Beat the odds

For many of us we are walking towards a health time bomb that is part genetic, part lifestyle and part dietary.

It is no use denying it...the seeds of our downfall are sown throughout our lives.

Recent research shows that the UK is home to some of Europe's most sedentary adults, and we already know that our diet isn't great.

So what is in store for us as a result?

Well it happens to be a health triad which really puts our hearts under pressure - high cholesterol makes us more susceptible to furred up arteries; high blood pressure makes the heart work much harder and high blood sugar levels make our hearts less efficient.

Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol

Not all cholesterol is bad however. There is actually good cholesterol too. The brilliance of BergaMet is that is differentiates between the two, and helps to reduce bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol.

So how does it work? Put simply, the citrus bergamot found in BergaMet blocks a key enzyme in the production of cholesterol. This means that less cholesterol levels are in liver cells. Those hungry cells therefore have to top up their cholesterol levels from elsewhere, so they help us all out by taking cholesterol circulating in the blood.

High blood sugar

Startling statistics suggest that one in four UK adults is genetically predisposed to develop insulin resistance. Therefore, if they don't look after themselves and take preventative steps, they risk high blood sugars and diabetes. So let's take those steps in the right direction now ... before it's too late.

Bergamet helps the body maintain the natural balance between available and stored glucose in our tissues and blood, smoothing out the peaks after we have eaten and making more available when we are active.

High blood pressure

Blood pressure changes as a result of the way our bodies manage fluid balance as well as factors relating to the physical performance of the heart and major blood vessels, as well as being affected by the day-to-day stresses in our lives.

In a healthy body blood pressure rises and falls in response to demand and activity, the problem comes when it remains high as this puts sensitive structures at risk such as the kidneys, the eyes and the liver.

Bergamet helps maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular function which maintains the flexibility of the system to vary as the need arises, more importantly it promotes a lowering of blood pressure naturally.

Of course, it's not being suggsted that taking BergaMet whilst sitting in front of the tv for 12 hours a day and eating fast-food for breakfast, lunch and dinner is going to cure all. Of course not. But while we make conscious efforts to help keep ourselves healthy at a time in our lives when we don't tend to be running around as much, and start to take the lift instead of jogging up flights of stairs, it makes sense to enhance our healthy lifestyle and give our insides a helping hand.

Natural vs statins

While a significant proportion of people taking statins experience side effects such as aches and pains, fatigue, depression and memory problems, those taking BergaMet receive only the health benefits and not the downfalls. In fact, currently more than 2,000 patients are taking BergaMet in countries such as Italy, Australia and USA and no significant side effects have been reported.

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