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I’m sure that you know the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids…

They’re found in large doses in oily fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout and herring.

Eaten regularly, they can help...

The problem is that we don’t get enough Omega 3s.

Our bodies only make a small amount, so we need to get the rest from food.

But you’d have to eat oily fish 6 to 24 times a WEEK depending on your age and current health!

This is why fish oils are so popular as a short cut…

But there’s a serious problem with these.

The Hidden Danger of Fish Oils

Many fish oil supplements are kept on shelves in the supermarket or at your home for too long.

They go rancid, just like any other oil. Many assume that this ‘fishy’ smell is part of the product, and don’t realise the contents have oxidised and ‘gone off’.

When you take bad fish supplements you’re doing more harm than good.

Rancid oil is harmful. It can raise your risk of heart disease and blood clots… and cause ‘atherosclerosis’, a scientific term for the build-up of plaque in your arteries.

Then there’s the problem of contamination…

A high percentage of fish oil is highly contaminated with toxins like mercury, lead, arsenic, PCBs, the radioactive strontium and other pollutants from industrial waste in the water.

According to the Mercury Policy Project, a 9½ stone woman who eats 12 ounces of tinned tuna a week could exceed the EPAs "safe limit" by 350%!

In the US, the FDA and EPA have issued health alerts warning against eating certain fish for young children, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant and for nursing mothers.

Even farmed fish farms use hormones, chemicals and antibiotics. They can still be contaminated by metals.

Which why we recommend this alternative.

An alternative way to tackle worn-out bones, damaged joints, sore muscles…

Krill are tiny shrimp found in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic. They feed on phytoplankton, microscopic plants near the surface of the ocean.

They’re packed full of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of phospholipids'. These help protect the walls of your cells, stopping free radicals getting in, while allowing other omega-3 fatty acids through.

And here’s why krill is better than fish oil…

And one of the best, and most ethically sourced krill-based oils is Sanct Bernhard’s pure Superba Krill Oil, which is available today for a 90 day trial, so you can discover its effects for yourself.

This Krill Oil is ethically sourced using sustainable fishing methods, and its packed not only with Omega 3s, but antioxidants…

The antioxidant power of KRILL OIL

Antioxidants are the best protection against the ageing process. They stop or slow the formation of harmful free radicals in your body.

Think of antioxidants as a police force promoting the good health of your heart, bones, eyesight, immune system and the rest of your body.

The more antioxidants your body has in it, the faster your healthy cells can regenerate themselves so your vital organs stay young, strong and healthy.

The way to measure the strength of any antioxidant is by its ORAC value, which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorptance Capacity. The higher the ORAC value number, the better the antioxidant slows or stops free radical damage.

Ordinary fish oil is very low in antioxidant content. But not so, with krill oil.

In fact…

The ORAC value antioxidant power of KRILL OIL is 297 times greater than Vitamin A or E, and 47 times greater than ordinary fish oil!

This is why we recommend you try pure Krill Oil. it contains the BEST Omega-3 your body needs PLUS a large amount of health improving antioxidants!

Taken regularly, this superfood helps support and maintain your heart, arteries, bones, muscles, joints, organs and immunity.

It is particularly good for…

Joint Pain…

Krill has a powerful effect on your joints. In 2007 study, patients with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis were given doses of krill oil. The results showed that a daily dose of krill oil “significantly inhibits inflammation and reduces arthritic symptoms within a short treatment period of 7 and 14 days.”

Another research paper from 2010 showed that “supplementation of diet with krill oil protects against experimental rheumatoid arthritis”.


The Alternative Medicine Review reported a double-blind, randomized clinical trial showing the ingredients in krill are effective for healthy cholesterol, triglycerides and blood lipids.

In one study, 120 people were given either krill, fish oil or a placebo. Those on krill reduced "bad" LDL cholesterol by 34%, and increased "good" HDL cholesterol by 43.5% in comparison to those taking the placebo.

By comparison, ordinary fish oil reduced bad cholesterol by only 5% and increased good cholesterol by only 4%!


Krill has been shown to reduce levels of a compound linked to heart disease in the blood of diabetics.

According to findings published in the peer-reviewed Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, krill oil taken daily cuts levels of homocysteine by 22%, compared to less than 1 percent in the placebo group!


A major study showed krill significantly reduces the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS and "was much more effective than ordinary fish oil. This was a double-blind, randomized clinical trial reported in the journal Alternative Medicine Review.

You might also notice that it helps with the following……

If you’re interested in experiencing the effects of krill for yourself, we’d like to offer you a 90 day trial of Sanct Bernard pure Krill Oil.

