was launched on the market it underwent rigorous testing to ensure that it would perform well in the harsh world of dirty laundry – and in all conditions.

The results were astounding; first it proved to be incredibly good at removing odour... in fact it was more than incredibly good, it was a revolution in its field.

The next big test had to be about how well Terra Wash was able to clean some of the most stubborn stains – in this case a biological contaminant known as sebum dirt was used. Once again Terra Wash came through with flying colours – literally!

The final test was the one that many modern laundry detergents fail on – how effective could Terra Wash be against bacteria, especially those that cause most of our infections.

Against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus it was not found wanting.

The laundry technology that has left Japan wanting more... NOW available in the UK

Launched in Japan nearly three years ago, Terra Wash has rapidly become one of the country’s most popular products – many households would not now use anything else for their daily washing.

Read what a few satisfied users had to say about this amazing product:

“I was really happy when I found Terra Wash+Mg, because my son has a skin allergy and cannot use any detergent. Amazing thing is that my son’s skin allergy seems to be cured after using Terra Wash+Mg for about a year! I’m not sure whether it is because of the power of magnesium, but anyway, it’s great!”

Female, Chiba, Japan

“I own a gym with sauna facility and get a lot of towels with people’s sweat on every day. We have in-house washing facilities where we do our own laundry. For years we had problems getting rid of smells from the towels completely and tried so many chemical detergents, but all those problems are gone now after using Terra Wash+Mg! We wish that I could have known about the product much earlier.“

Male, Kanagawa, Japan

“I was sceptical at first, but I could feel its power easily after my first wash. The product's power to remove odour is really strong! There used to be some smell when line drying my clothes inside the house, but I don't have that problem anymore with this product.”

Male, Tokyo, Japan

The revolution in your laundry days can begin right now

Consider these amazing benefits that you will get by using Terra Wash daily:

There really is nothing to lose from trying this fantastic new to the UK product. If you are not completely satisfied after 35 days, return to us for a full refund.

Start saving money from the very first wash.

Best wishes

Jane Holton
Product Development Manger

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