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Find out how this gourd has revolutionised the treatment of diabetes in Asia

The health impact of raised blood sugar levels

Most of us won't notice some of the common symptoms of a rise in blood sugar levels as we will just put it down to being overtired or stressed (both of which can actually contribute to our body's inability to manage the amount of sugar in our blood) but even slight increases can lead to long term problems - long before we develop conditions like diabetes.

Signs of increased blood sugar levels:

  • Increased thirst and a dry mouth
  • Needing to pee frequently
  • Tiredness
  • Blurred vision
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Recurrent infections in the urinary tract or skin

Clearly our choice of food can affect this but there are also other factors that can lead to imbalance in blood sugar levels such as:

  • Stress
  • An illness, such as a cold
  • Eating too much, such as snacking between meals
  • A lack of exercise
  • Dehydration
  • Missing a dose of diabetes medication, or taking an incorrect dose
  • Over-treating an episode of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)
  • Taking certain medicines, such as steroid medication

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Dear Friend

One of the common effects of modern life is that we all have a tendency to snack.

Nibbles, morsels and titbits are always close at hand and so tempting - the biscuit with a cup of tea, a handful of mints on a long drive or a chocolate bar at the end of a long and wearying day all contribute to an unhealthy dose of calories.

Principally these snacks are rich in sugar and that is what keeps us going back for more, because suagr is so addicitive that once our body has enjoyed it the desires are awakened and we can think of nothing that we want more.

But the health experts tell us that these tempting treats are bad for us and the news is full of dire warnings of an obesity crisis and how it will cripple the NHS and lead to a life of misery for sufferers.

The result of all this is GPs prescribing powerful medication for conditions that we don't actually have but the test results suggest we might be at risk of - and that doesn't make sense!

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This is where the concept of prediabetes has been invented.

People who have slightly raised blood sugar levels are being told that there is nothing they can do about it, even if they change their diet.

The fear that is instilled in them means that they are easily convinced that they have to start taking medication such as Metformin which will lower the blood sugar levels but also lead to misery from stomach pains and upsets as well as other unpleasant side effects such as:

  • Disturbance to the gut including nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain & loss of appetite
  • Taste disturbance, usually a metallic taste
  • Elevated levels of lactic acid in the blood (lactic acidosis)
  • Decreased absorption of vitamin B12 during long-term use
  • Skin reactions such as rash, itching or flushing

Despite these problems most GPs will opt for this drug for any patient they believe to be at risk of developing diabetes, rather than offering other options for reducing the amount of glucose in the blood. Further evidence that we are fast becoming a nation of quick fixers rather than looking to support the body in what it does naturally.

Discover the natural way to achieve lower blood sugar

Harness the power of natural health

At the heart of the completely natural remedy I am going to offer you is an extract of a surprisingly bitter gourd known as Momordica.

Now this sounds a bit like a character from the Addams Family but is in fact a mainstay of Asian traditional medicine, and until now has not been well known in Europe.

Looking like a cross between a cucumber and a melon this fruit has been consumed in regional dishes not because it tastes good, but because the indiginous people knew that it offered great value to health and well being.

In combination with virgin pressed Borage oil, which is rich in healthy Omega 6 fatty acids, the Momordica offers one of the most effective and widely respected natural ways to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.

More importantly it will do this without any of the side effects you get with prescription medicications such as Metformin.

Plus there are additional health benefits to be enjoyed such as:

  • Improved blood cholesterol levels
  • Reduced amount of body fat
  • Lowered risk of developing kidney stones
  • Improved gut function reducing the problems associated with slow transit
  • Promotes immune cell activity
  • Rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 and B9, and minerals including potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.

How to get
all these health benefits
and lower blood sugar too

We all have to accept that our lifestyle has a detrimental effect on our health, but do not despair, you have the chance to make a simple change for the better. Before you resort to medications which may lead to further health problems this is your chance to try something which has been used for thousands of years by ancient triebs to great effect.Glucolistica contains the essential extract of the bitter gourd – Momordica plus other metabolism enhancing natural compounds such as;

Glucolistica has been developed by our world renowned partner Holistica and this is their story.

Nestled in the Aix country in the heart of Provence near the Montagne Sainte Victoire, much loved by the painter Paul Cézanne, the Holistica Laboratories are surrounded by a natural vista which houses their development and production facilities.

Over many years developing a range of herbal products, Holistica has been recognised as the principle vector for a comprehensive concept of health, following the holistic approach to life and wellbeing as their maxim.

The Holistica team has consistently developed products which recognise that health is a state of complete physical wellbeing, mental, social and spiritual, and that it is not just the absence of disease, but which respects the laws and the balance of nature.

Founded in 1986 by Ghislaine Gerber, the Holistica laboratories have continued to develop quality products which are exclusively herbal and natural in specific formulations that meet this global approach to research.

The careful formulation of these products has always given the necessary balance of micronutrients, but also ensures the energy-balance and compatibility of components.

Holistica is not a chemicals company or even a laboratory, it is the passion to distill the essence of nature for the good of human health.

-Virgin Borage Oil: Well-known for its record-high content of unsaturated fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), the invaluable Omega-6 that very few natural sources supply, borage oil has been the subject of new studies showing its value with people who had a diet too high in sugars. (J. Nutr. Biochem. 1999 Jul. T Coste&Coll,)

-A blend of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids: Proven to be healthy for your heart and cardiovascular system, in addition to providing essential nutrients to the brain and nerves.

-Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA): The most frequently overlooked healthy fatty acid which contributes to weight loss and reduction in inflammation.

This is the health salvation you have been looking for

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You won't find Glucolistica anywhere else in the UK, this is an exclusive offer we have negotiated direct with the manufacturer, Holistica. And as we want to to have complete peace of mind, you are safe in the knowledge that you if you are not entirely satisfied we will give you a full refund any time within 35 days of ordering. This is our promise to help you try natural ways to help improve your health, without the risk of being disappointed and out of pocket.

Best wishes

Jane Holton - Product Development

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