Take two supplements per day and if you don’t feel any improvement in your health you’ll get a refund.

There is only one drawback to krill…

If it is harvested irresponsibly, then krill fishing can damage the food chain, as so many animals rely on it.


Our KRILL is Ethically Sourced

Exclusively imported into the UK, by the Good Life Shop, from Germany, Sanct Bernhard have been manufacturing high-quality supplements for over 110 years and are recognised as one of Europe’s leading health supplement producers.

Sanct Bernhard Krill is harvested using responsible techniques to ensure that there is no bycatch (i.e. it is only krill being caught.). They only use Superba Krill, which is fished by Aker BioMarine, who work with World Wildlife Fund Norway to ensure that this is completely sustainable.

So this is caught in strict adherence to conservation law.

On top of that, the total harvest of Krill last year (around 200,000 tonnes) equates to less than one percent of the total stocks.

Just six vessels harvest all of the krill used and can only access the Antarctic stock when the area is ice free between January and August - so there is time for stocks to recover unmolested.

If you’d like to try Sanct Bernhard Krill Oil, RISK-FREE then click this link now.


Either you’ll see an improvement in your fitness, pain levels and general health, or you can get your money back.

But I hope you’ll soon join people like these who use Krill Oil to turn back the clock. As Sanct Bernhard pure Krill Oil is new to the UK, these testimonials refer to the use of other pure Krill Oil.


Superba™ Krill contains long chain omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin.

Superba™ Krill oil is extracted exclusively from Euphausia superba, an Antarctic krill species rich in the long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). A species of zooplankton invertebrates, krill move in huge swarms throughout pure Antarctic waters and feed on microscopic algae, which is what provides the diet with such a robust source of omega-3s.

Algae is also rich in astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that gives Superba™ its distinctive red color and, more importantly, acts as a natural preservative to its omega-3 fatty acids. Recognized for its health-promoting suppression of free radicals, astaxanthin keeps Superba™ Krill fresh, protecting the omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation, which means no additives are necessary to maintain its long-term stability.

Superba™ Krill’s long chain omega-3s are better recognized by the body because they are mostly attached to phospholipids, resulting in higher cellular incorporation. Powered by these phospholipids, Superba™ Krill ensures the delivery of the key fatty acids EPA and DHA to various parts of the human body, such as the brain, heart, eyes and joints.

Krill is an appealing source of omega-3s because its key fatty acids are more bio-efficient. The first and most noticeable benefit is smaller pills. The second benefit is the absence of reflux because krill’s omega-3s actually mix with the stomach contents, avoiding reflux and other unpleasant digestive issues frequently associated with other marine sources of omega-3s (see Figure 1 below).

Phospholipids carry omega-3s EPA/DHA into the cells more efficiently

Click on the image below to expand

"Helps with my joints, I had stiffness in my knuckles, back and legs. I don’t have that stiffness since taking Krill Oil. It has relieved the stress on my joints."

— Gary F., London

Wow! I don’t know how this stuff works but I know I'll never go without it! "I feel energetic again and have a new zest for life... feelings that I thought I’d never have again! Krill is truly a godsend."

— Janet S., Manchester

I'm feeling years younger! "I am taking KRILL OIL... I love it... and I'm telling everybody about it. I feel like yelling from the top of a mountain, I feel so good!"

— Lee P., Swansea

Superb buy. after suffering a devastating knee injury about 6 years ago, I have had problems on and off with knee pain. While the pain is still there knee no longer cracks and groans and movement is a lot easier. i managed to walk over 26KM during the 3 days we were away which I don’t think i could have done without the superba krill!!

— Mr B

My daughter has been taking this for two weeks and noticed a huge difference in her back pain, it has gone! I also have been taking it for ongoing back pain and have noticed a big improvement, can't recommend enough, wish I had found it before now
** Update I have now been taking this for a couple of months and my ongoing chronic back pain stiffness which I have had for 2.5 years following on from a failed spinal fusion op has gone, this product has given me my quality of life back! It has been the only thing that has worked after a number of medications from the GP which didn't work. I decided to stop taking it for a few days to see if the symptoms came back and they did, started taking it again and after a few days they had gone again, I am convinced that this is the way forward!

— C Rawlings

Now you too can enjoy “a second youth” as you relieve your painful health problems.

And remember, you don’t have to pay for Sanct Bernhard pure Krill Oil if it doesn’t work for you.

Try it every day for the next 90 days and if you are unhappy with it for any reason, you can have your money back in full.

I look forward to helping you feel better, stronger and healthier.

Jane Holton – Product Development


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